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Asylum Aftermath
by: The Button Man | June 16, 2004

It's probably not an entirely healthy experience to kill someone who appears identical to yourself. Even less so if, with an oversized mini-gun, you've just mowed your way through 16 others, all bestowed with similar visage's, and your next target is your aging father. Sorry, one of your aging fathers.

No, that experience probably doesn't do wonders for the mind. And yet, this is the second time that our friend, 47, has had to experience this act. It's just made even more unpleasant because currently he's having hallucinations whilst bleeding to death on a cheap Parisian hotel room floor. But hey, all in a days work.

47 has been here before. The twisted sanitarium of Professor Ort-Meyer, home to his experiments in human genetics, and the core of 47's problems. Thankfully, the disturbing revelations of Hitman: Codename 47 are behind our man now. He just has to escape the secret laboratory beneath the asylum, and get to Ort-Meyer's car out front without raising too much suspicion. Oh, and avoid a whole load of gun-toting SWAT teams surrounding the building, all baying for his blood. That shouldn't be too hard then...


  • Escape the sanitarium alive

General Advice

  • Be careful of the SWAT teams. They'll shoot anyone dressed as 47, or anyone carrying a weapon.
  • Choose your disguise carefully. If it doesn't work the first time, then it's definitely the wrong one.
  • Do this mission the subtle way, and it's surprisingly easy. If you get into a gunfight, prepare for all hell to be let loose.
  • Stay out of sight of the search lights.
  • If you want weapons, then there are plenty scattered throughout the sanitarium: everything from knives and stun guns to hand guns, shotguns and rifles. You'll just have to look for them. Starting with the attic might be a good idea.

Maps [Click to enlarge]
Map Key:
1. Syringes on table
2. Secret areas, locked until later in game
3. Spare inmate costumes
4. Stairwells to roof
5. Dr. Kovacs' Office (spare car keys on desk)
Basement 1st Floor
2nd Floor 3rd Floor


You start in a strange, white room, with the body of your creator, Professor Ort-Meyer, lying lifeless on the floor in front of you. This is probably the best time to get aquainted with the map, since you are free to roam for the first part of this level.

If you played Hitman: Codename 47, the map should be immediately recognizable (other than the basement). The absolute details have changed, and it's a lot scarier out there, but if you remember the overall layout from the original, you should have no general problems with navigating the level.


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