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Say Hello to my Little Friend
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Submitted by: Tom Molloy [01.13.01]
In the walkthrough it says u only have 7 shots with the sniper gun but if u go into the first tower on the left as u come in the main entrance to the camp u will find loads of sniper ammo.
Submitted by: Marko Jurin [01.14.01]
I found an easier way to kill the druglord. First clear all the towers aroud the house. While dressed up as one of his soldiers walk up to Pablo's house. After the animation that shows Pablo taking drugs walk around the house until you see Pablo through an open window. If you were fast enough Pablo will be sitting in his chair. From here you can just shoot him in the head and he will die instantly.This will save you a lot time bacause it is easier to kill Pablo like this then having to kill all the guards in the house and Pablo who is resistant to bullets. I hope this helped someone.
Submitted by: Tom Molloy [01.14.01]
An easier way to kill pablo is once you have cleared the mansion get out your knife (you'll find some at the start of the level). Then slit his throat. This may take a few attemps. It is easiest to do as soon as he climbs over his desk or when he is reloading also this doesn't draw too much attention to yourself. I managed to kill him before he got a shot in and no one outside knew about it.
Submitted by: Raymond Ward [01.16.01]
Ok this is quite simple...the game seems to lose all intelligence in this level. Make sure you have a knife or fibre wire. Enter the compound through the gate, and to the immediate left is a guard tower. Climb up the ladder, and go into sneak mode before you reach the top....otherwise the guard can get quite peaved and drop your ass. Pick up the sniper ammo lying on the floor, and drop out of the tower. Come out of sneak mode so as to not look suspicious.

To the left is another tower in the corner of the compound. Forget this one. Go to the next tower near the adjacent side. Go up the ladder, sneak before you reach the top and off the guard as the patrol wanders below. Stay in sneak mode. Grab the sniper, pop the tower guard on the ladder side, then the tower guard in the distance about another 60 degrees to the right. Then there are two more towers (one in front of the other) about 30 more degrees to the right. Off them both. The further one seems to be out of view because the support beam is blocking him from sight. You have a half chance at shooting him THROUGH the beam. Otherwise, he'll step to the side and take aim, and by then you will have reloaded, and sighted in on his face. Drop him.

Now for the guards in the hut down below. They are just out of sight because you are STILL in sneak mode. When you sight in the sniper rifle however, your field of view will open up for a brief moment while 47 adjusts his stance. So, sight in, zoom in, and off the three guards in the hut. Stay in sneak mode and keep your cool, and no one will bother you. Drop the sniper rifle BEFORE you come out of sneak mode. Grab the rifle guard dropped, or keep the one you came with. Drop out of the tower and head toward the mansion. After dropping down, enter the second camo tent on your way to the house. Grab the beretta, the ammo, and the vest if necessary. If you're already armored, dont grab it...just in case you catch heat in the mansion. You can use it when you come back.

Enter the mansion through the first door you see. It should be the single door at the end of the side porch, on the left. Once you enter two guards are guarding a double door. This is the only part of the house where hell can break loose. Sometimes sneak mode for some strange reason allows you to walk by with no problem, though you are still right in front of them. Otherwise one will tell you to back off. If you hang around too long, they'll fire at you. If you walk through the doors after they warn you the'll fire. So...... Just walk right through the door and to the left. An officer will have his back turned. With Beretta in hand, clock him and turn around and drop the other two when they follow. You are safe now.

Silently kill everyone in the house, room by room, preferably by wire, so as not to let out any possible death screams. Skip the double door in the center of the balcony. You will be coming in and out of SNEAK mode often, and HOLSTERING often aswell. When you think you've cleared the place go up to the bathroom on the second floor and fire off a warning shot. Anybody that can come in the house will come in. Any one you missed in the house will be alerted, and step into the foyer. Clock 'em all from the balcony, if any happen to come. Its cake.

Now for the bossman. Its so easy and stupid at the same time, it might just piss fanatics right off when they do this: 1.Open the double doors on the balcony. Let the madman talk his junk. Back off, and stay out of his sight. Now he'll give you some warning shots. Stay cool. 2.Get as close to the edge of the doorway (without being seen) as possible. (I suggest the right side) 3.Those lean keys come in handy. Lean into the door way, find a clean shot where you wont shoot the wall, and lay into his face. He'll run his mouth, a little. 4.Stay right where you are at, and since he tries to move you'd think you will be playing hit and miss as much as he paces around. Just shoot in the general direction of where you can get a clean shot. He steps right up every time. 5.Shoot his face. 5 shots max guaranteed.

He never grazes a hair on your head, and now he's dead. Pillage his body for the letter, and grab the bomb from the desk. HOLSTER. Change clothes from one of the bodies just in case someone saw your previous dirty work through a window. The drug lab is next. It's near that guard tower you hung out in at the beginning. Head through the gate and enter on the right. You can be as loud and evil as you want to be. Or, you can go into the lab itself, and sequentially murder everyone, starting by the officer with his back to the door like a jerk. If you have an ounce of cold blood in you, you'll cut them all in half with a burst spread from Pablo's M60. The Berretta works great too for those execution style murders. The bomb goes on the explosive crates. Walk out like you own the joint. The plane is in the hangar on the far side of the mansion. Be swift.

Submitted by: Tim Stevenson [01.22.01]
Here's a couple tips for taking out the men in the druglord's house. Use the knife. It is the quickest and easiest. Sneak-mode is a must. Come in through the back single door, not the big double door but the one at the other end of the porch. Head into the room ahead with the bearded guy. Take him out and slide his body next to the couch. Next, hit the two men near the door you came in. Leave the bodies. Open the back double door where the two guards are. One guard will see the dead body down the hall and take off to check it out. Slide in the room and take out the other while he is gone. Be quick. He returns soon. When he does, he is yours. All of the other guards are self explanatory except for the 2 in the room with the stairs. Take the one on the lower level out with a silencer from behind through the doorway. Close the door and let the upstairs guard come down and check it out. Give it some time and he will return upstairs. You can take him then. Now open the front doors and plug the 2 guards outside with a silencer. With that done you can take on the Drug King. I stick with the knife for this. The rest is up to you.
Submitted by: Terry Brown [01.29.01]
Another highly satisfying way to execute Pablo is by climbing up into the tower behind the mansion and raking the entire length of his office with the minigun. Nowhere to hide, hombre...
Submitted by: James Gutierrez [02.04.01]
This is by FAR the easiest way to take out pablo and complete the level. In finding the uwa tribe level, make sure u finish the level carrying the sniper rifle located in the tower by the river bridge. Next in the jungle god level, make sure u hold on to the sniper rifle and run strait to the secret tunnel and enter it. Now in the say hello to my little friend level u should enter with a little friend of your own, a nice sniper rifle. Dont let any gaurds see u carrying the rifle though or they will shoot u.

Now when u first enter the level u should be facing the mansion. Whip out binoculars or the sniper zoom to locate the mansion. U should see the 2nd story windows where pablo's room is located. You will probably have to travel a few feet to the west (left) from the starting location to get a clean shot at pablos head. Just hug the mountain behind u and go west till u see pablo sitting at his desk. Zoom in and take care of pablo. Now he wont get to run his mouth off.

Now drop the sniper rifle and pick up the vest from the crate in front of u and a knife (if u need them). Run into the camp and into a tent in front of the drug lab which has a silenced beratta and another vest. Pick up the berettasd and ammo. Now run into the mansion. Head upstairs into the room with another silenced beretta. Knife the gaurd here and pick up the pistol and ammo. Now all got to do is kill the two gaurds in the main room gaurding the entrance to pablos room. U can use the dual berretas akimbo style. I find this task a lot easier if u go into slow motion mode first. Sometimes gaurds in the surrounding rooms hear the gunshots death screams even though the pistols are silent, so to be safe u could take out all the gaurds in the house with the knife.

Go into pablos room and pick up the bomb. Next go back into the upstairs room where u found the second silenced berreta and change into the officers uniform. If u wear this uniform u can walk straight into the drug lab without firing a shot. There is another officer uniform u can use in the bathroom of the mansion too. Use the back entrance of the drug lab. The soldiers there may question u but just walk past em and they will do nothing. Walk up to the crates where u put the bomb. Everybody has there back turned and the other gaurd cant see u behind the crates so just take out the bomb and place it on the explosive crates. Now go back out the same way u came in and run towards the plane. Stand behind the hangar and pull out the detonator. Blow up the lab and all the gaurds in it too. Now run right up to the plane and get out of there. Very simple right?

Submitted by: Mr. Bluurko [02.20.01]
Umm...no I don't agree that the knife is a good tool in this level. Cos the possible screams that come from guards alerts other dudes PLUS if they don't scream, the sound of a collapsing body has startled guards before me! Just use the damn fibre wire...it's only $60 dearer but it's completely silent.

Also, if you need a rifle without killin anyone, just bring up the map, and look for a yellow box with an exclamation mark in it that is situated WAY DOWN SOUTH. There are some vests and some AK103s in a case with some ammo. Geez, some people just don't look!

Submitted by: TomFuller [02.20.01]
I found that there was no way around the guards, so i had to sniper everyone until i ran out of ammo, then picked off the stragglers with whatever came to hand - with the outside littered with corpses, I grabbed the M60 near the plane and peppered Pablo's house with bullets after he'd taken his cocaine. When I heard him scream, I merely continued to shoot until I received the message that 'the Primary target has been eliminated' after this I noisily massacred all of his men inside the house, took the bomb, blew up the house and legged it to the plane. Easy...not. But it was the only way I found that worked. It might work for you too, you never know...
Submitted by: Richard "the cleaner" W [03.18.01]
Another way to kill a lot of guys with a sniper: (you should be able to get there with about 12 / 13 bullets, because you don't need to shoot evey guy near the bridge to save the indian, when he starts running, he's safe) snipe the guy in the tower to the left of the entrance, where the sniperammo is. then walk in without the sniper and walk back to the jungle. walk around the perimeter to pick off any guy you like (stay in the woods). There is enough ammo to kill about 60 to 70 % of the men so make sure you get the towers you want, perhaps save some bullets for any guards that have gathered in front of the gate. If you get noticed, just run into the woods and come back a little later to kill them. Those AK47s are so bad from long distance that you wont get hit. When you sniper is empty, just pick up the kalashnikov south of the entrance and the extra ammo and walk in with 100% life and armour. change into something different if you were seen before.

I cleaned out this level completely too, but i did get popped once. Getting one of those M60s out of the hangar will increase your firepower and accuracy, so that may save your ass to do it in one time. I didn't get all the towers, and those guys are a bit harder to kill with an AK47 because they're not so accurate.

Submitted by: Michele Small [03.31.01]
Right when you start the mission(if you have the sniper rifle from the last mission) go to the left and hide in some bushes. Make sure the guards don't see you because the rifle will alert them. Once the patrols are away from you, you can snipe him from some bushes through his window. make sure it is a head shot!
Submitted by: Rob [09.20.01]
My way of completing this level is a little different from other ppl's (no need for snipering peeps no matter how fun it may be) but still a fun way. Firstly without having many guns from my last level i just went into the camp str8 away, picked up the vest and silent-beretta in the barracks to your left... then went into the mansion through the back single door. Entered the main room and wiped out the all the guards in the 4 rooms up top (fibre-wire). Standing in the toilet a clean silenced shot to the double-doors guard works wonders and then fibre-wire the guard who comes up to check. After everything has died down the tough part comes, fibre-wire in hand charge into Pablo's office and strangle him just after he jumps over the desk. Grab the bomb... holster, letter aint much use after uve read it b4. Some folks may b after u but throw them off course by running into the room with the ladder, going up and killing the guy in the lil room, make sure u had different clothes to him b4 u started.

Going to the lab with bomb and no1 noticing you jus take out the back 3 with a desert eagle b4 knicking one of their rifles and mowing down all the contents of the lab... plant bomb, take high-officers uniform (or something u havnt used b4) and leave hopefully still unoticed. Run to plane and jus b4 getting in set the detanator, b4 they have loaded their guns ure in the plane and off the Budapest.. or somewhere else anyway.

Submitted by: Andrew [10.21.01]
In Say Hello To My Little Friend there is another way to kill Pablo without all the fuss... when I started the level (oops I have the sniper rifle already!) you can sniper Pablo from nearly the spot you started in, he is visible in his room through zooming in with the sniper rifle. 3 shots and hes a gonner, and none of the guards notice. The sniper rifle could easily be got from elsewhere in the level then go get Pablo from outside the camp altogether... Pointless but good target practise!
Submitted by: Sam Newhouse [12.02.01]
This isn't an earthshaking strategy, but it's a lot of fun. Remember the one guard who stands outside a door? (He's on the ground floor, outside the room that a guard in the main hall is guarding - the door entrance on the left) You just open the door to the outside and shoot him with an AK. Well, if you wait around, and go back a little later, you'll find some other guards have come and started gawking at his corpse. Open the door, and they will see the corpse of the guard in that room who you (presumably) killed earlier, and run in to check it out. Close the door and blast them. Next time there are guards by the outdoors corpse, open the door, let them run in, and blast them again. Rinse and repeat. If you run out of AK ammo, just pick up AK's off the guards you're fragging. You can go on like this for literally ten minutes. The guards just keep on coming. I have at times had literally twenty corpses lying in that one room. THey run in, you let them have it. Hellafun, to say the least. Also lightens the onslaught of fire you'll face after blowing up the cracklab.
Submitted by: the man [12.27.01]
Ok, i have a way to compleat this mission without allerting anyone!! yes thats right, silently and undetected, ok it starts in find the uwa tribe, dont by any weapons but the knife of fiber!!! you only need a comppas and vest, though binoculars are also handy, run straight towards the plane SE, if you are unarmed guards will ignor you, get the statue, show the village cheaf, go towards the bridge, climb up the tower, sneaking knife of fibre the dude with the m60, pick up the sniper and ammo from as far back in to tower as you can, then move in small amounts untill you can snipe most of them, you should survive easyly, when the brother runs holster the sniper and get into one of the sargent uniforms, lighter colour with yellow sholder stripes, run back to the village. now finish the jungle god leval with you sniper, when in say hello to my little friend move left of the tunnel in the trees till you can just see pablo through the window with binocs or rifle, snipe him, the dude in fron of the single door that you can see, and the dudes in fron of the hanger. walk into the bas compleatly unarmed, go to the door where you sniped the outside guard, sneak in the door and close range the guy in fron of you, go through the door to the right and knife the dude in the widebrim hat, then step away from the body and waight for an upstairs guard to come and have a look, close combat him, go get the bomb, head towards the meth lab unarmed, go to the far door, with 3 guards in fron and a single door, not a double, go past the guards and open the first door, go in and close the first door befor opening the second, place the bomb, get out the same way, blow the place, get to the hanger and fly to my faverite mission. traditions of the trade.
Submitted by: Jay A. Schwarzmeier [01.17.02]
I have a nice quick way of killing pablo on this mission. Instead of going to the mansion and putting up with his tuff talk, crouch down next to the box of knives at the very beginning of the level and get your sniper rifle up, then zoom towards the house and look in the second story window. There you see our good friend Mr. Pablo. One bullet in the head will drop him where he stands.

Then if you want to beat the mission quickly as well, use giveall and select the bomb. Drop the bomb anywhere, even in the little crate of knives, then pull the detonator, and push. Suprisingly, the bomb seems to have relocated to the lab, even though it was dropped right under your feet... Now just run around the fence until you come to an opening, enter the compound, and run to the plane. Take off in the plane and the whole mission can be done in about 3 minutes. If you do not like the idea of cheating, instead of using giveall, you can go to the mansion, get the bomb off Pablo's desk and then finish the level cheat-free.

Submitted by: Glob [04.19.01]
"Say Hello To My Little Friend" can be done more easily than explained on your site. On the previous level the sniper rifle can be found at the watch tower next to the bridge where we need to free the indian brother. So when you spawn at the "Say Hello To My Little Friend" level you have 19 rounds of sniper ammo. If you shift a bit left from the entry point you may find an excellent position for Pablo's head shot using the left window of the mansion. Then you drop the sniper rifle and go get the ammo for it. You should have ~60 rounds. Using this ammo you can easily clear the level from all guards (I usualy shoot one and then make a series of double kills using the ammo I have with greater effect as all guards gather in one place).

When I come to the lab with the bomb I have ~3 rounds left + 1 in sniper rifle at the watch tower. So I can clean the guards from western entry standing close to the "barbwire" fence. Then I enter the lab territory to alarm the guards and escape. There should be two men at the lab and three at the eastern entry left. It's not a problem to plant the bomb (the mansion can be cleared without any effort, imho, as Pablo is already dead) You destroy the lab, the explosion kills the three guards at the eastern entry. Then you can pick up the bomb again as it is hanging "in the air" inside (I think this is another bug). That's it.

Submitted by: Baris Umut [06.18.02]
The guardtower tight to the left of the camp entrance has several sniper ammos. I climbed up, wired the guard, picked up the ammo, and moved on to the tower with the sniper rifle. Wired the guy, picked up the rifle, and spent the good number of shots I had on the patrols. They give alarms, but I had enough shots to take off everyone in the area. Then I moved on into the mansion, killed those guys in there as well, and the lab bit and the run to the plane was kinda easier with less enemies around.
Submitted by: Dan Morey [09.21.02]
In the level "Say hello to my little friend" it is possible to kill Pablo with as few as 3 shots and without the annoying cut scenes on his dialog. It is fairly difficult though if done without using cheats.

Go inside the camp and find the mansion, go around the north side of the mansion to the guard tower that is there and climb the ladder. Kill the guard with the fiberwire, depending on the difficulty setting and your luck you may or may not be seen killing the guard, if you are, things just get bad faster than if you weren't. Hopefully you have the M60 from the last mission, select it for its accurace and the fact the guards won't shoot at if you if you are carrying it. Now, looking to the south you should be able to see Pablo inside the mansion on the second floor from this spot you can take him out with several well placed shots or just a whole bunch of ammo tossed at his windows. If you have the sniper rifle concealed when you start the map, (I had it and 14 rounds the first time I tried this) you can use it here instead. Pablo isn't as hard to kill from outside as he is from inside, just a few well placed shots will take him down just like any other guard. You can also kill him from any other location that can see inside his windows, including from the ground outside.

The hard part starts after you kill Pablo. Everyone in the area saw you open fire and will be swarming your position, if you don't kill him fast enough, you'll be trapped and die. If you do manage to kill him, go into the mansion and take out some of the other guards and get the bomb, change clothes and walk out the south side of the mansion. If you go back out the north side, the tower guards who saw you before will open fire and blow your cover. From here you should be able to make it over to the bunker and place the bomb. When you get back over to where the plane is, chances are you are going to be spotted again and have alot of people trying to kill you so its important you have the new kevlar vest and move fast.

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