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Who Will Be Cast As The Hitman?
by: Tech21 | November 13, 2000

As far as we know, there are no plans of yet for a Hitman movie. However, I think most fans would agree that Hitman: Codename 47, under the right writers and direction (and of course casting), could be made into a darn cool motion picture.

What follows is a brief rundown of my major contenders for the Hitman part. Check out my picks, and then send your own.

Patrick Stewart
He enlightened us as Captain Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generation, moved us as Professor Charles Xavier in X-men, and now he's gonna thrill us by blowing away Red Dragon guards with a sawed off. Highs: The physical resemblance is striking. He has that cool, calm attitude, and a certain confidance. Lows: I just have a hard time picturing Stewart being a cold-hearted killing machine.

Arnold Schwarzenegger
He's shown his action hero side in Commando and Predator, his comedic side in Twins and Kindergarten Cop, and now he's gonna show his deadly side when he silences opposition with a piano wire in machine-like fashion. Highs: The Austrian accent could add some flavor. The Terminator character could definately be molded into the Hitman. And he looks cool in sunglasses. Lows: Well, Arnold just isn't that good of an actor. He sort of lacks the intelligent image of the Hitman.

Bruce Willis
The right mix of hard-core attitude and whimsical appeal may be the way to go. I watch the scene in my head as Bruce's Hitman pulls a silenced Beretta, caps two guards with headshots, slips the weapon back into his coat, and walks away with a faint smile. Highs: Time proven as a quality action star (not counting Fifth Element). Good mix of no-conscience killer/light humorist. And Demi Moore could play the girl from the Hong Kong episode. Lows: If Patrick and Arnold had a kid it would be Bruce. But somehow I don't know if he is perfectly right for the part.

What do you think. Send casting suggestions or comments to [email].


Have you seen The Jackal starring Bruce Willis? That movie is proof enough to me that bruce is the man for the job. He is cool, calm and calculating. He has no conscience i.e. in one scene he's eating chinese and watching tv, the guy he is visiting who owns the house walks in the room, they have a friendly conversation, bruce puts a bullet in the guy's head, and then he goes on eating and watching tv...

My vote is for bruce.


Willis would be good, but have you considered Nicolas Cage? Just watch face/off, John Woo style guns & everything.


If you actually think about it everyone has seen arnie and bruce play good guys and bad guys. But when have you ever seen Patrick Stuart play the bad guy for an entire movie where he mows down unsespecting victims who are in his path. He has not yet been seen as the villian and i think if a motion picture were to be made then Patrick Stuart would be a great candidate. Capt Picard playing the bad guy in a movie. Only time will tell if this actually comes round to happening.


oh, did you see leon - the professional?
this guy would be cool, just without all the hair and without drinking milk :)


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