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Massacre at the Cheung Chau Fish Restaurant
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Submitted by: Flynn [01.16.01]
This level is tricky. The first thing to do get the key to the bathroom in the restaurant - run in and talk to the bartender. Next you must kill the red dragon negotiator as close to the sewer as possible, and then to dump him in it - he walks just past one. Dont forget to get the amulet from him, and all this has to be done without alarming any guards (or civilians if possible).

At this point you have the chief of police and the blue lotus negotiator in the restaurant waiting for your most recent victim. Go back to the restaurant and enter through the bathroom window. This is the fun part: pop out of the bathroom and you will have the perfect shot (with your beretta sd for example) at the chief (and the blue lotus guy) - kill him, drop the amulet, and leave back out the bathroom window. Run away as quickly as possible and find your car.

Submitted by: unreal2 [01.16.01]
All that you should need to comlete this level is a handgun with at least one round and either the Oyabun knife or some fiberwire. First make you're way to the Cheung Chow restaurant, don't bother going in the front because there is an open window to the bathroom on the south side. Once inside the bathroom drop you're gun somewhere preferrably in the sink. Leave and go as far north west on the map as you can, eventually you will see a guy walking around in a crazy looking uniform he is you're target.

I usually like to wait for him on the street that he walks down, just be sure that the cop making his rounds doesn't see you. Take his cloths and his jewelry, drag him to the sewers and drop you're knife near the you're old clothes. Now go into the restaurant, talk to the chief of police, get the key to the bathroom from the bartender, go in drop the red dragon members pendant pick up the gun, open the door and shoot the chief of police. Holster you're gun and exit through the bathroom window, if you are lucky there won't be a cop standing there when you exit either way run like hell. From this point all that you have to do is get to you're car but I usually like to go and get my clothes and knife back.

Submitted by: Kei Law [01.22.01]
My style seems simple and lighting, just bring a 92F and 1 ammo to save the money. 1st, get the toliet key from the bar tender, then go in the kitchen to steal a knife. 2nd, get out from the kitchen at back door. Go forward to the main road and wait for a red dragon member coming. kill him with the stolen knife as close as the drian. Drag him, take the jewllery. 3rd, go back to the restaurant(u can go either at front or side window, the police chief quite friendly!). 4th, drop the jewllery. Go to the toliet. 5th, (release urself, that is the important time!!) pick the gun-open the door-shoot to the police chief. 6th, hide the gun, then jump out from the window and go back to ur car asap. Easy? But I've try more than 10 times b4 that. One more thing, if u have enough patient, can wait the blue dragon boss left the restaurant then shoot the chief, this prevent a fire back and save bullet:)
Submitted by: Yang Liu [01.27.01]
You can use only a knife to complete the mission. Firstly go and get the toilet key. Then wait for the red dragon member and kill him (cut throat) when he is near the slot, then hide him in the slot and pick up his clothing and the amulet. Then get in the restaurant from the window of the toilet. leave the amulet there. The go in to the restaurant and move behind the cheif. Take out your knife and cut his throat. The blue lotus negotiator will run away, follow him and run to your car. If you want you can kill the blue lotus negotiator as well. Just run after him and cut throat from the back. Then run to the car and complete the mission.
Submitted by: TheTripmasta [02.12.01]
There's only one gun you really need - the Berreta SD. Buy it and two clips of ammo to be safe, or one if you're a fantastic shot. Once the level starts, immediately go to the restaurant and ask the bartender for the key. Go into the bathroom and sneak out the window. Once the Red Dragon negotiator shows up, shoot him when he gets near the sewer. Take his clothes [optional], the amulet, then drag his body into the nearby sewer. DO NOT head for the front entrance of the restaurant, instead go back to the bathroom window you came out of. Make sure no police are watching you go in, as you'll be shot. Open the bathroom door and kill the Police CHief and Blue Lotus representative [bartender is optional], and be sure you get some windows so the police rush to the front of the restaurant. Go back to the bathroom and sneak out the window again. Return to your car.
Submitted by: the_us_army [02.13.01]
Boys boys boys, why spend so much money? Again, don't buy anything. Get the key then get the knife out of the kitchen. The cook will run off but don't worry. Exit via the back door. For some stupid reason if you try and put the knife away it disappears, so you'll have to run about with it and drop it if someone comes.

So anyway, run to the street where the Red Dragon boy walks along. Wait just off this street in the alleyway with the knife on the floor. When it's all clear, slit his dirty little throat. By now, people are getting suspicious and the meeting gets called off and the police chief leaves.

It starts to get a little messy now - but I'm the Hitman and I can handle ANYTHING! Err, sorry. Take the amulet and run back in the direction the Red Dragon member came from and turn right. Run along this road, cross over the next one (with the restaurant at the opposite end) and then turn right down an alley and run to the other end. Like before, wait at the end of the alley for the Police Chief to walk past and slit his throat. Run back to the Red Dragon body and hide it. Take his clothes. Now you can stroll back to the restaurant and drop the amulet. Then take a nice tootle back to your car.

From when you kill the Red Dragon member to when you put his clothes on, you'll probably get shot at - just keep running and remember: You're the Hitman and you can handle ANYTHING! Ooh, sorry.

Submitted by: ]IMBO[OP [04.03.01]
A slight variation on the theme... Start with a knife,only. Don't bother with the key to the rest room. Instead, go straight to the intercept point and wait for the Red Emissary. Kill him just as he passes the side alley with the drain in it (just after the old man has passed by). Take his clothes and the amulet and drop him into the sewer.

Now put away the knife and make your way to the restaurant. The police will search you on your way in and take the knife from you, but you won't have to make the risky entry through the rest-room window, which has a 50/50 chance of arousing suspicion.

When you enter the restaurant, make straight for the kitchen. Drop the amulet there, and then grab the kitchen knife. Run straight back to the table and stab the Chief to death. This takes about 4-5 blows and he will be dead before the bartender pulls his shotgun. Now leg it out the front door, and head back to your car, before the police realise what has happened. On balance, it IS riskier than just using the window, but much more fun!

Submitted by: Blank [05.12.01]
Has everyone forgotten the main point of this level is, as the spice store clerk says, "dechepsion"? It's no good waltzing in there with your trusty Beretta avec silencÚr and fibre wire when you're supposed to make it look like some greasy gangster did the hit! Take the Oyabun knife, Silenced Beretta, Uzi and Kevlar vest. Firstly, WALK to the restaurant so as not to arouse suspicion in any civilian. Jump through the window and dump the Uzi behind the toilet. Climb out and start walking behind the civilian who walks up the road with the Red Dragon member. This makes a 6ft tall white guy in black suit and gloves look at least a LITTLE less suspicious! Follow him until he goes down the alley then turn and wait for the Red Dragon member. When he goes past, walk behind him and slit his throat. Drag him to the sewer, take his clothes, his watch, his wallet... ah wait... no. Just his clothes and amulet. (sorry 'bout that) Dump your Beretta and climb out.

Walk towards the restaurant giving all the guards you pass the most evil and suspicious glare you can manage and wander around the outisde of the restaurant a few times just to add to their chagrin. Then go to the guard on the door who will take your knife. That's why I took the knife. It's traditional and oriental! Why the heck would he have a fibre wire on him! Go in, place the amulet on the table in the same way Chow Yun-Fat placed his bullet on the table at the start of the Replacement Killers. (Poor film but had a cool start!)

Talk to the people and get the bathroom key. Walk in, grab the Uzi and before anybody has a chance to react, SHOOT THE HELL OUT OF THE PLACE! This is supposed to be a gangland killing after all! Waste the chief, the blue lotus member and the bar tender as well. Take the windows out just for fun! Or if you want to be really picky, just put a couple of bullets in the bar tender's shoulders so he can "live to tell the tale!" Climb out the window and fire off the last few rounds in the clip. This'll help you get some attention from the local constabulary! Drop the Uzi and run like the clappers for your drain. Jump down, change clothes, pick up your beretta (back up weapon) and climb out. Walk back to your rather swish Mercedes S Class and cruise off with a smug smile on your face

Submitted by: John Le [05.26.01]
This level is one of the best. You will need only an oyabun knife and a beretta sd with only one bullet. When the level starts, run to the restaurant and ask the bartender for the washroom key. Go inside the washroom and drop the beretta near the toilet. Then leave the washroom from the front door of the restaurant. What for the red dragon member who should be approaching, once he passes by the only sewer he will walk by, kill him with the oyabun by sneaking up behind him. Dump the body in the sewer and take his clothes.

Then, attend the meeting with the officer and the gang leader. Enter the restaurant through the front entrance. The guard will take your only weapon, the oyabun. Once you're inside, talk to the officer and say that you're gonna go freshen up in the washroom. Once you're inside the washroom, close the door behind you. Pick up the beretta and holster it. Open the washroom door but don't leave the washroom. Aim at the officer's head and then pull out the beretta. Shot him in the head, make it count since this is your only bullet. Then run to the washroom window behind you and head to your car. Remember to holster the beretta. The guards will not suspect anything so just walk by them.

Submitted by: alexj [10.04.01]
At the download screen on Hitman's laptop only buy the UZI and the fibre wire.When the Red Dragon Negotiator comes,kill him with the fibre wire when he's near the sewer.Hide his body in the sewer and take his clothes and the amulet.Go up to the restaurant door and the police search you and take the fibre wire (but not the UZI!)Go into the restaurant and make your excuses to the Chief that you need to go to the bathroom.Place the amulet in the bathroom.Get out your UZI and open the door.Shoot the Cheif of Police in the head and make sure he's dead.Then clib out of the window and leg it to the car.

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