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Kowloon Triads in Gang War
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Submitted by: Kelly Mann [01.11.01]
I just wanted to say I found it easier to just hide behinnd the garbage can across from the park, you get a clear shot then you can just walk away no need for the elevator...
Submitted by: Scott Hodges [01.14.01]
After u shoot the negotiator (from the roof) I just stood there and after the cut-scene of the helicopter you will be aiming right at the guy in the helicopter looking for u and u can shoot him and then run away instead of running ur ass off to avoid the chopper.
Submitted by: Agassi Law [01.15.01]
After sniped the red boss at the roof top, a helicop will found out u. 1st, throw the sniper gun. 2nd, use the elevator down to the road, then run. As u haven't got any weapon on hands, the guys at ground won't hurt u a hair. But the helicop still know where u r, so please run asap to ur car(the starting pt). Finally, one funny reminder in this stage, I have been killed by the on-coming boss's car. So pls don't silly as me that stand at the middle of the road in Hong Kong.
Submitted by: Earl Williams [01.18.01]
To shave a few seconds you can unload the rifle on the elevator, and after you shoot run back and start going down, loading the gun while your descending.
Submitted by: the_us_army [01.28.01]
How about shooting the chap in the helicopter with your sniper rifle, running down to where his body is and taking his M60. Mmm, nice.
Submitted by: Yang Liu [01.27.01]
You can use a knife to complete the mission, just wait in front of the back door of the park. when the red dragon member shows up and get out of car, press ESC to skip the movie. You follow behind him and cut his throat with your knife. Then run away. There is a good chance the guard will hit you, but you will survive. I usually have 80% life left after I complete the mission.
Submitted by: ]IMBO[OP [04.02.01]
Hey! Why bother with the rooftops? They leave you exposed when the chopper turns up. I prefer to hide behind the dumpster on the raised section of pathway on the opposite side of the main road, facing the front of the Red Negotiator's Limo (at the very edge of the map). From there, I'm shielded from the prying eyes of passers by and can unpack my sniper rifle in safety.

It is also raised enough to give me a brief, but clear, shot at the Red Negotiator. When he gets out of his car (escape past the cut-scene), I can give him one sniper round in the head and I am so far away that his goons just look around, without seeing me. Now, I can either pick them off one by one (chopper gunner too), or pack up and walk to my car.

Submitted by: AgentS00Seven [11.11.01]
First buy a sniper rifle with 20 rounds. Then buy a hardballer with 35 rounds. Go onto the rooftop and unload the sniper rifle. Shoot the negotiater with a sniper bullet. Now here is the fun part. After you shoot him take out your hardballer. Fire at the helicopter shooter until he dies. Now take out your sniper rifle. Shoot the blue lotus members all around the park. Most of them will die. Also if any civilian comes over to a dead body, shoot him too. NOTE: The helicopter shooter's health is just like the other people's health. Try to hit him in the head.
Submitted by: Devil [12.05.01]
Purchase the sniper rifle and one bullet. Go to the park and hide behind one of the four trees. I prefer to use one from which you can see the face of the Buddha statue, making a clear shot. Make sure you are properly concealed. You have about 2 minutes, so set up your rifle and being your aiming. Steady your scope out and crouch. Once the target arrives, wait for the conversation to start. Make sure you have a 100% safe shot and fire at his head. He will fly back down the stairs and everyone will panic reaching for their guns and running out. Drop the rifle and camly walk (not run) out of the park as if nothing has happened. The helicopter should see you now, so pick up the pace and get to your car and you are all done!

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