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Side Effects of a 47th Chromosome
by: Tech21 | January 10, 2001

Sure, the Hitman may be able to withstand multiple gun-shot wounds, make silent kills with relative ease, and laugh in the face of heavily armed thugs. But is a 47th chromosome really all it's cracked up to be? Believe it or not, but that extra tidbit of genetic information could have serious implications on ones mental stability. The following case study outlines a simple model of how, in everyday confrontations, a genetically-altered clone can show far different behavior than a normal human. Just take a look.

Case 1: You pass an elderly gentleman on the sidewalk, and he gives you a suspicious, menacing stare.

A Normal Human Would: Assume the old man was having a bad day and continue on his way, or perhaps ask if there was some problem.

The Hitman Would: Follow the geezer into a nearby deserted alleyway and slice his throat with with a large combat knife, then proceed to strip his clothes and shoot him repeatedly in the crotch.

Case 2: A dirty Colombia mercenary makes disparaging remarks about your breath odor.

A Normal Human Would: Excuse the soldier's rude behavior and ask for an apology.

The Hitman Would: Wait until his fellow soldiers aren't looking and blow him off the tower with an AK-47, then proceed to shoot out his eyeballs with the zoomed sniper rifle.

Case 3:An overzealous pool thug takes his job a little too seriously and won't let you enter the hotel without first changing clothes.

A Normal Human Would: Respect the policies of the hotel, even though the employee is less than polite.

The Hitman Would: Retrieve his silenced Luger from the changing stall and blast the staff member with a few head-shots, then proceed to drag his body into the pool and use it as lounge raft.

Case 4: A hardcore Rotterdam gang member won't let you enter his private bar.

A Normal Human Would: Apologize, passively step away, and go back the way he came.

The Hitman Would: Sneak up behind the thug and slowly strangle the life out of him with a piano wire, then proceed to unload an Uzi clip in him and drag the body onto nearby railroad tracks.

Case 5: An annoying mental patient thinks it would be fun to send you all over the hospitol looking for his toys.

A Normal Human Would: Light-heartedly entertain the poor lad for a few seconds, and then go on about his business.

The Hitman Would: Disguise himself as the mental patient's loving orderly and jam a dirty syringe in his neck, then proceed to drag the body onto the roof and throw it over the edge.

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