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Accessing the Console: All the of the cheat codes in Hitman are entered into the console. To enable the console, follow these steps.

  • Open Windows Notepad
  • Open the "hitman.ini" file located in the Hitman game directory. You will have to choose "see all files" since the file is not a text file.
  • After the last line of text, skip a line and type "Enableconsole 1" without the quotation marks.
  • Save the file and exit Notepad.
Now when you press the ~ key while in Hitman, the console will appear. Simply type the cheat and press Enter. Then hit ~ again to exit the console. Below is a table of the cheats in Hitman and how they effect the game.

Cheat Entered Effect
GOD 1 Player cannot die
INVISIBLE 1 Player is invisible
INFAMMO Player has infinite ammunition
GIVEALL Player recieves all weapons and items

The "GOD 1" and "INVISIBLE 1" commands can be turned off by typing the cheat again, replacing the 1 with a 0.

To Access all Missions: Enter "Kim Bo Kastekniv" as your profile name when beginning a new game, and you will have access to all missions. [From Adrenaline Vault]


Pistol Combo Trick: This trick will allow you to have 15 rounds in any pistol. [From Adrenaline Vault]

  • Make sure that you have a Beretta 92 in your inventory.
  • Select the gun you want to have 15 rounds in, and make sure that is the ONLY thing you are holding.
  • Drop the gun on the floor.
  • Take out your Beretta 92 and pick up the gun you just dropped.
  • You will be holding both guns at the same time, and you will have 15 rounds in both guns since they always shoot together.

Note: A second pistol can also be pulled out of your inventory by holding the 'Ctrl' key while you select it. This eliminates the need to drop a gun, and then pick it back up. [Thanks to Chavez Xavien]

Variations on Pistol Combo Trick: Here are some other nifty dual-gun tricks. [Thanks to Chris Rico]

  • If you use the Beretta in combination with the sawed off (make sure the Beretta is the primary weapon) then you get a 15 round sawed off.
  • If you use the giveall cheat, drop the sawed off (only in missions where there are sawed offs), and use giveall again, you can get two sawed offs, one in each hand.
  • And finally, the coolest of them all, start off a mission with a Desert Eagle with full ammo, and a Beretta with NO ammo. Then make sure the Beretta is the primary weapon and have guns akimbo. You will notice that you don't have to reload. Here is how it goes: boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, click. The click is the reloading of the Eagle and only takes as long as it does to fire. So you put the game in slo-mo and this is really fun...

Reward Bug: When you have completed all the mission objectives, don't exit yet. Instead, press F1 for the mission status screen to appear. When the "success" message appears, press ESC to go back to the game. Then repeat the process. Each time you will be paid the reward for the mission. [From Adrenaline Vault]

Wall Bugs: If you take a long weapon like the shotgun you can aim through thin walls and doors. Just make sure the barrel is sticking out the other end and now you can shot guards and they won´t know where the shot came from. Also, to look through doors, just sidestep to the door and press the "lean" key twice. The camera will move through the door. [Thanks to Captain Napalm]

Sniper Bug: At the console type "IP_DEBUG 1" without quotes. Take out your sniper rifle and pull the trigger once. When the rifle zooms, press 'k', and the round scope outline will disappear returning you to normal game view. However, your sight will still be zoomed in. Now you are free to select any other weapon from your inventory and use it while zoomed in. [Thanks to Jan Erik Hosaroygard]

Metal Detector Bug: To bring the sniper rifle into the hotel just walk right up to the barrier next to the metal detector, drop the breifcase over the little fence, go through the metal detector, and pick up the briefcase on the other side. [Thanks to BillMalibu]

Body Drag Bug: It is possible to drag bodies while running. Right click on the body and select 'drag' from the menu. Now hold down either the left or right 'sidestep' key, and hold the 'run' key. The Hitman will not drop the body when he begins to run. If at any time you let go of the 'sidestep' key, the body will be dropped. [Thanks to James McTaggart]

Minigun Bug: To work around the spin up time of the minigun, change the fire mode to single shot mode. Firing the minigun now fires off a shot without the spin-up. Note that you must repeatedly press the fire button for continuous fire, but you don't use so much ammo. [Thanks to Exccidium]

Permanent Bullet Holes: It is possible to stop bullet holes from disappearing on bodies. Simply create the wounds, then preferably as they begin to disappear, exit to the map or mission objectives screen. When you return to the game, the current bullet holes will no longer fade away. This effect his achieved best through the use of the slow motion function. [Thanks to Tim C. "Locutus" Steinmetz]

Holster Rifle Bug: This bug will allow the Hitman to carry two large arms (AK-47, M-16, Persuader, etc.). If he is carrying two, one will be 'holstered' in his coat, and the other must be in his hands. It is possible to drop the gun in his hands, while leaving the other to be freely pulled in and out of his coat just like a pistol or SMG. [Thanks to r/\fel]

  • Holster the rifle you have (it drops to your side), and keep the menu selection on that weapon.
  • Walk up to another rifle you want to holster and make sure you can select it by pressing SPACE (i.e. top left corner says, "Pick up [weapon]")
  • Press SPACE and quickly select holstered weapon before the Hitman can bend over and pick up the new rifle.
  • The new rifle will be picked up, and old rifle will 'float' out in front of the Hitman
  • Select the old rifle from the inventory. The Hitman will tuck the new rifle into his coat, and arm himself with the old rifle.
The second rifle is now part of the normal concealable inventory. When it is selected, the currently held rifle is tucked into his coat the the other is pulled (just like an SMG).

Holster Rifle Bug (Alternate): Here is an alternate way to holster rifles and shotguns.[Thanks to Margret]

  • Put a rifle in one hand, then take out a pistol or the binocular. (The Hitman will hole the two things in each hand)
  • Make sure the rifle you want to put in your pocket can be pick up by pressing ENTER (or SPACE depending on your control settings).
  • Now, press ENTER then INSERT very fast in that order. Hitman will drop both things in his hand, then pick up and HOLSTER the rifle on the ground.
  • Now if you have a rifle on you hand and then select the holstered rifle from your menu, the Hitman will holster the one in your hand and pull out the one in your pocket.
  • Select the old rifle from the inventory. The Hitman will tuck the new rifle into his coat, and arm himself with the old rifle.

Holster Rifle Bug (Alternate 2): The Hitman can actually holster as many large weapons as desired. First start picking the rifle like you would nomally do. But just as the hitman bends over to pick it, scroll in your inventory really fast and pick up some small gun, Beretta, for example. If you do it fast enough, the hitman will take Beretta in his right hand and the rifle will be floating in the air. You can now carry the rifle anywhere and the guards won't notice. You can pick as many guns in this manner as you want. [Thanks to Sidor]

Elevator Bug: In the Budapest hotel, if you shoot the elevator control panel while moving up or down, the bullet holes will 'scroll' off the screen in the opposite direction you are moving. [Thanks to GrEyFoX] Additionally, dropping certain items aboard the elevator (such as the bomb case) will cause them to float in mid air. [Thanks to Dalmoz]

Invisibility Bug: In "Ambush at the Wang Fou Restaurant," if you apply invisibility outside of the restaurant and then enter the restaurant, the Hitman suddenly becomes visible again (thus being shot at). But, when he exits back onto the streets, he is once again invisible. [Thanks to Scott]

Meat Cleaver Bug: When the Hitman slices a victim's throat with the meat cleaver, he uses the dull end. [Thanks to Nemesis]

Sniper Case Bug: Take the Sniper Case someplace and drop it. Die. Continue. All your sniper ammo is gone. But, go pick up the case again, assemble the rifle and you will have 1 round. Use it. Put the rifle back in the case and then reassemble it again, you will have 1 round again. Annoying, but infinte rounds of sniper ammo. [Thanks to MrX_TLO]

Change Clothes Bug: When you click to "take clothes" just walk forward and you'll instantly change into the victims clothes rather than waiting. [Thanks to Alex]

Car Bomb Bug: If you use the "giveall" cheat in the carbomb level and then use the remote control of the bomb, the car will explode, no matter if you put the bomb in the car or not. [Thanks to Larth]

Orderly Bug: After killing the orderly at the desk in "Meet You Brother", if you take his clothes and then shoot the body, holes will appear, but there will be no blood. View screenshot. [Thanks to Locutus]

Invisible Clothes Bug: When in the dentist's office in the Budapest hotel, as the Hitman approaches the metal door to the X-ray room, an option to "change clothes" will appear in the upper left-hand action highlight. Hit SPACE (or ENTER depending on your control settings) and the Hitman will change into bellboy clothes, even though there are no clothes there. He can also change back into the clothes he had on previously by doing the same thing. [Thanks to -=TridD=-]

Invincible Cook Bug: If you enter the kitchen the chef will tell you to get out, or he'll call security. If you wait he'll run out of the room and some police will appear - he is standing right outside the kitchen in the restaurant, and he is now invincible. You can shoot and shoot or try to strangle or cut him nothing happens. [Thanks to Frederik Aidt] Update: The "invincible cook" bug is not alone. Whenever a character in the game is performing a certain task, they become immune to all shots. For example, on the first two missions of the game, you cannot kill a character that is in the process of getting out of the limos. The same works with the hotel receptionist while he is picking up Mr. Wulff's mail. [Thanks to NeXuS]

Reflection Bug: If you use the binoculars or the scope of a sniper rifle to zoom into a mirror, your reflection will disappear. [Thanks to st0rmkr0w]

Jaguar Bug: On "The Jungle God", if, after you feed the jaguar with the dead pig, you pick it up again, the jaguar will still be chewing on air. [Thanks to NeXuS]

Bomb Bugs: On "Traditions of the Trade", if you leave the hotel with the bomb out of the bomb case, and exit through the main entrance to the hotel, the cutscene will show the hitman carrying a bomb case.

Also, if you run to the end of the kitchen and then proceed to the exit point, take a look to sky before exiting. In case you haven't picked it up yet, the bomb will be floating around the place where the X-ray room should be. [Thanks to NeXus]

Pool Bugs: On "Traditions of the trade", if you kill a guest that is in the pool, and use the option "take clothes", you will put on his regular clothes, instead of his swimsuit.

Also, if you pick up a towel, and then pull out any kind of item from the inventory, the Hitman will holster the towel. Yet, it will not become part of your inventory, thus disappearing. [Thanks to NeXus]

Police Search Bug: When dressed as the Red Dragon Negotiator in "Massacre at the Cheung Chau Fish Resturant," if you carry a Uzi with your weapons the police will search you at the door and take all your weapons exept the Uzi. [Thanks to alexj]

Detonator Bug: In "Say Hello To My Little Friend," after you plant the bomb, you can pick it back up. Each time you pick it up and place it again, you get another remote detonator. [Thanks to Timo Takalo]

Voice Bug: In "The Lee Hong Assassination" some of the female pedestrian death screams are the same as the male pedestrians' in Budapest. [Thanks to Doug Dague]

Plant Bug: In the the hotel level (Tradtion Of The Trade) enter the hotel and go left to the room that from there you can enter the bathroom and kithchen. In this room go to the plants and fire with the MP5 (or any other auto weapon) so that the bullets shells will fall on the plant leaves. The shells wild slide slowly down and disappear. View screenshot. [Thanks to Adam "Unfragable" Farhy]

Beard Bug: When you take the clothes of bearded guards in Pablo's mansion, the beards disappear as well.
View screenshots: Before - After [Thanks to Doug]

Limo Driver Bug: In "Ambush at the Wang Fou Restaurant" the limo the driver gets out on the wrong side. The steering wheel is on the opposite side of the car, even when the car has exploded, the steering wheel can be clearly made out to be on the RIGHT side, not the left. View screenshot. [Thanks to Eric Russoniello]

Door Sign Bug: On the first floor of the Budapest Hotel in Hungary, there is a door (at the very end of the hotel rooms hall) that has a sign on it that indicates a person running down stairs, when actually the only thing you can do is go upstairs. [Thanks to Sam Jumper]

Wall Bug: In the Sanitarium, approach the outer wall of the locked room next to Dr. Kovacs' office. An option to pick up WA2000 Sniper will appear. Press the action key, and the Hitman will reach through the wall and pick up the rifle located within the room. [Thanks to Treysis]

Remote Bomb Bug: In "Say Hello to My Little Friend" after the bomb is detonated in the coke lab, return to the lab and the bomb will be floating is the air. [Thanks to Nikkari]

Easter Eggs

Traditions of the Trade: When talking to the recepient you will look in the guest book for Mr. Wulff's room. In the guest book there are some names from the IO team, for example Martin Guldbaek and Rasmus Kjaer from the graphics and design team. And Mads Olson from the tester squad. And Martins room has the number 666 while Rasmus and Mads have numbers 301 and 302. 301 and 302 are the rooms just above the rooms 201 and 202 where Mr.Wulff is accomodated. [From Adrenaline Vault] Update: Also in the guest book is Gert K, a member of the Danish comedy group Gramse Spectrum. [Thanks to Locutus] Update: The bottom name in the guest book is Aggemam G.S., where G.S. stands for Gramse Spectrum. Here is a screenshot of the guest book. [Thanks to Doctor Fink] Update: Another name in the guestbook, Bolette N in room 201, is also a member of the Gramse Spectrum group. She is normally called Ninja Bolette. [Thanks to Diskill]

Inside the hotel, there is a newspaper lying in a few of the rooms. The headline read, "FCK beats BUNDBY." These are football teams in Denmark. [Thanks to Jens Jenson]

Apparently Franz Fuchs is a real-life terrorist. He killed four Gypsies in a 1995 pipe-bombing in Oberwart, Austria, and was convicted of murder in 1999. Details are available at The International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT) website. [Thanks to Alexander "fubi" Jones] Update: There was also a movie made in Austria about the bombings. The movie was made in 2000, and is titled "Der Briefbomber," which would be "The Letter-Bomber(man)." It's a production by the German television broadcaster "ARD" (stands for "Allgemeiner Deutscher Rundfunk" which means "General German Broadcaster"). It's also available in French. [Thanks to Treysis]

Ambush at the Wang Fou Restaurant: There is a newspaper lying in the street. It says "Han er" and that means "he is" in danish. There is also a picture on the newspaper showing a guy named "Mogens Glistrup." He is quite ugly, huh? [Thanks to Anders]

The Lee Hong Assassination: The safes in this mission appear to be modeled after ones in the Danish film series Olsen Banden. The maker is a fictitious company called Franz Jaeger of Berlin. View a photo of the movie safe here [Thanks to Mighty One]

On the windshield of the tractor trailer is written: Aggamam. This word refers to a skit performed by the Danish comedy group, Gramse Spectrum. Read below (under The Setup) for more details. Click here to view a screenshot of the truck windshield. [Thanks to Rolo]

The Setup: The sanitarium inmates will sometimes say something like, "aggemam." When translated to English, this means, "Is this food?" The quote is used by a Danish comedy group when doing a skit about a baby who asks if everything is food. [Thanks to Jens Jenson] Update: View this image of the "Aggemam Man," one of the members of the Danish comedy group, Gramse Spectrum. [Thanks to Locutus]

In the office of Dr. Kovacs is a poster of a brainscan entitled SYL and (if you know what your looking for) the name of the patient is Devin Townsend. Devin Townsend is the singer/psychopathic frontman of Strapping Young Lad (an angry canadian electro metal hybrid). Devin spent some time in a mental institution suffering from a nervous breakdown prior to the release of his solo project "Infinity." This merely points out that the Hitman developers thought SYL were pretty groovy. View photographs of Townsend here: image1 image2 [Thanks to (name withheld)]

In the doctors office in the Sanitarium on the green chalk board there is written "Lavaging Expectorate of Lysergide Composition." This is Track 7 off the Carcass album Necroticism. Carcass is a British death metal band.

Gunrunner's Paradise:On the window of the Kinky Cola bar, it says: "Goedkope Opwinding." It's Dutch for "Cheap Excitement." This is the only thing written in Dutch, all the rest is English. [Thanks to Alexander Segers]

Hidden .WAV File: One game dialog sounds is assumed to be a recording of the IO-Interactive team goofing around. You can download this .wav by clicking here. The .wav has been translated to the following: "No, you say it!" "No, come on." [laughter and farting noises] "Ok." "1... 2... 3... Hi Mom!" "Hi Dad!"... [Thanks to Social Drone]

Sound Sampling?: The strange cry that some Red Dragon members exhale as they die is a direct sample from a Jerky Boys track called "Pet Cobra". It is on the Jerky Boys 2 album. [Thanks to Victor Lobelia]


Jumping in Hitman: At the console type IP_DEBUG 1 and press return. Pressing 'j' will jump. You can also bind a key to jump by doing the following: [Thanks to SamS von PioaD]

  • Start Hitman and enter the control options menu.
  • Bind the key you want to serve as the 'jump' key (space bar recommended) to an action you never use (the 'TurnLeft' action will be used in this example).
  • Exit Hitman and open the 'hitman.cfg' file the same way you would open the .ini file.
  • Find the line that reads: Mapping Action="TurnLeft". Replace "TurnLeft" with "Jump". Now save and close the file. Pressing the space bar will now jump.

Taking Screenshots:

  • Open the "hitman.ini" file just as above.
  • Add the line "AutoDumpName c:\hitmandump.tga" (you can change the path to whatever you want).
  • In the game, press Ctrl+F12 and a screenshot will be saved to the path you specified, with an increasing number added to each filename.
One useful method for taking screenshots is to hit the 'Pause' key (located next to scroll lock) when the desirable shot appears. Now use the flying camera as described below to position the best view for the shot. Then exit debug mode (IP_DEBUG 0) and take the screenshot.

Fun With Guards: At the console type "IP_DEBUG 1" without quotes. Point the cursor at any guard or any pedestrian and press Shift+F11 or Shift+F12. F11 causes instant death and F12 causes the body to fly through the air.

Fun With Geometry: At the console type IP_DEBUG 1 and press return. Now pressing Shift in combination with the function keys (F3-F9), will cause wire-frames to form around different game entities, including lights, scenery, and even the Hitman. The wireframes can be removed by pressing the key again.

Fun With the Camera: At the console type IP_DEBUG 1 and press return. Pressing 'k' will allow you to "fly" with the camera using the arrow keys and the mouse (if ip_debug is disabled after pressing 'k', this function will still work). Pressing 'o' will give an overhead view of the map. [Thanks to Gareth Griffiths]

Shifting Characters: At the console type IP_DEBUG 1 and press return. Now pressing the TAB key will cause your viewpoint to switch through every character in that level, and eventually back to the Hitman. You can't actually control any other characters, however. SHIFT+TAB will switch to the previous character, and H will return to the Hitman.

Teleportation: At the console type IP_DEBUG 1 and press return. Point the cursor at a spot with a zero slope (i.e. the ground), and press Ctrl+F9. The Hitman will immediately jump to this point. Notes: It is possible to get on top of the train using this function. If using the freelook camera (see below), you can actually see the Hitman teleport. [Thanks to Social Drone]

More Debug Commands: At the console type IP_DEBUG 1 and press return. Pressing 't' will change the render mode to wireframe view. Everything appears as a wire mesh, press again to return to normal. Pressing 'g', 'f', or 'h' will shift you to different locations on the map, Keep pressing to go to different places. NOTE: If these keys are bound to any game action, both things will be performed. [Thanks to Hellard]

Motion Speed: To control motion speed, type IP_TIMEMULTIPLIER X (where X=new speed, 1=normal, 0.1=nice slowmotion speed) [Thanks to James McTaggart] Update: Speed can also be increased by substituting higher numbers such as 2. [Thanks to Doeke Wartena]

Disable Blood: To diable the blood in Hitman, open the 'hitman.ini' file add the following line: NoBlood. [Thanks to Social Drone]

Graphics Rendering Modes: In debug mode it is possible to switch the view from different rendering modes by pressing '0' (zero). The modes are:

  • Drawing Mode: No information is avialable. This mode is only viewable in 3DFX/Glide.
  • No Shadows: Disables all shadows and makes the map fully lit.
  • Opaque: Shows the graphics in ramp emulation without any textures.
[Thanks to Steve Taylor]

Full Wireframe View: In the debug mode it is possible to view the entire level in wireframe view. First press 't' to bring up the wireframe mode. By pressing 'y' you can then toggle back and forth from viewing the entire level's wireframe and viewing the wireframe of only what's in the player's sight. [Thanks to Steve Taylor]

Commands List: To view the list of possible commands in the console type "IP_DEBUG 1" to enable the debug mode. Then type "COMMANDS" to view the list of commands. The values for the commands can be changed by inputting a space and then new value. [Thanks to Steve Taylor]

Toggle Fog: At the console type "R_FOG_NEAR_FAR_OVERRIDE X" where 'X' is replaced with a '1' to turn the fog off or a '0' to turn the fog on. [Thanks to iljanosj]

View Cutscenes: In the debug mode it is possible to view the level's cutscenes by pressing the 'i' key. [Thanks to Steve Taylor]

Suspend Bodies: It is possible to suspend flying bodies in mid-air using the ip_timemultiplier command. First set the game speed at .1 (for an explanation of this see 'motion speed' above), and shoot someone so they will slowly fly through the air. When the body is in the position you want, set the speed down to .01. Wait about 30 seconds, and set the the speed even lower (.001). The point is to allow the body to gradually 'settle' into position. Finally, set the speed to 0 (zero). Now turn the speed back up to normal. The body will stay in position, while everything else speeds back up.

This can be done with multiple bodies in one area. Note: If you shoot or interact with the suspended bodies in any way, the game can lag or crash until it is restarted. [Thanks to Jerry Riess]

Simultaneous Shots: This trick will allow you to shoot all bullets from a gun simultaneously (gun must be in single shot mode). First, slow the game down using the scroll lock key (if you have the patch), or by using the "IP_TIMEMULTIPLIER 0.1" command. With the console still down, type in "IP_TIMEMULIPLIER 0" but do not press ENTER yet.

Shoot a bullet from your gun, and while you can see the bullet in mid air, press ENTER, freezing the game. While the game is still fozen, you will be able to shoot the remainder of your bullets, which will all hang in mid-air. Now, change the speed back to normal (or slightly slower), and watch as all the bullets take off at once. [Thanks to -[_DarX_]-]

Character Line of Sight: At the console type SHOW_VISIBLE 1. Other characters' line of vision will be shown as either a green or red line. Red means they can't see you, green means they can. [Thanks to Roger Hay]

Skeletal Death Animation: At the console type D_BONESON 1. When a character is killed, each frame of the death animation will appear as a skeletal layer. Note: may cause game to crash. View screenshots: image1, image2. [Thanks to Roger Hay, images courtesy of The Button Man]

Exit to Desktop: At the console type XPRESSQUIT. The game will immediately close to the Desktop, so you don't have to cycle through the exit menus. [Thanks to Geezer]

The Hitman Shuffle:

  • Press and HOLD your "strafe left" key
  • Press your "lean right" key
  • Release both immediately after step 2
  • Do steps 1-3 a second time
You basically press those two keys in much the same way that you'd press the keyboard shortcut "ctrl-x" to cut something in a text editor, except you do it twice quickly. It is quite hard to get working, especially if you're trying too hard. The steps above are the best interpretation of the keypresses used to get it working.

If it works, the Hitman will begin sliding sideways, hopping with both feet together. You can still turn hitman left and right and he'll continue shuffling in the new direction, but if you hit strafe or lean he will stop. Also, it is possible to tap "strafe left" while the Hitman is shuffling to the right, and he'll begin shuffling to the left instead. And, of course, you can do steps 1-4 using "strafe right" and "lean left" instead to make him shuffle left. [Thanks to Rampant ai]

Deja Vu: At the console type "IP_DEBUG 1" to enable the debug mode. Then type "RELOADSCRIPTS 1" at the console. All characters will return to their starting positions (even if they have been killed). [Thanks to David Pridal]

Light Show: At the console type "IP_DEBUG 1" to enable the debug mode. Then type "SHOW_VISIBLE 1" at the console. [Thanks to David Pridal]

Character Paths: At the console type "IP_DEBUG 1" to enable the debug mode. Then type "PF_WIDTH 1" at the console. The programming-paths of the actors will become visible. [Thanks to David Pridal]

Total Invisibility:In "Say Hello to My Little Friend," open the console and type IP_DEBUG 1. Then press the 'i' key. Watch the scene with the hitman flying off in a plane. Cancel the menu, and suddenly the plane is back on the ground. By pointing the crosshair at the ground in front, press Ctrl+F9 to teleport, then draw a weapon. You can now walk around, not getting shot at (you're still noticed though - unless you're using INVISIBLE 1) and the Hitman himself is invisible. (View screenshots: image1, image2, image3) [Thanks to Geezer]

Throwing Bodies: If you equip a knife and then drag a dead body, press the shoot button and the hitman will swing his knife as normal, but at the same time in the other hand where the body is, he will swing the body as well. If you do slow motion and swing the body then release it at the same time the hitman will throw the body(but not that far). It's perfect for chucking bodies off the balcony in "Traditions of the Trade" or other places like that. [Thanks to A-ZEE]

Balcony Drop: If you drag a body and jump from a balcony, you will take the body with you but drop it when you jump. In "Traditions of the Trade" this can be used to drop the guard in room 202 to the street below. [Thanks to Martin Fredricsson]

Mysterious Inventory: With the Giveall cheat on you can see some weird things in Traditions of the Trade. Firts you must go into the Changing room. Then, you must put on the swim suit on. If you click on your old clothes, a bunch of wierd things appear in the menu for you to pick up. There is the option to pick up blowgun ammo, the option for you to pick up a vacuum cleaner and many other weird things. [Thanks to Steve]

IP_DEBUG Functions

The following actions may be performed only while in debug mode. To enter debug mode, type IP_DEBUG 1 at the console (typing IP_DEBUG 0 will exit debug mode). Some of these functions may be described above in more detail, but for completeness, all functions have been included in this table. [Thanks to Social Drone]

Key Bindings Function Performed
CTRL+F9 CheatMove
CTRL+S SkipLevel
SHIFT+F9 ToggleT1Display
RSHIFT+F12 ExplodeR
RSHIFT+F11 InstantKillR
RSHIFT+F10 DisplayNameR
SHIFT+F12 Explode
SHIFT+F11 InstantKill
SHIFT+F10 DisplayName
SHIFT+F9 ToggleT1Display
SHIFT+F8 DisplayGrid
SHIFT+F7 DisplayCameras
SHIFT+F6 DisplayLights
SHIFT+F5 DisplayGates
SHIFT+F4 ToggleShadows
SHIFT+F3 DisplaySounds
SHIFT+G Generates Wind

Camera Modes

The IP_DEBUG mode offers several different camera modes used during development of the game. Below are descriptions of how to control the various camera angles. Note that FollowTarget View works within each of the following camara modes, as well as in normal game view. [Thanks to Social Drone]

FollowTarget View:
Key Bindings Function Performed
TAB Next Target
SHIFT+TAB Previous Target
H Return to the Hitman

FreeCam Mode:
Key Bindings Function Performed
K Toggles FreeCam Mode
UP Forward
DOWN Backward
LEFT Rotate Left
RIGHT Rotate Right
SHIFT+UP Rotate Up
SHIFT+DOWN Rotate Down

OverView Mode:
Key Bindings Function Performed
O Toggles OverView Mode
CTRL+DOWN Scroll Down
CTRL+UP Scroll Up
CTRL+RIGHT Scroll Right
CTRL+LEFT Scroll Left
DOWN Zoom Out
UP Zoom In
SHIFT+UP Zoom In Disabled
SHIFT+DOWN Zoom Out Disabled
CTRL Activates FixedView Mode

FixedView Mode:
Key Bindings Function Performed
UP Zoom and Rotate Down around Target
DOWN Zoom and Rotate Up around Target
CTRL+UP Rotate Down
CTRL+LEFT Rotate Left
CTRL+RIGHT Rotate Right
SHIFT Toggles Target On/Off

Target Toggled Off in FixedView Mode:
Key Bindings Function Performed
UP Zoom in
DOWN Zoom out
CTRL+UP Backwards
CTRL+DOWN Forwards

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