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The Meat King's Party
by: The Button Man | June 21, 2004

If escaping the asylum didn't introduce you enough to that dark side of 47, then this mission certainly will. You're still in Romania, and you're still surrounded by blood. Thankfully, most of it this time is from the dead carcasses of skinned animals, rather than dying clones or madmen.

47 is off on a trip into the dark abyss of sex, drugs, death and excess that is the world of the Romanian "Meat King", Campbell Sturrock. A kidnap case against the Sturrock's alarmingly dressed brother has collapsed at a vital stage, thanks to a technicality exposed by Sturrock's Lawyer. But while they celebrate their freedom in their own particular ways at an abattoir party, the missing girl has not been found, and her father is out for revenge. So it's time for 47 to make his enterance on the red carpet, and perform a little surgical butchery for himself.


  • Rescue the client's daughter from the abattoir.
  • Assassinate Campbell Sturrock, the Meat King.
  • Assassinate Sturrock's lawyer, Andrei Puscus.
  • Escape.

General Advice

  • If you have the costume for the right place, you will go almost entirely unnoticed. It's helpful that the butcher's uniform is the same as a chef's.
  • Carry the right weapons. For example, a meat hook is fine on a butcher, but not a chef.
  • If you kill a guard, keep an eye on your map. It can temporarily change patrol patterns.
  • Talk to the bartender in different clothes and get a different answer.
  • Don't know where the girl is? Listen carefully to the level's opening cutscene. It's slightly garbled, but it does give you directions!

Maps [Click to enlarge]
Map Key:
1. Dragunov sniper rifle and bolt gun leaning against the pillar
2. Meat rail control panel
3. Additional bolt gun 4. Stairs to roof access
5. VIP lavatories.
6. Ladder to roof gantry
Outside 1st Floor
2nd Floor


You start in a refridgerated van, a short distance round the corner from the entrance to the abattoir, standing over the unconcious body of the butcher. Wait a second, and the option to take his clothes will appear.

Do so, run down the ramp, and go around the side of the van flicking the switch there (the red light will turn green). This raises the van's ramp and traps the now near-naked butcher inside. Drop all your weapons (other than the usual undetectable ones), and run round the corner towards the abattoir entrance.


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