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Hitman Half-life Interview
by: Rogue Bee | September 10, 2000

HitmanHQ: First of all tell us a little about yourself and what your job is in the Hitman Half-Life mod team.

Another Hong Kong kitchen perhaps?

Matt Swartz: I chose the Hitman theme for the mod after I played the Hitman: Codename 47 demo (before I owned the full game). I was astonished at how stylish it was and wanted to bring the enviorment to Half-Life. After a while we abandoned doing a copy of Hitman: Codename 47 and are doing a completely different storyline, characters, and everything.

HitmanHQ: Why did you choose to use the Hitman as the theme of your Mod, especially when Edit4o7 is going to be released soon?

Matt Swartz: Something about this mod that I think will lure fans of Hitman: Codename 47 is that in this YOU decide where to perform the hit, and how to do it. For example; you might decide you want to kill him in his favorite restaurant from across the street with a sniper rifle while he is enjoying a coffee, or you can follow him home from work, pick the lock on the front door, and kill him with a silenced pistol while he is watching tv. As far as I know this is the only game in existence allowing such flexibility. The features in the mod are too complex and amazing to belive, check out our features page for a full list.

HitmanHQ: Will you be releasing a beta version of your mod to the public?

Matt Swartz: Yes, we will be releasing the mod in beta stages until we reach version 1.0.

Not a pretty sight...

HitmanHQ: Which styles of gameplay will this mod have?

Matt Swartz: This mod will have singleplayer mission-style gameplay, but will also feature multiplayer with yet to be decided gameplay modes.

HitmanHQ: Do you plan on running a Beta test for the mod?

Matt Swartz: We are currently not in any need of any beta testers, if we end up needing more, we will post it on the site.

HitmanHQ:What is different and new in your mod to the original Hitman game?

Matt Swartz: Most things are different in our mod than the Hitman game, the only real things we have kept from Hitman is the ability to hide bodies, use disguises, and strangle people. Other than that it is a completely different game.

HitmanHQ: With this mod will you have a linear storyline connecting the levels together as in Hitman, or will you just be making levels seperate from each other?

Matt Swartz: There will be a singleplayer storyline that will be revealed and hinted at more and more as you accomplish different hits.

HitmanHQ: Will you be adding new weapons and features this mod and if so what are they?

Scientists should never dress as street thugs.

Matt Swartz: We have a plethora of new weapons. My personal favorites include: fiber wire, Heckler & Koch Mp5k in tactical briefcase, cyanide-tipped bullets for your guns, and a .22 gun concealed within a cellular phone. Not to mention you can add to your weapons by out-fitting your weapons with supressors, LAM's, scopes and whatnot. Or you can make new weapons like fertilizer bombs or smoke grenades.

HitmanHQ: How complete is the Hitman mod? When do you think that we will be able to play it?

Matt Swartz: It is extremly difficult to say how far we are into completion. You would really have to judge how far in each area so here is an estimate on my part (and not a very good one at that): Coding/programming is around 65% done, mapping is about 5% done, and models are around 30% done. That is probably not at all accurate, thats just a guess.

HitmanHQ: Do you have any last words for the readers?

Matt Swartz: Yes I do, this mod is 'da bomb! You will bow down to our superb power! Fwahahaha!

HitmanHQ: Thanks, Matt.

[Visit the official website of Hitman: A Half-Life Modification]

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