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HitmanHQ Mailbag
by: Tech21 | February 2, 2003

Time to blow the dust off that virtual leather hamper we know as the HitmanHQ Mailbag. It's been close to one year since the last installment, and in that time we've collected up hundreds, maybe thousands, of letters, 80 percent of which simply praise HitmanHQ for several pages. Yes, that, my friend, is how popular this website is.

Ok, that's a lie. I have a startling confession to make. It's taken an entire year to collect enough letters to even fill up two pages of a mailbag! Nobody loves us anymore... WHAAAAA! [Ahem] I'm sorry. Well, just read on. And see you next year.

Praising The Efforts

Just wanted to say THANK YOU for the excellent site, for the great walkthrough with pictures and really helpful hints; it makes the game easier, if you´re somewhere frustrating and helpless it makes you feel better. As a gamer who is playing this with walkthroughs because of lack of time, I appreciate your effort and enthusiasm. Good one, keep it rollin´.

-Robert Mihelli

Just a quick note to say thanks for the great job you did on the walkthru for HM2 - very well written, nice writing style.

-Graham Connolly

Angry Young Man
I know it's not your job to fix technical problems. But since no one else seems to have a solution for this (yes I tried the forums) and I've tried for a month now, you might be my last chance. At least as a Hitman site you might be able to get IOI or Eidos to take some interest in this.

First things first, I bought the game. Every time you post a problem in tech support forums you get replies saying "Go buy the game" or "Don't use warez". Well I did buy the game, and I don't use warez, which is why I'm so p!ssed off that IOI and Eidos are ignoring this problem...

Anyway the problem is, after installing the Hitman 2 patch I can't run the game. Not at all. When I start the game an error message comes up asking me to put the CD in the drive. Except the CD IS in the drive. I tried using my CD-RW and tried using my DVD drive. Neither work. As I said the CD is completely legitimate, and I'm not using any kind of cracks for the game. The only solution is to uninstall Hitman 2 and reinstall it without the patch. I appreciate that the game works without the patch, but I don't appreciate that being good enough. I paid for this game, and given the price I paid I think it's fair enough to ask for some after-sales service (a patch that works for example). Eidos have clearly taken the time to implement a (FAULTY) CD-protection system, so shouldn't they take the time to undo their mistakes?

Note I say "Eidos", as IOI are a team of skilled developers who have produced two excellent games, and I know they wouldn't be responsible for this. Eidos on the other hand don't seem to have any skill or purpose apart from the ability to plaster their name over other people's products and charge extortionate prices for them.

Maybe in the long-term you could persuade Eidos and other publishers to realise that increasing CD-protection doesn't stop pirates. Remember pirates KNOW how to crack CD-protection; me and other honest gamers don't. So when there's a fault in the protection, honest gamers are prevented from playing games while the pirates just crack them again and continue playing. But in the short-term, all I ask is that you please tell IOI and Eidos about this problem, and ask them to at least look like they're doing something about it.

-Simon Roberts

As I recall, Hitman: Codename 47 had a similar issue with its patch, where in some cases, after installation, the executable file became corrupted and the only option was to uninstall the game and reinstall. You would think Eidos/IOI would have taken special measures to make sure this didn't happen with Hitman 2, but once again the problem arose. Consider your request heard.

It's Confirmed

As a neighbour to Jens Peter Kurup from IOI I can assure you, that he actually is the guy in the middle of the picture on the newspaper Japan Tomorrow. At least the guy to his left is an IOI employee too, but unfortunately I do not know his name.

-Torben Simonsen

Serious Action Game Or Cheap Porn?
I, as many Hitman 2 gamers can be classed as, am an honest gamer. I don’t appreciate pornography within my games (I don’t mind it elsewhere, just not in my games). After purchasing and playing a few levels of Hitman2: Silent Assassin I decided to go back to the first level Anathema and mess about just for a laugh, as you do. I start the level with a sniper rifle and wait for Postman Pat. Mr. Pat decides to stop and take a well deserved break. As he relieves himself a large chunk of metal flies through his head and he is sure to miss the hilarity that is to follow.

Still fully zoomed in, enjoying the silence after a nice sniper kill, I pan to the right and low and behold a guard (the one who also comes to relieve himself, you think they might go before they start work!) is facing me with, that can be best described as, his party piece hanging out! (ok granted it is his finger with new improved bouncy physics but its still there!). Shocked by this I empty multiple clips into the region and, being male, can only sympathise with his pain. I believe that the joke is not the existence of such virtual tools but that the Italian mafia are portrayed as being so physically inequipped.

-Paul Hill


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