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To Enable Cheats (PC):

  • Open Windows Notepad
  • Open the "hitmancontracts.ini" file located in the Hitman: Contracts game directory.
  • At the bottom add the following two lines: "EnableConsole 1" and "EnableCheats 1" (without quotes).
  • Now save the file in its new state, overwriting the old one.
  • Find the hitman2.ini file using Explorer or My Computer, right click on its icon, select Properties, and then check the "Read-only" box. Click the Apply button and then the OK button.
Type the following while playing in any mission:

Cheat Entered Effect
IOIRULEZ Toggles god mode
IOISLO Toggles Slow Motion
IOIHITLEIF Replinishes health
IOIPOWER Enables megaforce
IOIER Toggles bomb mode
IOINGUN Toggles nailgun
IOIHITALI Toggles Ali mode
IOILEPOW Toggles lethal charge
IOIGRV Toggles gravity

Some Hitman: Contracts cheats are activated using the console. Type the following into the console (activate using ~ key) and press Enter:

Command Entered Effect
INVISIBLE 1 Toggles invisibility (exchange "1" for "0" to disable)
GOD 1 Toggles god mode (exchange "1" for "0" to disable)
INFAMMO 1 Infinite ammo
GIVEALL Equips all weapons
GIVE X Gives specific weapon. Replace X with weapon name.

To Enable Cheats (PS2): Enter the following button combinations in-game (except level cheat, which is entered at main menu).

Cheat Entered Effect
Square, Triangle, Cirle, Left, Up, Right, L2, R2 Level cheat
R2, L2, UP, DOWN, X, L3, Circle, X, Circle, X Skip level and unlock weapon

To Enable Cheats (Xbox): Enter the following button combinations in-game (except level cheat, which is entered at main menu).

Cheat Entered Effect
X, Y, B, Left, Up, Right, L, R Level Cheat
R, L, UP, DOWN, A, Click Left Thumbstick, B, A, B, A Skip level and unlock weapon

Unlockable Weapons: The following weapons can be unlocked for future use by achieving a Silent Assassin ranking on the corresponding missions.

Mission Weapon Unlocked
Asylum Aftermath CZ2000 dual pistols
The Meat King's Party Micro Uzi dual submachine guns
The Bjarkhov Bomb Silverballers silenced
Beldingford Manor Magnum 500 dual pistols
Rendezvous in Rotterdam Sawed-off shotgun dual
Deadly Cargo M4 Carbine silenced assault rifle
Traditions of the Trade SG220 silenced dual pistols
Slaying a Dragon MP5 silenced submachine gun
The Wang Fou Incident AK 74 Silenced assault rifle
The Seafood Massacre GK 17 dual pistols
The Lee Hong Assassination Micro Uzi silenced dual submachine guns
Hunter and Hunted PGM silenced sniper rifle

Unlock Minigun: The minigun is held by a patient who is behind the locked doors of a basement room in Mission 1: Asylum Aftermath. The keycard that unlocks the doors can be found during Mission 9: The Wang Fou Incident. It is called Orthmeyer’s Keycard and is on Lee Hong’s desk in his office on the second floor of his mansion. After finding the card, finish the mission and save your progress. Quit to the main menu and replay the first mission. Head to the northern section of the map and turn right in the small room with the red flashing sensor on the ceiling. Pass through the west door and dispose of the patient in order to collect the minigun. [Thanks to GameSpy]

Come Back to Life: When your health bar reaches zero the game will enter a black and white death sequence. If you are able to get four consecutive head shots on four different enemies during this sequence you will receive a small amount of health and return to the game. [Thanks to GameSpy]

Quick Load: Go to the Hitman install folder and go to the "movies" folder. Create a new folder inside this and name it "backup." Move the following files from the "movies" folder to the "backup" folder: Copyrigh.bik, Eidos.bik, Intro.bik, Io_logo.bik, JesperKy.bik, and nVidia.bik. Now when you start the game, it will go directly to the "load/save menu." [Thanks to Michael Huang]


None yet...

Easter Eggs

The Lee Hong Assassination: What follows is the translation of the conversation between Lee Hong and Tzun during the cutscenes.

Tzun: why won't you gamble with me?
Hong: how many times did we gamble? don't waste your money!
Tzun: Uncle Wong said "fancy darling" will win, the odds are 18 to 1.
Hong: you tell uncle wong to go eat shit!
Tzun: but uncle wong won a lot of money.
Hong: no, zun, he's winning your money!
Tzun: oh... next time I see him i will break his arms!
[Thanks to Michael Huang]

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