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Best Planned Hit For The Demo?
by: Tech21 | November 11, 2000

The following demo strategies were submitted by fans (except one - see bottom of page). I neither endorse nor recommend following these hit plans. Furthermore, I make no guarantees that they can executed again or even understood for that matter. But they are still fun to read. Send your own hit plan to [email].

Submitted by: Mike Pearce [12.6.00]

OK, not a very thrilling one, but fast, efficient and safe. All you need is the silenced Beretta, a few clips of ammo, and a Kevlar Vest (just in case :).

At the start, turn left, and walk down the road. Wait at the corner (the longest wait). Eventually, a patrolling Red Dragon guard will come down the road (from the restaurant end). Wait just round the corner. The second he passes you, drop to sneak mode, pull the beretta on him, and blow his brains out thru his nose. This needs to be fast, since there are pedestrians heading up the road towards you.

Immediately, holster your gun, and leave sneak mode. Do a 180 turn, and walk round the corner, away from the bodies and out of sight of the pedestrians. The guards at the end of the street shouldn't notice anything. Take the first right (into the alley), cross the 1st crossroads, and wait behind the dumpster. Killing the patrolling guard, and dealing with pedestrians (keeping them away from the scene) comes into play here. If a pedestrian does walk by, wait until he is well out of sight round the corner, but this very rarely happens. The reason they rarely come by is because they are either 'tending' the body, running around like a headless chicken, or informing the guards about you (but this shouldn't be a problem). Removing the guard decreases the chance of him spotting you disposing of the Limo Driver.

You should now be in sneak mode, while the Limo driver is pissing against the wall. Side step out from behind the dumpster, drawing you silenced beretta. Make sure your aim is good (you mustn't miss). Hit him right central in the head. He'll fall back (towards the drain opening), and his foot will catch on the grating, causing him to tumble straight into the drain (no dragging :). Climb down the drain, and change into the limo drivers clothes.

Now, walk out of the alley, up to the far side of the car. This part is slightly less important in the demo, but can get the guards annoyed in the full game :(. Make sure the patrolling guard is facing away, as you face the car door. Get the bomb out, and use on the car door. Walk off. If the guards get annoyed - RUN, fall down the drain, change clothes and wait. A message will appear saying the target is leaving the restaurant. It takes him a while to get into the car, and for it to drive off. During this time, set yourself up at the end of the alleyway, opposite your car. Lean out, so you can see the dragon guards down the end. Wait here with the trigger selected, but not in your hand (since pedestrians are still wandering about).

As soon as the car rounds the 1st corner and comes into view, get the trigger out, and immediately hit the trigger. It takes a second to extract the trigger, and for the bomb to go off, so when it does, the car should be right on the corner, eliminating the last guards. Now walk away :)

[Innocent kills: 0] [Final Score: ?]

Submitted by: Wojciech Dudek [12.5.00]

This is suicide with a Desert Eagle, only works if you get the timing and accuracy just perfect, but fun nonetheless ...

Start off with a Desert Eagle ($1200) and 7 mags ($42), also you're liable to take a lot of fire so a kevlar vest ($900) is also required. As soon as you start the level, turn right and run towards the 4 blue lotus guys. Cross the street (still running) and run towards the first guy on the left side of the street. Draw your Desert Eagle, and shoot him in the face. Don't break a stride, run over his body (keep running) and aim for the second guy on the left side of the street. Pump the rest of the clip into his sorry ass, and if you do it right, the limo should be pulling by you at this exact time. Time to reload safely, as the limo passes you'll be shielded from the remaining two lotus guys' fire. When they come into view again, waste them both, and reload. Most likely you'll have one Red Dragon guy running towards you, waste him, reload, and grab his clothes plus one or two Uzis.

At this time you should get the "target getting out of limo" movie, now conceal all guns, and run like "Ben Johnson with his balls on fire" for the entrance to the restaurant. The emissary should be walking towards the restaurant with two blue lotus guys (one ahead of him, one behind). Get behind all three, whip out the Uzi and empty the whole clip into the three (should be enough to bring all three down). Drop the Uzi and whip out the Desert Eagle. You've got two more guys to blow away (the chauffeur, and one more blue lotus guy strutting around the limo). Shoot both in their respective faces, and run like a madman for your car.

[Innocent kills: 0] [Final Score: ?]

Submitted by: Ekler [11.28.00]

Well, it may not be the most enjoyable way of completing the demo, but it's certainly the fastest and easyest one. Cross the street, wait by the dumpster for the driver to start urinating and the civilian that will come up to pass, kill the driver quietly, take his clothes and throw the body into the drain. Now, go place the bomb in the car and run to a spot near the 4 guys in blue are standing (not far from your car). The guy that is your main objective will enter the limo with his bodyguards, wait for it to reach the final turn and blow it up just as it drives between the 4 guards. If your timing is correct, they should all be killed by the explosion. If not, take those who aren't out with your gun, they will be too shocked looking at the blown car to see you shooting them in their heads. Congratulations.

[Innocent kills: 0] [Final Score: ?]

Submitted by: Andrew M. Roy [10.23.00]

If you plan this one right you will lose no health and keep a perfect score, having killed no civilians. Purchase a knife (and carbomb if you want but you don't need the carbomb). In the beginning, run straight toward the alley across from you. Wait to the left of the drain until the guys arrive in the limo.

Once he [target] has reached the restaurant, a pedestrian will walk down the alley on your left, having come from the street you originated from. Let him walk. A limo driver will exit the car and proceed toward the drain from the alley right next to you on your left. Wait until he walks in front of you. Then face the drain and his left side as he urinates against the wall. Then, having had your items list up and the knife highlighted, draw it as soon as the civilian has made his way around the corner. Kill the limo driver with the knife, and if you do it standing next to him touching skin then his body will fall into the drain. This eliminates any civilians or guards that might happen to be alerted to finding the body and tracing steps.

Immediately after you kill the limo driver, grab his beretta and run toward the direction the civilian was coming from, but straight until you hit the left most street. If you've got coordination then you should have put away the knife before you reach the street. Now on your right you will see a guard coming your way. Highlight the berreta you took from the driver and stand at the corner on your left. Wait until the guard gets to the corner and cap him a few times in the back. Immediately holster your weapon and then run to the alley closest on your left on the leftmost street you came from.

At the end of the alley you will find a sniper rifle. Pick it up and run past the corner where you killed the guard, ignoring any civilians, and head for the dumpster on your left. Now take aim and cap the two guards at the door and the Lotus member near the car. You only need 3 bullets to do this, so you take the remaining bullets and cap the lotus members at the end of the street on your right (if you are facing the restaurant). Cap all but 1 of the Lotus members having paused between each kill to wait for them to run to the body of a fallen member.

Go back and collect the Uzi from the patrolling guard you first killed and holster it. Now, run around the corner toward the two guards at the end of the street. When they are within decent range cap the one in front of you and then turn to cap the one of your left. Ditch the uzi that you just used and collect the fully loaded ones from the guards. Holster them and run toward and past the drain you killed the limo driver at and around the left corner to cap the two fools with the shotguns. Again ditch the uzi you just used, and collect 1 shotgun and ammo from each body.

Run around the corner where the bodies of several lotus members remain and cap the last member in that area. Take all their uzis and proceed toward the steps of the restaurant, having your weapon holstered and your uzi highlighted for quick draw. Wait until the message flashes, "Target is leaving the restaurant," and the doors open. Wait until the Lotus boss and his bodyguards all emerge, and before they get a chance to respond to the dead bodies, cap all the guys in blue. Once they are all dead, run away and head toward the street you came from. Press the key to bring up mission status, and if you did everything correctly you will have accomplished both tasks and not killed one civilian. If you didn't then go back to the restaurant, open the right door, and run to your left guns ablazin'. All the guards will be in one clump there. Any remaining will be on the stairwell to the left of the entrance.

As a victory celebration I like to outline the Lotus boss's car with bodies and explode it. Then empy all remaining uzi ammo into them. Then as I make my way to the car I select my Beretta and cap 2 bullets into each civilian's legs [nice touch;) - w.m.]. Any more will kill them. Then end.

[Innocent kills: 0] [Final Score: ?]

Submitted by: jormugandr [10.18.00]

A really perfect hit isnt that hard to, if you try it like this: At the beginning, dont buy anything - you wont need it. As the game starts, immediately run left and get the sniper rifle. Just as you pick it up, the cutscene with the mark arriving at the restaurant should show.

With the gun in hand, you run to the far end of the alley with the garbage bins in it, ignoring the civilians. Shoot the mark and a goon of your choice (doesnt really matter which one). Now get back on the road, stand next to the truck and ice the four guys in the blue coat at the corner (hint: shoot the one on the left first and wait a few secs, the others will run to his body - and are sitting ducks for you). Get rid of the rifle and run to the corner (stick to the right side or the guards with the shotguns will see you), grab the uzis from the bodies and wait there.

The Civilians meanwhile alarmed the guards. First one to come is the limodriver. Give him a taste of the uzi. The shotgun guys, hearing the gunfire, then run towards the sound and become your next victims...but be careful, these guys can kill you with a single shot.

Now holster the Uzi, get a shotgun and and ammo from the bodies and go to the grate - where you`d normally kill the limo driver - walk around the corner, hide behind the dumpster. The guards will see you and come in for the kill. Use the weapon of you choice to kill them ( i normally use the shotgun, cause i like the one shot - one kill priciple *ggg* ). Now go back to where you got the sniper rifle and if theres still a guard left, eliminate him.

Final Step is cleaning out the Restaurant: Walk up to the doors, stand between them and open the left one. In the very left corner should be one or two guards, who can be killed with the shogun before they even get their guns out. Then run to one of the corners beside the doors outside the restaurant. The nice guys they are, the guards will come outside and can be disposed of one by one. If you are not sure you killed everyone, run inside the restaurant, up the stairs and stand in the corner. Wait there. If theres still somebody alive, they will come for you...and you can give them what's theirs.

[Innocent kills: 0] [Final Score: full]

Submitted by: Tech21 [10.17.00]

While being very far from a clean hit, this plan is quick and to the point - get in and get out. Necessary items include the silenced Beretta, car bomb, and kevlar armor.

Wait on the sidewalk for the limo to pass, then begin walking to your right, toward the four Blue Lotus members. After the target arrives at the restaurant (cutscene), immediately begin the hit. Right now there should be no pedestrians in direct view, but if you wait too long, two will show up.

Get within point blank range of the Lotus member closest to you, being sure to keep the other two in view (the fourth is around the corner). Go ahead and point the round, white cursor at the head of the closest Lotus. Now pull the Beretta, take him out with a head shot, and immediately take out the other two (head shots if possible). The fourth guard will come around the corner, but won't have time to react before you gun him down also. Quickly replace the Beretta, and innocently walk away.

It is nearly impossible to get away from this shootout without taking some damage. With a quick trigger and good aim, you will usually end up with 75% health.

Now run over between the four center buildings. The limo driver should have just finished relieving himself. Make sure the pedestrian is out of view, and as the driver is walking away, take him out with a head shot. Drag the body into the drain. Once down in the drain, take his clothes, and now you will have easy access to the limo.

Finally, walk over to the limo, place the car bomb, and walk away toward your getaway car. When the target leaves the restaurant, trigger the bomb and get out of there.

[Innocent kills: 0] [Final Score: 7304]

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