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Hitman: The Agency Screenplay (Part 10)
by: Anson Fehross | February 7, 2004

Note: If you are new to the screenplay, or would simply like a memory refresher, be sure to check out the archive.

It starts to RAIN, dribbling down the Hitman's arm, streaming off his desert eagle. We see that the rain water has darkened with his blood as it runs down his leg.


Lobo's left arm is almost shredded, rope burns having torn gouges in his flesh. He ignores it, standing with his back to the wall, flooded with shadows. He draws his familiar Glock and waits.

The Hitman walks toward the industrial area, sheets of rain DROWNING OUT his footsteps.

Lobo walks out into the open, his long hair now sticking to his face.


Lobo follows the Hitman into the industrial area.


Rain BEATS DOWN on the Hitman as he slinks through the compound, filled with wrecked vehicles and oil drums. The ground is SODDEN with oil.

He spins to see McInnery standing on top of a wrecked car, his Colt readied.

The Hitman falls flat as McInnery FIRES. He catches the expended shell immediately, preventing its fall. He CRIES OUT in pain as he clasps the hot cartridge.


( To himself)
Damn... Have to make sure I don't let this stuff fall. It would set the whole place alight.

He leaps off the car as the Hitman spins, ready to return fire.

Lobo steps into view.

The Hitman whirls and FIRES, catching the spent cartridge.

The bullet SLAMS into Lobo's chest, but his flak jacket takes the impact.

Speedily, the Hitman FIRES again, this time aiming for the head. Lobo ducks an instant before the bullet leaves the gun, unsheathing and throwing a knife with one motion.

The Hitman arches back and grabs the knife in midair as it flies, spinning around, letting the knife fly.

It impales Lobo's stomach, cutting though the Kevlar.

He shrugs off the pain and FIRES at the Hitman, missing barely. Lobo catches the spent cartridge as the Hitman flees.

Lobo extracts the knife from his gut, sheathing it once again. He moves off.


Above the limping Hitman tower several stacks of cars, reaching up into the raining sky. The stacks make large throughways.

The Hitman limps down the artificial path, surrounded by the cars, the rain pouring down.

The CAMERA MOVES to a BIRD'S EYE VIEW, where we can see McInnery, Lobo and the Hitman move along, each searching for the other.


McInnery stops momentarily, his BREATHING HEAVY, producing plumes of STEAM.

On the other side of the car Lobo notices the steam rising. He stops and moves to the side of the car directly opposite to McInnery.

The door next to McInnery's head SPLINTERS, a Glock bullet punching through.



He turns and FIRES into the car, catching the spent cartridges as they fall.

Lobo ducks, YELLOW STREAKS flying above him. We hear McInnery RUN off screen. Lobo straightens and FIRES, missing the fleeting figure only barely.

The Hitman stands behind a stack of cars, listening to the GUNFIRE. Suddenly the GUNFIRE stops. The Hitman moves into the open.

McInnery spins to face the Hitman, cold indifference washing over his face like the sheets of rain that pound their exhausted bodies.

McInnery takes a step forward...


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