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HitmanHQ Mailbag
by: Tech21 | July 1, 2001

Yes folks, it's that time again. Time to dig deep into that virtual loin sack known as the HitmanHQ Mailbag and fish out the best and brightest fan letters. Actually, we only had one e-mail this time around, so I had to make up the rest. If you see your name under one of these entries, it's purely coincidental.

Why, Thank You

You folks have the BEST Hitman 47 site on the web. Thank you for the excellent resource and awesome navigation format. Its getting harder to find webmasters that put together a decent site.

Girl Gamer

Anger Management
edios hopefully will go under, i read somewhere that they were in hot water and it made me feel all fuzzy inside, just knowing their company wasnt doing so well. now i hear ioi is making hitman 2, unless they're sending me a free copy i hope they go under too...and have to live on the street giving out handjobs for food money. hitman was a fun demo and all (a $50 demo!), but you would have to pay me quite a bit of money to install another ioi or edios product on my computer. down with ioi, down with edios, i hope they all rot! hehe


This Guy Again
thats a good screen shot!


A Little Explanation
Hello! hitman HQ is one of the best hitman sites that I have found. however, ive noticed that the sites hosted by 3d action planet are a bit...brief. will hitman HQ ever become as in-depth as planet half-life or planet unreal??? it is a great site though


To answer your question, I guess I'll give you a run-down of how the GameSpy network runs. Directly under GameSpy.com, you have the Planet sites (PlanetQuake, PlanetUnreal, etc.), which are very large sites dedicated to the most popular games. Also on the same level as the Planet sites, are the Genre sites (3DActionplanet, StrategyPlanet). Below the genre sites are hosted sites (HitmanHQ), which are dedicated to a particular game of the genre they are hosted under.

Usually, hosted sites are not as large as the Planet sites, and this is usually because the games aren't quite as popular, high-profile, or daily news-generating as the games covered by Planet sites. Hosted sites can make the leap up to Planet Status if the game they are covering becomes very popular (PlanetBlackandWhite recently made the hop up from a hosted site on StrategyPlanet). So who knows, if Hitman 2 is a success, and the editor gains popularity, maybe we'll be seeing a PlanetHitman.

Somebody Help On This
dopo aver ucciso tutti i miei cloni non so come andare avanti e l'unica cosa che3 posso fare č entrare nella stanza per farmi clonare ma poi si chiude le porte esce del fumo e muoio sempre non riesco an andare avanti........si chiamo ''ti presento tuo fratello'' spero che hai capito e anche se scrivo in italiano riuscirai al pių presto a darmi una spiegazione su come posso andare avanti

[Four minutes later...]

aiutamiiiii ti pregoooooooo!!!!!!! non riesco a superare il muro.....'ti presento tuo fratello'' ucciso tutti i miei cloni ma poi non so cosa devo fare arrivo nella stanza dove penso di dovermi clonare ma si chiude la porta e esce del fumo e muoio sempre.......spero che tu possa aiutarmi a superare il livello ..........un saluto andrea

Andrea Cecconi

I'm really dying to know what these say.

Parental Discretion Is Advised
It is possible to make love to the prostitute in the lee hong assassination its a secret option what you have to do is turn on ip_debug 1 and then you have to walk up to her and right click to bring up the action menu the you have to turn around 3 times in sneak mode once you have done that a menu will come up on the action menu saying "make love" the a cutscene will follow showing her taking her clothes of and laying on the bed then mr hitman takes out his pecker and inserts it into her muff this lasts about 4 mins my friend told me this and i havent tried it out


Four Minutes? I'm disappointed in ol' Tobias...

Attention: Please Read
I recently had a friend who downloaded hitman on the internet and on the games uninstall feature there is a virus which deletes almost all programs on the c drive. send the message out so no one will make this mistake and so they will go out and buy this great game.



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