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Beldingford Manor
by: The Button Man | January 28, 2006

There really is just something about an old English manor house. The finery, the history, the tradition, the shotgun toting guests and the taste for human blood. Mmm. It really is the sort of place the 47 might fit it perfectly. Well, it would be if he wasn't there to remove two particularly odious "gentlemen" and save the life of a poor athlete. The English...


  • Assassinate Lord Beldingford.
  • Assassinate Bedlingford's Son, Alastair.
  • Rescue their Hostage.
  • Escape Beldingford Manor.

General Advice

  • Try not to kill too many people outside the house. It may be tempting to clear a way, but subtlety is definitely the order of the day in this one.
  • Disguise choice is important on this level. You will raise more suspision if dressed as an outside guard when found inside the manor (and visa versa).
  • The shotguns carried by the guards are extremely powerful. Don't get caught by one inside - just take your time, stay quiet and be vigilant.

Maps [Click to enlarge]
Map Key:
1. Trapdoor to crypt
2. Outside entrance to basement.
[1st Floor]
3. Enforcer Sniper rifle
4. Sitting Room
5. Generator power switch
[2nd Floor]
6. Secret Passage to Bathroom
7. Lord Beldingford's Bedroom
8. Snooker Table
9. Secret Passage to Attic
10. Water Supply
11. Weedkiller
12. Guardroom
13. Hostage
14 - Trapdoor from Maze
15 - Outside exit from basement.
16 - Stairs to Manor entrance hall.
17 - Whiskey Keg
Park 1st Floor
2nd Floor Stables


Although this is probably one of the most atmospheric levels in the game, you won't get much of a chance to enjoy it for the first few minutes. Quick movement is the key here. You start on the shore of a lake, behind a large ruin, facing away from Beldingford Manor.

Immediately, head right, keeping in the reeds so as not to arouse the attention of the two guards chatting in front of the ruin. Head quickly along the shore, and take a right out across the exposed grass when you are opposite the door into the hedge maze.


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