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The compass is available to purchase before each mission, but is only needed for large, open levels such as "Find the U'wa Tribe" and "Gunrunner's Paradise." The compass is relatively useless in Hong Kong, Budapest, and the Sanitarium.
The binoculars are available to purchase before each mission, but, as with the compass, they are only needed in open-spaced levels where vision is a factor. Binoculars can be used as a safe alternative to the sniper rifle to scope out nearby targets, and study patrol paths.
Kevlar Vest
Armor is available to purchase before each level, and can also be found in "Say Hello To My Little Friend". Depending on play style, armor may never be needed by the player. Shootouts are usually not commonplace in Hitman, but the armor may come in handy in Columbia, and in "Meet Your Brother".
Car Bomb
The car bomb shows up in two levels: "Ambush at the Wang Fou Restaurant," where the bomb includes a remote detonator; and "Plutonium Runs Loose," where the bomb is wired to explode on start-up. Car bombs are placed at the driver-side door, and must be placed unseen, even while in disguise.
This type of key shows up in "Massacre at the Cheung Chau Fish Restaurant" as the bathroom key given to the Hitman by the bartender. It also shows up in "The Setup" as Dr. Kovacs' Sanitarium Key, located on the wall in his office.
Red Dragon Amulet
The Red Dragon Amulet is used in "Massacre at the Cheung Chau Fish Restaurant" to frame the Red Dragons for the murder of the Police Chief and incite a war between the Triads. The Amulet must be taken from the body of the Red Dragon Negotiator and placed inside the restaurant as a callsign.
The flyer is given to the Hitman by the bartender in "Lee Hong Assassination". It allows access to Madame's Place, and in turn, the safe combination.
Safe Combination
After helping the prostitute escape from Madame's Place, she will give the Hitman a combination to Lee Hong's safe.
Jade Figure
The Jade Figure is the Hitman's prize for opening Lee Hong's safe. The figure can be exchanged at the Herbal Shop for something a little more useful.
Bottle of Poison
Take the Jade Figure to the Herbal Shop, and the old man there will give the Hitman a small vial of poison in return. Be sure to holster the poison before entering back into the restaurant- it is regarded as any other weapon would be.
Bowl of Soup
The bowl of soup can be poisoned and served to Lee Hong as an assassination attempt. Hong's bodyguard, Tzun, however, proves worthy by testing the soup beforehand and promptly biting the dust. Who will protect Lee Hong now from the Hitman and his fibre wire?
Letters show up in several intances throughout the game. They often contain important clues to the Hitman's identity and past, or move along the mission objectives. A letter can be found of Lee Hong's body, Pablo's body, in Mr. Woff's hotel room, and at the front desk of the hotel.
Golden Idol
The idol must be secured from the crashed plane in "Finding the U'wa Tribe" at returned to the the Indian Chief at the U'wa village. In return, the Hitman gains some valuable knowledge concering the drug lord's where-abouts.
The bomb is located on Pablo's desk in "Say Hello to My Little Friend" and must be used to blow up the the drug lord's nearby underground crack lab. This bomb differs slightly from the car bomb, but still uses a remote detonator.
Hotel Key
The hotel key shows up in "Traditions of the Trade," and comes in two forms: the Master Key, which can be taken from the bell-hops and used to open any door in the hotel; and the key to Franz Fuchs' room, which can be taken to the front desk to recieve Fuchs' mail.
Do Not Disturb Sign
The "Do Not Disturb" sign is found on the table in Frantz Fuchs' hotel room, and can be placed on the doorknob to keep the bell-hops from entering and discovering the slain terrorist and his bodyguards.
Dentist's Business Card
The dentist's business card is found on the table in Frantz Fuch's hotel room, and serves as the Hitman's first clue that the dentist may have some connection the the international terrorist - a quick look at the last name printed on the card should give sufficient information.
Bomb Case
The bomb case is located in the far corner of Frantz Fuchs' hotel room. Take the case to the X-ray room in the dentist's office and use it to load up the terrorist bomb. Beware now - while the bomb case passes through metal detectors safely, once the bomb is inside, things aren't as easy.
Flower Box
After you pick up Frantz Fuchs' mail at the front desk of the hotel, pay a visit to the hotel florist, and he will have a package for you. The Hitman may find more than just flowers inside this unusually heavy flower box.
The towels may be picked up from inside the staff room in the pool changing rooms at the Thermal Bath Hotel. If the Hitman plans on carrying his trusty fibre wire into the pool, the towel will serve as a sufficient cover.

GPS Transmitter/Reciever
The GPS transmitter and reciever can be purchased at the beginning of "Gunrunner's Paradise," and must be used to track the gang car to the hidden warehouse. Once inside the warehouse, the Hitman must place the transmitter in the money suitcase in order to discover the location of Boris' ship.
Money Suitcase
The money suitcase is located inside the gang warehouse in "Gunrunner's Paradise." All the gang members must be eliminated to give the Hitman access to place a GPS transmitter in the suitcase. Moments later, Ivan will arrive to claim the money and inadvertently lead the way to Boris' ship.
Teddy Bear / Rubber Duck / Children's Book
Each of these three items is scattered about the sanitarium in "The Setup," and can be picked up and taken to varying inmates for a reward. The inmates will give the locations of several important items and areas within the sanitarium.
The antidote is located in the sanitarium's TV room, on the desk in the caged room. Apply the antidote to the dying CIA Agent, and he will lead you to a secret passage to the basement.

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