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Finding the U'wa Tribe
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Submitted by: Max Orlov [12.20.00]
Another way to kill the plane guard without enemies knowing it, is to get inside the plane and lean out and shoot him in the head. Hide back inside and the guards would find him dead but wouldnt suspect u. everyone will act as if nothing happened.
Submitted by: Kawika Pierson [01.14.01]
If you run fast enough to the plane you can get the idol before any soldiers are there.. then you can ambush a few soldiers later to get dressed... you will have to dodge bullets though.
Submitted by: Raymond Ward [01.14.01]
Running to the plane immediately is the best bet. No one will be around when you get there, so pick up the idol and hot-foot it to the U'wa village - just keep the river to the right. When you have to rescue the brother, run back keeping the river to the left, until you reach the bridge. The guards won't care who you are until you pick up the sniper rifle in the tower. So, just go into the tower, sneak, knife or wire the guard, pick up the sniper ammo, then pick up the sniper rifle.

Now its your ass. Just stay cool, and pick off the tower guard across t he river, and pick off the guards on the bridge from rearest to nearest. Pick up the m60 that the tower guard dropped, and drop from the tower. The brother will then run. Now run, m60 in hand, back to the village again keeping the river to the right. The only resistance you'll face will be two guards at the edge of the river just before you reach the village, lay em out with the m60, and keep on your merry way.

By the time you reach the chief, the brother will be there, and the mission is over. I never had to change clothes. I never had to bother picking up much ammo or weapons. Preparation for the Drug Lord comes in the next level anyway. This method has been flawless for me and my pals...

Submitted by: Don Rodgers [02.15.01]
If you have completed this mission, here's an alternate that takes a little skill. Immediately head for the SE corner of the map (where the bridge, brother, guard tower are). On your way there, silently take out a roving soldier and take his uniform. Continue to the guard tower; climb up and get the sniper rifle and ammo. Jump down, move North along the river a short distance to a place where you can see the bridge and the brother. Take out each guard around the brother, and any others who show up, WITH ONE SHOT! After the brother runs off, head to the plane. Take out each and every guard with the sniper rifle (one shot each!) and walk up and get the statue. If you miss a guard, you'll have to use an alternate method to finish them off. Once you have the idol, head for the village. Take out the two guards near the village if you have any sniper ammo left. Otherwise, drop the sniper rifle and use other means, like stealth, to get by them. Holster EVERYTHING and walk into the village. The brother should already be there. Present the idol to the chief and FINISHED.
Submitted by: Mr. Bluurko [02.19.01]
Buy NOTHING for this level except the fibre wire! Get the statue out of the crash site. Bring up your map - you might notice that there are LOTS of yellow boxes on the map, they are AMMO supplies fallen from planes. Get to all of them, TAKE EVERYTHING! Pick up the M60 and the machine gun ammo too. Go to village with Idol. Head south west along river. you'll come across two guys near river. kill them and take one pair of clothes. Head down to bridge, Hide behind the closest tree NE of the tower there and KILL EVERYONE! and the guy in the opposite tower. Prisoner is released? Good! Go back to the village!
Submitted by: the_us_army [02.21.01]
Why waste all that money on a fibre wire? Don't spend any money. Run to crash site and get the idol. Run north and get the M16 (personal preference) take the idol to the native fellas. Follow the river kill two bad boys on the way. Kill all the gays at the bridge and free the hostage. Take sniper rifle - you'll need it later.
Submitted by: Wade Beck [05.12.02]
Before the start of the level buy a desert eagle, and any one large rifle. Dont buy a baretta because you can pick up 2 of these and a load of ammo up out of one of the crates on the map. I wouldnt waste my money on a m60, m16, or ak47 because you can pick them all up during the level. I buy the shotgun because you can get close to enemies and kill them with one shot and its perdy cheap. Go to all of the weapon icons on the map. you can hold a number of large weapons by using the holster rifle bug. I always find myself having a shotgun, m60, m16, and ak103 at the same time. take a guards clothes and walk around with the ak47 or 103 (if you carry anything else, like m60, they will shoot you). The rest is buy the book , except you get a lot more ammo.
Submitted by: Baris Umut [06.18.02]
When I got to the bridge, I climbed onto the guardtower with the sniper rifle. I knelt down into sneak mode, and gave the guard a one shot of my AK47. He fell off, and nobody else knew it was me. The rest was kinda easy after taking the guys on the bridge one by one with the sniper rifle.

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