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Disecting the Demo
by: Classic and Tech21 | September 21, 2002

Before we begin, keep in mind that this article is not a step by step instruction on how to complete the Hitman 2 demo. Check out the the forums to find many different walkthroughs by many different people. And of course, expect a full walkthrough from HitmanHQ after the retail release of Hitman 2.

In this article you will basically find a more detailed mission briefing, containing maps, images and text. The information provided will give you the opportunity to become more capable of deciding your own mission path - more capable than the developers intended, but still upholding the aim of non-linear gameplay that makes the Hitman series of games distinctive.

Here is a brief run-down of what's covered in this guide:

  • Weapons and Ammunition: What you start with and ones that you will be able to find in the level, where they are and what ways they can be used to maximum efficiency.
  • The type and number of potential hostile and unfriendly characters/NPCs, a complete detailing of what they look like, items each carries and there behavior paths before and after the alarm.
  • What disguises will be found in the level, methods used on how you acquire them and in what areas you can use them effectively.
  • Locations and conditions of and/or what items needed (if any) for use of mission extraction points.
  • Locations and/or information on various methods of operation and points and objects of interest.

Weapons and Ammunition

What you start with:

47's Fists
Fists New to Silent Assassin, 47 now can punch people. It takes about five punches to knock out your target, resulting in a three second incapacitation. In the demo you can only use your fists against people. Attempting to knock out lights with your fists will do nothing.

Chloroform Chloroform is your second and vastly more effective means of a non-lethal option to pacify a target. The more bottles you use the longer your target will stay incapacitated. Be directly behind your target to use this weapon effectively.

Fiber Wire
Fiber Wire Definitely not a melee weapon, 47 needs to be directly behind your target to use this weapon effectively. When silence is needed the fiber wire is the quietest method available.

Berretta 92 9mm (suppressed)
Berretta 92SD A staple from Codename 47, those who have played the first game know that you would do well to become very familiar with this weapon. It's best used in situations where need to eliminate one to two guards silently. You start with 105 rounds. Uses pistol ammo.

Dual AMT Hardballer 45c
Hardballers 47's signature weapons (now). More stopping power than the Berretta but the seven round clip leaves something to be desired. You start with 49 rounds. Uses .45 ACP ammo.


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