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The Wang Fou Incident
by: The Button Man | February 28, 2006

It's now time to wedge that knife of distrust a little further into soon-to-be defunct Blue Lotus and Red Dragon Triads. The hit you pulled off in the park has left the Triads even more wary than they were before, but they are still willing to negotiate a peace treaty. Of course, as we know from the first game, that's the last thing that 47's contractor wants, as we need to leave Lee Hong in the weakest position possible; so it's time to head off into the night for a little hit on his own turf.

This time it's the Blue Lotus Triad who have to suffer, and it really needs to look like Lee Hong's doing. Unfortunately, it's a little harder than before. The triad has sent a delegation of 2 drivers, 4 guards, 2 negotiators and one lead negotiator - and if you want a Silent Assassin rating, you need to get rid of them all with no more than one bullet. 47 really loves a challenge, doesn't he?


  • Assassinate Blue Lotus Negotiator
  • Assassinate Blue Lotus Triad Members (6)

Maps [Click to enlarge]
Map Key:
1. Ladder to outside balcony
2. Kitchen Yard
3. Lee Hong's Mansion
4. Storeroom Stairs
5. Kitchen Yard door
6. Lift between floors
7. Bathroom
8. Sniper Rifle/ Car Bomb
9. Sniper point
10. Exit to gardens
Outside 1st Floor
Restaurant 2nd Floor


This level is another one of those which, despite the fun that can be had trying to find alternative methods for completion, is really solved most efficiently by following roughly what you did in the first game. Immediately at the start, run straight forwards, turn right into the alleyway, run down to the end, then diagonally left across the next road towards the ladder marked on the map.

Climb the ladder, enter sneak mode then, keeping close to the wall, head round the balcony edge. When you reach the door, pick the lock, head in and grab the Red Dragon costume, the bomb and the remote. Still sneaking, had back out through the door you came in through and back towards the ladder.

At this point, you should get the cutscene showing the negotiators arrive. When you are down the ladder, turn right and cross the road. Head into the alleyway on your left, and hang around the dustbins on the left whilst waiting for your first target to arrive.


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