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Hitman: The Agency Screenplay (Part 9)
by: Anson Fehross | April 6, 2003

Note: If you are new to the screenplay, or would simply like a memory refresher, be sure to check out the archive.

Lobo spins around, a virtual blur, pulling his SPAS-12 from his coat in the process. He FIRES it one handed. His left wrist instantly dislocates from the recoil.

A SWAT team member is flung away by the BLAST. More SWAT team VOICES can be heard off screen.

Lobo turns on the first member, sending a BURST of M60 fire into the man's chest and face. He crumples. Another member dives away.


I need back up!

We CUT TO the SWAT team member standing with his back to the wall. He looks around, his BREATHING heavy. Suddenly a dark figure appears next to him.

Lobo looms over him.

The SWAT member swings up his MP5, but the gun is knocked from his hands, CLATTERING out of view in the darkness.

The SWAT member tries to move off to the side but Lobo slams his left fist into the wall to bar his exit. His hand hangs limp in front of the man, terribly broken.

Lobo twists his arm around, Beretta in hand. He FIRES, point blank.

The SWAT member slumps to the ground. Lobo steps back, clutching his dislocated wrist. It is irreparable, the skin mangled and red. He grunts his dissatisfaction and unsheathes a knife. He rips part of his shirt and ties the knife to his wrist, ending its limpness.

He looks over the makeshift splint before walking in the direction the Hitman ran.


The Hitman moves quickly down the hall, while changing his MP5's magazine. He suddenly comes across the Agency's main control center.

Halls of doors lay in front of him, all identical. The Hitman frowns before setting to his nominated task.

Speedily the Hitman moves down the halls, trying each of the doors, finding the rooms empty.



The Agent and McInnery move down the darkened antechambers. They stop in front of a large metal door. They walk to the door.


Shit! Six minutes to Crimson Sky...


I hope the upper levels have evacuated.

They open side panels of the walls beside the door and face a pair of security tumblers, which resemble the fronts of safes.

McInnery quickly enters the combination and opens the door, which hides a red lever. He pulls the lever and a BURST OF STEAM can be heard from within the security door.

The Agent doesn't enter his combination, instead standing stock-still.




I forgot-


Get your ass back into the control room. There's a second encrypted copy available in your security manual 8F. Run!

The Agent starts to run into the dark.


( Calling after the Agent)
Call me when you have it. I'll enter it for you'll have to catch up with me later.

The Agent spins, nods in agreement and then rushes off into the darkness. McInnery shakes his head and sits down, his Colt Commando cradled in his lap.


The Hitman stops opening doors, listening hard.

Faintly, in the distance, TYPING is heard.

The Hitman moves down the halls silently, tracking down the source of the sound.

He stops outside a door. The TYPING emanates from within.


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