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HitmanHQ Mailbag
by: Tech21 | April 16, 2001

In one form or another, HitmanHQ has been going strong since mid-October 2000. And in that span of seven months, this site has received truckloads of mail. I mean, we're talkin' over twenty e-mails here. We even shut down the GameSpy mail servers for nearly four hours one night because they simply underestimated the number of fan letters a site of this magnitude receives in a given day.

But all joking aside, the majority of mail I receive is either 1) a screenshot 2) a technical question or 3) "When is the editor going to be released?". (Read: Keep the first two coming. As for the third, trust me, you'll know as soon as I know!). Over the course of this site's short life however, I have received several letters that are nothing more than letters. They express an opinion about the site, the game, or anything else for that matter. Therefore, I believe the time has come to share these gems of literature with the rest of the Hitman community. Read on if you dare.

Praise All Around

I first played the hitman demo about 3 weeks back now, and i have to admit i consulted a walkthrough due to the "tuffness" factor of the game.

But try and fail (fail more that most) i played and played till it was nearly 4am, my girlfriend shouting at me, but i did'nt care i was transfixed for i was a hitman, its everything everyone wants to be, so i waited around for a release date and it did'nt come, then i read somewhere that hitman was due to be scrapped.

Anyway the point is i went out and bought it when i saw it in the shops, no news from anywhere else. And i've had many a 4am session, with Mr rieper since.

So the conclusion (if there is one) is a game that people are bound to scruntinize for the reason that its something never seen before and the "challenge" factor is high up there so they feel intimidated after being feed the same old 4-6 yr old level of intelligence games we see today.

So im off to consult the walkthrough, check ya later love the page dood.

Dane Hughs
United Kingdom

Too Weird For The Bugs Section
A funny thing I noticed while I was playing my favourite game, (Hitman, naturally) that when a (dead) person falls and any part of his body hits the floor, toggling the matrixmode ON and OFF fast makes that dead person jump (or something) to various heights. Repeat as many times as you can. it's really cool looking, as if the dead were dancing (Gross...). It's surprisingly hard, but when you learn it, you can't stop.. If I had known something like this could be done in Hitman, I would have bought it for that sole reason :) . We actually had a breakdance competition with my friend, in a certain Hungarian hotel... Too bad all the contestants had to be killed, so they didn't collect their prizes.


Constructive Criticism
can u stop putting up crap un original screen shots plz


When I first saw hitman, it was in pc gamer uk (these were very early shots so they didn't look that good) at first I wasn't very interested. But a couple months later I saw the demo in a magazine and thought I'd try it out. The first time I saw it on screen I was simply blown away! The next day in school I was saying how great it is and letting them borrow the demo they too also liked it and every person who has borrowed the demo has the full game now.

So why do they give it such a bad mark? Well I think that it is the best and most original game I've played in a long time. And the fact that he is cloned is so COOL! Normaly assassin games are so cheesy and lame but this is cool how you think he's just an assassin but then it gives you clues that he's a clone.


You know, another side effect of a 47th chromosome is down syndrome. Is the hitman retarded? Would that also explain the horrendous control in the game, he just can't control himself?


Ever heard that saying, "Guns don't kill people. People kill people." Somehow that applies here. I think. Just ponder it really hard.


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