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Traditions of the Trade
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Submitted by: Pennybaggz [01.16.01]
The bomb can be found in the Xray room, but you'll need a key. Its on the doctor, so I suggest killing him right away, because he starts out in the easiest area- the sauna. Just kick up the heat a little and you got yourself a key.
Submitted by: Joseph Gray [01.17.01]
Tired of avoiding those pesky metal detectors? Rub out one of the patrolling security guards, hide the body and take the uniform... you may now pass freely throughout the hotel.
Submitted by: Kaya Atabey [01.21.01]
Before taking the the bomb case from the room 202 go to the dentist room. you know the enterance from the window, so take out the guard with your wire and take his desert eagle. you can go every where in the hotel without passing that control machines. use the elevator and balcony passage on the second floor. at room 201 shoot the guard from the other balcony while he is looking around. Don't worry no one but the cops infront of the hotelhears it and they don't understand where it comes from.Don't forget to kill the main target at the bath with something less noisy. You don't have to kill the guard at the door.
Submitted by: Exccidium [01.24.01]
The only equiptment needed is the piano wire. Start by going up to the second level via the stairs, turn right once up there through the double doors, and the next set, Through the corridor you will see a guard posted at room 202. Walk further along a cleaner will be going though each room, when he enters a room takje the master key he leaves in the door. Go back to room 201, enter and go to the balcony. Turning left you will see another balcony, a guard will walk out on this. Wait till he goes back inside and jump the gap. Sneak in with your piano wire ready and kill the guard. Pick up the items on the desk and put them away. Open the front door to the room and stand beind the guard, make sure no one is ther or coming, kill the guard when it's clear and drag him inside. Immediatly place the 'Do Not Disturb' sign on the door, preventing any cleaners entering. Ready you gun and find your target showering, shoot him, no one hears you. Drop the gun, you wont need it, and make your way to the roof.

When on the roof you'll notice a large dome and an open window, dont enter yet but drop the suitcase here. Go to the dentist reception from here to fine the loaction of Herr Fuchs. Find him and follow him to the sauna, turn the dial in the shower area, watch the cutscene as Herr colapses. Steal the key,a dn make your way back to the rooftop. Enter the window, and creep up on the guard looking out the window, kill him. Get the suitcase and go through the door, near the dentist chair. You'll see the guard to your left from reception, leave him, ahead is the X-ray room. Pick up the bomb and place it in the case. Find the stair well on the map, take this down to level one where you will come in the kitchen, walk north out the double door, into the alley and onto the street. Mission accomplished.

Submitted by: Tom Yuill [01.29.01]
In your walkthrough for the budapest hotel you only mentioned 3 ways of killing the dentist. I assure you there is a third. In the thermal bath if you get rid of the Fat lady with the fibre wire you can find fim floating in the pool. You then can use your wire on him and it shows a cool cut scene of him drowning and head butting the dentist. Its really cool.
Submitted by: Robert Ylijarvi [02.03.01]
When you come into the hotell, register at the disk. Go upstairs, when upstairs you will see one of those cleaning boys, steal his masterkey, go into the room that says "authorized personal only" You will find a set of "cleaning-boy-clothing" inside, change into them when the door is shut. When you have the new clothes on, go to the man who stands outside the door, speak to him... He will stand aside, go in... go directly to the toiletdoor but do NOT enter. The bodyguard will walk over to the door and stand infront of you, strangle him. Drag him out of way, go out and either shot or strangle the other bodyguard.

Drag the body inside the room. Now fetch the "do not disturb sign" and hold it when you are close to the door. Attach it to the door. Take everything from the table, go in and kill Fuchs... done. Rest is same...

Submitted by: Mr. Bluurko [02.20.01]
Tsk tsk tsk! I am surprised! DON'T BUY ANYTHING FOR THIS LEVEL! Go to the kitchen and when the fatso chef ain't lookin, sneak a knife inta jacket! Plus, if you kill the big mama at the ladie's change room, go in and wait for a woman to come in! They takes thier clothes off! Hee hee hee! (you may have seen my naughty screenshot...)
Submitted by: the_us_army [02.21.01]
Save those pennies yet again and don't buy anything - just get a knife out of the kitchen. Or the meat cleaver - it's a lot more satisfying.
Submitted by: Triprotic Acid [03.04.01]
To start the map buy the sniper rifle in a case, this is all you need. As you start the level dont go in to the hotel but go to the opsotite side of the road as far as u can. You will notice that you are opposite the blanconay you can jump across, pull out the sniper rifle (dont worry the police are too far away to see what you are doing) and wait.... hen the gard comes out to look around the balconay put a bullet in his head, now drop the rifle. Go into the hotel and to the sauna, and turn up the heat on the dentist so you can take the key. Go upstairs and towards room 202, find a master room key and take it, then go get the bell boys uniform from the locked room (its across from the metal detector above the stairs). close the door first, then get changed, now go to room 202, and talk to the gard, he will let you in. The other gard is dead so you can get the scilenced gun with no worries, be carefull and take out the guy in the shower, if he is alearted the other gard will come in, but just open the door and lean round you'll have no problems as long as you hit him with a head shot (no time to scream :) drop the gun and get the bomb case, go back out the gard at the door wont mind if you take the case.

Now go to the open window at the dentists office (round the back, on the roof outside near the big dome place) then go in and go into sneak mode, be carefull and sneak past the gard, the best time to go is just after he looks to his left. Go through the doors, and close them after you, the other gard wont notice you, so your pretty safe, get the bomb from the x-ray room. Now getting out is harder, going out the window sneaking past the gard again is not easy, but possible. If he does spot you just run past and get out the window as soon as you can, he'll get one mabey two shots off most. Now take the lift down to the 1st floor and go out via the kitchen, dont worry about the cook, just run past him. Out the back door and compleate the mission.....

Only 3 people dead and only 1 thing bought. i have tryed to do it with a pistol, but they are too un-acurate to get your shot in first time on the gard on the balconay, but you can if your lucky :)

Submitted by: Richard "the cleaner" W [03.18.01]
Ever got in with full equipment? I really like to be prepared when entering a mission. take a sniper and whatever equipment you like (a beretta sd and a fibre wire should be enough though). walk to the left side of the building and snipe the right guard from a distance (headshots only of course). the other one checks on him and gets one too. sniping the guy on the balcony is smart too (i didn't think of that then), but do that first then, because once in a while people walk out through the main entrance and may find the dead cops. to get your gear inside just drop everything in front of or over the fence so that you can pick it up from the other side. before picking it up, drag te bodies of the cops out to the side of the building to be sure nobody will find them. go back in and pick up your stuff. You have a sniper and a beretta now, although a sniper is not really required / handy here. a full beretta is always handy though. the more equipment you take, the more you have to drop and pickup at the fence, so don't take too much, it's more dangerous, as people may see you picking up a weapon and then the shit's hit the fan.

The gun in room 202 uses the same ammo as the beretta, so you could also take a full beretta (not silenced, it's cheaper) and drop it in outside to walk through the gate unnoticed. When you pick up the silenced gun then, you should have enough ammo for a small army. This is all very unnecessary for completing the mission, but if you like to drop every soul in the building it's a nice way of getting inside without every cop on your ass from the beginning.

Another tip: get a cleaners outfit from one of the "personnel only" rooms if you're in trouble. You don't have to kill anyone extra then. There is not a suit in every closets, but there are at least 3 lying around.

Submitted by: ]IMBO[OP [03.21.01]
If you want to get into room 202, without jumping over the balconies and possibly alerting the guards, there is another, easier way. If you talk to any of the Bellboys, they tell you that Herr Wulff is a big tipper and likes fresh towels. After stealing a Bellboy uniform and the passkey, you can get some towels from the closet in the men's changing room (next to the baths). The corridor guard will then let you into room 202, where you can quickly grab the Silenced Luger and cap the other guard as he is facing the wrong way. When you have "offed" Mr Wulff (and taken the stuff from the room), you won't even need to put out the DO NOT DISTURB sign. Instead, you LEAVE by the balcony and go OUT of room 201. The surviving corridor guard will not let another Bellboy enter!
Submitted by: Thei sniper [06.02.01]
Buy a piano wire then go an sing up then you will see that Franc is in room 202 then go up to stairs to you're right then go in the closet and get the picolo clothes and get in the room 201 and wait until you can see the gard and when he gets back in jump over the balcony and strangle him then take the Luger, the room key and the bombcase and shot the sexy boy then leave everything and go back to room 201 and then you can see the gard looking okey then go to the pool and kill Frits and take the key then go to the reception and take Franc's mail (I don't think he will mind hi hi) then go to the florist and take the special delivery (shotgun) and go to the dentist office and like the terminator way blast the sekretary and gard then the other gard will heer it and go to you and yes blast him too then go fast and get the bomb and leave trough the window and trow the shotgun away and run to the reception of curse will the alarm go of so you will have to be fast then go out of the hotel.
Submitted by: Kaan [06.26.01]
This strategy may well be one of the funnest ones available, without cheating. Select your weapons. Take a Sniper, a Mp5, some silenced guns, Kevlar, just pack yourself up. Now, walk all the way to the other end of the street, until you get stopped by the notorious "invisible wall". Look up to the hotel. If you realize, one of the balconies, the lower right one, belongs to Frank Fuchs. Take out your sniper, and wait for the thug to enter the balcony, blast his face open. Now look to the hotel's entrance. Shoot the guard on the right through the trees. The left guard will get suspicious, but might not see you right away (if you are behind the lamp post). Shoot the other guard's face too. Now, if you're lucky, noone inside will get suspicious.

Now drop ALL your weapons, go to the guards, drag them somewhere outside, away from the entrance. Take a set of clothes, and pick up ALL you're weapons, its up to you if you want to take the sniper. Now obtain a master key from the teenage bellboys, and go to your room, room 202. Jump from your balcony to 201. Dont shoot Fuchs yet, because how silent you may be, the Guard outside will hear you. So take him out first, but watch out for a cop patrolling the corridor. Drag the bodyguard inside, and place the Dont Disturb Sign (on the table) on the door knob. Now blast that strange fat guy with a red G-string's eyes out. That was Fuchs. Now that you took Fuchs out, you can run around the hotel and have some fun. But remember, dont take the cop suit off, ' otherwise the metal detectors will go off.

Hint: If you take Fuchs' key (on his table), hop over to the florist and talk to him. Recieve a flower box. inside is one sucker of a Shotgun. If you're feeling mean, blast the Florist's face off too.

Submitted by: AgentS00Seven [11.07.01]
If you have a lot of money this way is the funnest way to beat the level. First you must take the berreta sd, the mp5, the desert eagle, and the shotgun[if you want to have more rounds for the florist's shotgun. Right when you get out of the car you MUST stay behind the hotel wall. Take out your mp5 [or you desert eagle] and fire a round at the policeman who is standing far away from you. The policemen will start coming and looking for the person that shot. Wait for one of them to come through the metal detector and kill him. The next policeman will do the same and kill him. Every policemen and guard will do this so it will be over in about three minutes. when the people stop coming, take one of the policemen's clothes. Now you can go through the metal detectors and nobody will know that you are going to kill them. NOTE: You cannot talk to the receptionist when you are a policeman.
Submitted by: sir928 [04.14.02]
If you kill the front two guards with your brought-in gear and no one notices (fairly easy), then pick it all up from the other side of the metal detector. Once you've done this, you can walk into the building freely. As you know, the metal detectors for the 2nd floor rooms are pesky. To avoid them, just use the elevator! No metal detectors!
Submitted by: god [04.16.02]
There are 2 secret rooms in Traditions of The Triad one is right behind the guy who gives you the mail and one right on the other side of that (police are hiding in that one) the only way you can get to them is using Ctrl + F9 and Cam Mode.

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