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The Lee Hong Assassination
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Submitted by: Earl Williams [01.15.01]
I thought the walkthrough got kind of vague after you killed Tzun, so I'd like to add a little more. I've noticed after you killed Tzun, if the second waiter discovers the first body there's a fair chance that the guards in the bathroom area will attack you, not to mention the incoming guards are likely to attack you as well. The best thing to do is immediately holster the gun in your hand and run out the same way Lee Hong did. A few guards will rush in and out but they'll ignore you if you were fast enough. Next walk right until you reach the path to your left, then follow it across the steam.

You'll then come up to a door with one guard standing next to it. Wire or knife him and take his clothes, as you need a set to get into the basement. Don't worry about the body, no patrols come this way and nobody will see you murder the guard. Now make your way back to the kitchen and down to the basement(you may want to avoid the bathroom if you left the other waiter alive.) Take a set of Red Dragon clothes from one of the guys you off'd by the CIA agent, the Red Dragons in Lee Hong's Base will shoot you if you have a guard uniform on. Now you can stroll through the basement with no problems.

Submitted by: Marco van de Haar [01.23.01]
Look you can do it the easy-boring-how-it's-supposed-to-be way, or you can do it orriginally..... The only problem I got was that the level did't end when everything was accomplished and I was at the boat, but it was still fun because i've already made it trough once....

When Lee and Tzung are in the restaurant, don't poison Tzung but go up to the roof where the "girl" took you, silently eliminate all the guards and then search foor a window in the roof, it is (what a coincidence) almost exactly above the table Tzung and lee are sitting at, Grab your uz or do it double-gun style but aim and shoot them both....Better shoot Lee first because else he'll run. It's a lot of fun because you can just run away if you do it quick and no-one should find out it's you.

Submitted by: Stefan Rietberger [01.23.01]
For this strategy you need a quite good aim. It's simple but effective: buy an AK47 with maximum ammo and a silenced Beretta (standard equipment !). Walk right up to the front doors. Open one of the doors and simply dispatch every bodyguard you see. It usually takes 1-3 shots for one guard so use aimed burst fire. Make sure you get out again shortly before you empty the clip. Reload outside and wait for additional guards. When you cleaned up the outside area go back inside and proceed to the right. If you're good, you shouldn't have lost more than 10% health till now. Head towards the brothel and get that safe combo. Keep an eye on your ammo and use leaning if you're sure there is no enemy behind you. If you are surrounded dodge the bullets and show your aiming skills off. Now after you freed the girl go back through the kitchen but avoid enemy contact.

Go downstairs and shoot the first 2 guards with your Beretta. Then get to the CIA guy to receive the safe location. Again, kill guards as silently as possible (makes it easier, hardcore players might use brutal force as well...). Now get that jade statue and deliver it to the old man. Run like hell ! Get onto the roof and look down those windows. Whip out the killing tool of your choice and give Lee Hong some lead to eat ! Let Tzun have some too. Now you can run through the basement (of course you still have to kill some guards) and into the HQ. Be careful up there and try to hit as many guards as possible while the elevator hasn't stopped yet. After you cleaned the house you can hop into the speedboat and get out. Woohoo ! Simple, isn't it ? ;)

Submitted by: James Gutierrez [01.24.01]
I have also found it easier to kill lee hong through window rather than poisining him. At the beginning of level buy a sniper rifle in a suitcase. Proceed with the level as you normally would but when u chase the hooker drop the sniper case outside near the window before you climb the ladder. Later when lee hong comes to eat you should return to where u left the sniper rifle. Take out he gaurds patrolling here, i found the silenced berretta works good for them. Finally unpack the sniper rifle take aim at lee hong through the glass and let him have it. U might want to break the glass first with your pistol before you shoot hong because ive had the glass block my sniper bullet.

Drop the rifle and walk away. If nobody saw you then you should be able to walk right to the speedboat (if your disguised right). This way is much easier than strangling hong in his HQ and u dont lose 5000 dollars for killing a waiter.

Submitted by: Daneel Foyer [01.28.01]
Has anyone else discovered that you can save time in the Lee Hong level by killing the hooker instead of talking to her. When shes dead, you can take the combination from her any stroll out of the brothel.
Submitted by: Yang Liu [01.27.01]
You can complete this mission with a Fibre Wire.(cost 110). When you get into the restaurant, kill the fat lonely guard infront of a empty room after the female guard pass throuth him. (use your fibre wire behind him when you are sneaking) Drag him to the room behind. Then take his cloth and gun. Then get out of the room and wait for the female guard back again. Kill her, when you are behind her. Drag her to the room, too. (Other wise she may find the dead guard and alerm Lee Hong) Then pick up the flyer (given to the Hitman by the bartender ) and meet the man in the Herbal Shop. Then go to the second floor.

Talk to the girl first, then kill the female guard when she is alone. Drag her to a empty room. Then kill...(kill as much as you want, drag them to the same empty room, kill them when they are alone, no one will find you.) Follow the girl and help her get out, she will give you safe combination. Go down the basement and save the CIA guy, he will give your save location. (Kill the moving around guard first. Then kill the guard in front of the door. Use fibre wire, drag them to the room where the CIA guy is). The go to the safe location. (Kill the guards with fibre wire, the save location may be different every time. If too many guard, you could use your gun, by then you shold have a lot of guns from dead body...) If you use a gun, run to the empty room you have your dead bodys collected and change your uniform to make sure they won't find you.

Go to the Herbal shop and talk to the old man. Don't pick up poison. Wait a minute and get out the room with your gun. Lee Hong will sit in the restaurant and eating with his guard. Shoot him on the head and if you are good kill as many as you want. Then run to the basement. The basement's guards hasn't been alerted yet. Go to the elevator to Lee Hong's HQ, then run to the elevator(another one to get out here.), kill as many as you want. If you are lucky, you will get out and finish the mission. If not you have two chance to continue. When you continue just run to the basement and get in HQ the same way. Because you shoot down a lot of guard in the HQ the first time. Now you can easily run and get out. Your mission will be complete with cost of 110 (fibre wire).

Submitted by: Terry Brown [01.29.01]
There is a sniper rifle in the basement, just around the corner from the CIA guy's cell. I collected that rifle, crept up to the kitchen (cutting a few throats along the way) and shot Lee Hong from the kitchen doorway. Don't miss. There are guards just outside the doors, and you don't have time for a second shot. From there, drop the rifle, dive down the stairs. A guard or two may follow you down. Kill them. Then change clothes with one of the red guards you killed earlier, and it's smooth sailing.
Submitted by: Rob Garfield [02.08.01]
Just thought I would add that the easiest way to get the uniform you need is to strangle the guard in the restroom area in front of the 2 bathroom doors. You can ignore the waiters. They get scared for a few seconds then go on their way.

Also, only 3 kills are absolutely necessary (besides LH himself and Tzun, but you take him out in a cutscene anyway):
1) One of the waiters for the uniform.
2) The guard patrolling near where the CIA agent is being kept
3) The guard guarding the door behind which the CIA agent is being kept

And all of these kills can be accomplished with the fiber wire. No guns necessary. It's a very clean hit this way.

Submitted by: Richard "the cleaner" W [03.18.01]
There is no need to kill the red dragon patrolling near the CIA guy like Rob Garfield says, just make sure you kill the guard by the door when he's just passed and drag the guard inside. You don't have to kill a waiter either, but it takes a lot of bullets to kill the fat guy (or maybe a clean headshot with a sniper).

An exciting, but still quite "clean" way to clear Lee Hong's HQ is this one: Do your usual stuff before going to the HQ. get a red dragon suit (from the guard by the door). then when you enter the HQ, make sure you're so clean that they won't start shooting you. then just check out the place (just don't enter the room where LH is) and find a small group of guards who are behind a wall, out of sight of the others. kill them quickly with a AK47, before any others arrive. the smartest way is to line up with two guys, shooting the first one in the head, then the other one behind him in the same salvo. If there are three men, be quick with him. a salvo close to the head and neck is most effective, but don't take too long aiming, just finish him before more men arrive.You shouldn't get hit by the 3rd man, but if you do, it's probably not lethal. I think you should leave the "scene of the crime" and then rush in, just as amazed that this could have happened as the other guards (it adds to the sense of reality), but if you stay there they won't shoot you if you did it right.

Continue this procedure until there is no guard left and kill Lee Hong, and a clean exit you should have.

I cleared the whole level in this way. Just remember to kill all wittnesses of any kill and you should be fine everywhere (change suits only when it's very necessary). I couldn't finish the level either, when i got to the boat with all tasks accomplished, like Marco (little bug I say), so i don't know if this will cause a cleaner to be sent, but I killed alle civilians as well, so it's probably a bit too messy :-) Still an nice challenge, especially the guards quarters. Try to go in there and kill all the guys inside. you may well die here, so if you do, just get up there again quickly and finish the job. There are two guards standing on a platform, looking out over the the area with a fountain. You needn't kill them right away. get the sniper rifle from the guards quarters (it's in the room on the left when you enter from the roof) and snipe the guys on the first floor through the door, but make sure the men on the platform don't see you, so back up a little after you open the door and shoot before it closes. Every time you shoot one guy, another will check on him. go on until they're all dead. then look around the corner and when you can just see one of the guards snipe him, then do the same with the next. you can now walk onto the platform. I think there are one or two more guys you can shoot from up there. you can probably use this sniper to kill Lee Hong too, but I never tried that.

Again: if you're silent and swift, you can do this kind of stuff in smaller portions. If you choose more power and noise, expect more men to come in. Just kill every witness and you're fine. Sometimes you just don't know if you're suspicious or not. Just don't shoot anyone unless they are after you, or unless you mean to clean out the entire room.

figure out your own way to be able to walk around without being shot at all the time and clean out each section. I got the jade figure to the herbal shop before starting the total wipe-out, because you never know if things will get out of hand.

Try clearing every level completely, it's good fun if you're through the clean way and want some more action Remember that most levels require more obscure methods to successfully complete them.

Submitted by: Dr-X [03.23.01]
I found this level quite easy once I got the hang of it. I killed the first waiter, stole his uniform and put him in a bathroom stall. Sweet as. I kill Hongs bodyguard with poison and immediately chased him. Went to his HQ using the basement way. I was in a dragon uniform and no one shot at me. I went and stood in his office, and when he paced in I wired his ass. He fell backwards and no one noticed! I didnt have to use one shot in the HQ. Then I just took off.
Submitted by: Elson Yeo [04.07.01]
All u need is the fibre wire and the berratta 92. go into the restaurant and get the flyer from the bar tender. go to the restroom and kill the lone guard before dragging him into the ladie's room and putting on his clothes. go to the brothel upstairs , talk yo hooker before helping her flee. go basement, kill guard that says that u cant go in and immediately, remember,immediately put the gun away.talk to CIA agent in room. he'ii tell where save is use map to help u find.take jade figure. return to herbal shop take the poison and return to yhe rest room. kill the waiter when he comes intake his clothes put poison in food , serve to lee hong.put away the gun after killing. go to elevator select basement 2, go to another elevator select 1st floor.go upstairs , see leee hong pacing.go room with no one in it wait for him to walk in and kill him. take speed boat home.
Submitted by: Erik Aasland [06.14.01]
I was playing this level, and noticed that when I am inside Lee Hong's house, I was able to see the guard towers in the garden. Then I restarted the level, and had the sniper rifle with me. At some places in the garden, you could see Lee Hong trough the window at the left side of the building. I shot him from there and saved the dangerous visit at his place... If you would try this, be aware of the many guards walking about in the garden.
Submitted by: Steve Z. [07.16.01]
I found out that there is a very easy way to complete this level and all you need to bring with you is the sniper rifle (a few bullets for it is all you need), and a fiber wire. First off you will go inside and get the paper from the bartender. Then, make your way upstairs to the Brothel where you will meet the girl. Follow the girl to her room and drop the sniper case. She will tell you her story and then follow her outside. There will be a guard at the door that won't let you out, he will be your first kill. He will yell at you then just move behind him.

Next, wait for the woman guard to walk down the stairs in front of you and in a quick motion, pull out the wire and click on the guard to kill him. As he is falling to the floor take his clothes and gun and head out the door behind you following the girl (don't worry about moving the body). Climb the ladder, let the girl out of the gate, then stay by the fence until the red dragon member gets close to you. Then pull out the gun and cap him in the head. Take his clothes, since by now guards are looking for a suspicious body guard (and not a red dragon member).

Run back up to the girls room and pick up the sniper case. Go downstairs into the restaurant. There should be a door to go outside just to the left of the doors to the kitchen. Go outside and head to the very left corner. You should be right next to the big wall and in front of you will be the water. Take out the sniper rifle. There are two guards at the front of Hong's mansion, don't worry about them. To the left of the mansion you will see a dock with a boat (escape boat) and a guard standing right next to it. Kill the guard (this will make it easier to escape later).

Now if you want you can take out the two guards at the door. Next look up on the left side of the mansion and you should see a window like opening. Use your rifle and put it into full zoom on the opening. As you will see, Lee Hong is pacing around that floor and when he walks up to the window, all you have to do is shoot him (don't worry if you miss, he will still come by the window again). Now that he is dead, lets find the captured agent.

Go down to the basement and get behind the guy standing in front of the door where the agent is located. kill him with the fibre wire and quickly drag him into the room. Talk to the agent and get the Safe location. Get the Jade Figure and give it to the old man in the shop.

Since by now they have locked the doors to the mansion. Find the elevators in the basement that will get you inside. When you ride up to the 1st floor stay in the elevator, the guards should not shoot at you. Slowly, walk out of the elevator and turn right. You will see the door to get outside to the boat. When you get to that door, the guards will be alarmed. Thats when you pick up the pace, open the door, push the down button on the elevator, and quickly jump into the boat.

Submitted by: dale_dez [09.04.01]
Notice that after talking to the old man and giving him the jade figure, u can just walk out and shoot Lee Hong in the head but u mnust be quick. Holster and walk rite up2 him. Then u can just run 2 the boat, dodging all the guards that attack u.

I also noticed that sum of u sed to shoot the prostitute in the bedroom. This is OK, but apart from losing money for unnecesary kills, she will either screem if u miss or let out "pain sounds" and either way, gaurds will come running!

Simple walkthrough: At the very beginning, go into the toilets, wire the body gaurd outside the door and drag him into the toilets. Now wait and wen the waiter cums in shoot him with the silencer. Do the same with the second and last waiter and stick em all in one of the toilet cubicles especialy if u cudnt b bothered 2 wait for the waiter(s). Take the body gaurd cloths and go make a deal with the prostite. Eventualy ull be entering one of those 3 doors outside into the kitchen, if u killed that red dragan member, make sure u enter threw the door on the far rite 2 aviod them seing u in the kitchen.

Go down the stairs and find the CIA prisoner guy. Its not far from here, about 4 corners and down sum steps (NOT the ones with the yellow fings on em) and u dont go through ne doors. If u allow the rd to attack ie entering the door, all his m8s will cum and run around u like headless chickens until the cut-scene is over. So after the patroller goes, wire him and enter the room. Make sure u close the door, then speak to CIA.Take red dragon clothes and also his KAD-352 (or wotever it is) and now u can walk around freely without holstering it as all the other guards do 2. Eventhe body gaurds and civilians dont mind. (may also work with uzi, unsure).

Use the map to find the safe (note that all 4 safes are there, but 3 of them are locked and he tells u the unlocked 1 which is reperesented by a load of green circles). Take it 2 the old man and get ur poisen. Do wot u want with it, but i just walk out ther and shoot Lee Hong in the head (get ur uzi out ready!).Now run to the secret passage.Wen u get to his HQ, all his m8s r mad so run like hell untill u find were the boat is whih takes me 4ever to get my bearings!!! The end.

Submitted by: Mark Douglas Richards [04.06.03]
First off load up on bullets, small arms and whatever else you use, that can be concealed. BUY A SNIPER RIFLE! Kill the guard in the empty room by the washroom, hide him in the stall, steal his clothes. Proceed to the open area infront of Lee Hongs house or HQ. Snipe the 2 Red Dragons from a good distance (by the wall). Then run up grab one of their weapons, open the door kill that guy. Run in, kill whoever comes, always switching weapons with a dead person(so you don't run out)and use something you have a deep well bullets for(something you bought), on the fat guy in the red kimono. Until you get Lee Hong do not put on a Red Dragon outfit. Its possible that all the comotion will start bringing regular gaurds but they come in waves. So when its quiet graba red dragon suit. Go to the basement, and from here the rest is pretty much your standard walkthrough.

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