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Hitman: Contracts - released April 21, 2004. This third installment in the critically acclaimed, multi-million selling Hitman series takes you into the mind of a ruthlessly efficient contract killer, showing the action and the world through the eyes of Agent 47. The game begins in Paris as a wounded Agent 47 finds himself trapped in a dingy hotel room. As he lapses in and out of consciousness he experiences flashbacks from some of his most harrowing missions. Hitman: Contracts explores the darker psychology of killing for a living and is our most graphic effort yet in the series.

Hitman: Contracts delivers more action-packed and suspense-filled missions with a greater variety of ways to make the perfect kill. An increased arsenal of firearms, close combat weapons and new take-down moves will be at your disposal allowing you to perform a wide range of brutal hits. The game features 12 levels set in various locations where you must come face to face with some of the world's most dangerous criminals and high profile targets. A Romanian slaughterhouse, a Siberian submarine depot and an English country estate are all there to be explored and exploited to satisfy your violent tendencies

Hitman: Contracts is powered by the latest iteration of IO's ground-breaking Glacier engine, enabling incredibly detailed and graphically rich environments. In addition to running more than four times faster than Hitman 2, Hitman: Contracts introduces amazing post-filter technology including motion blur, depth-of-field, bloom and real-time colour correction resulting in the most stylish and cinematic experience ever witnessed in a video game.

Game Features

  • Open-ended gameplay - even more ways to complete missions
  • More weapons - both close-combat (e.g. meat hook, shovel, pool cue) and firearms as well as updated versions of old favourites with improved effects, sounds and realism settings.
  • New moves and animations - including suffocation, varied strangulation moves, impaling, drowning and an improved stealth mode.
  • Improved control system - beginners and left handed control scheme, streamlined inventory access and quick access to mission briefing and objectives.
  • 12 Levels - set in a variety locations across the world including France, Romania, Britain and Siberia
  • Amazing special effects - including dynamic weather, explosions, bullet impacts and blood! (lots of)
  • Updated sound engine - increased voice channels and Dolby Pro Logic 2 support.
  • Optimised physics engine - improved 'ragdoll' and rigid body dynamics. Shot activate and shatter object support meaning that lights, windows and other objects in the environment can be destroyed.
  • Comprehensive ranking system - from Psycho to Mass Murderer through to the ultimate accolade of Silent Assassin.


IO Interactive

Eidos Interactive

Stategic Shooter


Sys. Requirements
128MB Ram
32MB Video Card
2GB Disk Space

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