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Slaying A Dragon
by: The Button Man | May 17, 2006

Ooh. It's nice to be back home. OK, it may not be back in the tranquil beauty of the Gontranno Sanctuary and organically grown tomatoes, but we are right back where we first met 47 in his professional capacity - Kowloon, Hong Kong. We're now in for a set of levels that are not only based on what are probably the best of 47's original missions, but are quite possibly some of the best of Contracts as well.

Kowloon feels like home - and this time, it's more moody, grimy, fetid and desperate than before - a perfect place for 47 to use his skills to their best ability. Get ready for a wonder through dank streets surrounding beautiful structures, all tied together with the kind of weather that just screams of mystery, death, and a monsoon on its way.

So, we're back at 47's first mission - the removal of a Red Dragon negotiator in the initial stages of Ort Meyer's destruction of his past; but this time, we have so many more opportunities for different tactics that you just know it's gonna be fun!


  • Assassinate Red Dragon Negotiator
  • Blue Lotus Negotiator Must Survive
  • Escape the Area

Maps [Click to enlarge]
Map Key:
1. Mezzanine roof
2. Apartment building
3. Raised ground overlooking park
4. Location of poison



From your starting position, immediately turn right, head down the alleyway, and out onto the main road. Continue east, passing the gardener wondering near the sewer entrance, and when you reach the road, cross immediately to the far side. Saunter up the road towards the Blue Lotus guard.

Before you reach him, turn right into his "yard," and follow the walls round to the northeastern corner, heading down the small alley you find there. Drop your briefcase, and wait, keeping your eye on the Blue Lotus guard. You should see, across the street, the gardener wonder into view, and pause. When he heads away down the street opposite, the nearby guard will start his little patrol pattern.


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