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Hitman Rumors Uncovered
by: Tech21 | February 26, 2001

HitmanHQ has uncoverd a few nifty rumors (thanks to Oliver) about the Hitman release delays and various other corporate hanky-panky. All of these rumors were lifted from Fatbabies.com. Please note the dates on these rumors - they are somewhat old. And remember, these are rumors, not facts, so don't say you weren't warned.

8/29/00 Eidos Gets Hit

Hey! I think my gameplay is good, dammit!

We’ve heard Eidos Interactive recently passed quietly on the rights to Hitman 2.0, PC single-player only, as Eidos was disappointed in Hitman 1.0 and its delays. While Eidos is moving forward with their own franchise of Thief 3, management spoke of hitman but felt it was not up to par in terms of gameplay - graphics alone don't make a game. Eidos is adamant about keeping the 3rd person action market, and is keeping a close control over development of such products.

9/5/00 Eidos & Io-Interactive

Eidos developer IO-Interactive is apparently working on the only remaining PC product the company will publish. It is said Eidos Interactive will soon bail out of the PC biz and focus solely on the console market.

In a related rumor, EA had signed Io to develop a pirate fighting adventure (PS2) for them, which caused quite a stir in the Eidos camp. Eidos producer Jonas Enroth apparently had a huge fight over at Io about them seemingly losing interest in the development of Hitman. His thoughts are they wish to move on to the EA camp sooner rather than later. However, IOI was said to be pissed over Eidos’ insistence on pushing Thief 3. Hitman, meanwhile, is still over a year late.

10/3/00 Eidos Gets Tough

We’ve received word that Eidos management has demanded Hitman be finished within 4 weeks time or Eidos will not provide any further milestone payments. Apparently Eidos was extremely disappointed with the demo that was released only 2 weeks ago. The developer has reported consistent badgering by Eidos producers to get the game out "or else."

10/9/00 Hitman Insanity!

Well, we found out what it meant when Eidos management told the developer of Hitman what it meant when they said, "Get the game out in 4 weeks 'or else'."

Ahh. The unseen evils of game publishers.

Word is Eidos has threatened to release Hitman within 3 weeks regardless of the state of the product. The current bug count stands around 100 A & B bugs. A bugs, of course, being those dreaded crash bugs. B bugs being non-fatal but still severe "you can’t finish the level" or "the main character disappears for no reason" bugs.

After the developer released a demo of Hitman in late September, Eidos failed to support the release and claimed it was not a representative of the final product. Feedback from the gamers is that the game is lacking strong character control and has skimpy gameplay. There’s a lack of understanding of what to do and how to play the game. But Eidos doesn’t seem to care, as they plan to release it regardless within 3 weeks. Tally ho!

10/27/00 Io-Interactive's Hitman

Word is Io-Interactive parent company Nordic Film Entertainment has had to step up and fund remaining development for the Hitman: Codename 47 project. This is due to publisher Eidos refusing to provide additional payments to Io as a result of the long overdue development of the game.

Hitman currently runs a blistering 20 frames per second on a high end PC with a state of the art graphics card.

Feedback from the release of the demo is that the control of the game is extremely confusing and difficult, and it’s said that is one of the reasons why Eidos has slashed the Hitman marketing budget.

1/4/01 Eidos Feuding with Cnet

Biased game reviews? What next?

Apparently Eidos has been extremely upset with the poor review given by Cnet Gamecenter for their Hitman game. Adding insult to injury, Eidos regularly has had huge ad buys on Cnet, and as such they expected a glowing review. No such luck. But supposedly Eidos PR is applying pressure on the Cnet folks to change the score of the review. Will Cnet give in?

Poor sales and customer complaints of horrible interface and controls have caused Eidos management to cancel Hitman 2 and instead release a mere add-on pack. None of the core engine code will be changed, only the level designs. Hope that Eidos doesn't try and market this as an entirely new game... because it looks like it is headed to be another piece of Shitman.

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