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Finding the U'wa Tribe
by: The Button Man | December 24, 2000

-Secure religious idol
-Bring idol to Indian Village
-Reward $5,000

Equipment Needed
Fibre Wire
Pentagon Knife
M16A2 (optional)
Compass and Binoculars

You start deep in the rainforest. Equip your compass and a weapon. You are facing South. Turn round on yourself, and head NNW towards the first weapons cache (unguarded). Here, you'll find ammo for AK-xxx Assault Rifles, which may be useful, since it is a common weapon amongst the enemy.

From here, head due West, until you reach a statue. At this point (if not already), you will want to enter sneak mode. Move South West, across the 'open' area, until you reach a dip in the ground. From here, directly north you will see a two man guard point. Directly south, along the 'path', but out of sight, is another two man guard point.

Head south, keeping close to the trees lining the 'path', but staying near the far side of them from the path. You will come towards a clearing, where you will see the two guards (hence staying on the left hand side of the trees!). Stay behind the trees for as long as possible, and take down these guards as quickly as possible (if you've taken an Assault Rifle with you, this will be much easier). Killing them will not alert any other guards. Take a set of clothes, drop any Assault Rifle, and take an AK-47 from one of the bodies. Head SW towards another weapons cache, and take the ammo from here.

Now you have your first long walk. Head east from the weapons cache, and basically follow the road towards the crash site. By this point, you will have received a message saying the enemy has secured the site, but this is not a problem. You will pass numerous patrols, but they should ignore you (as you should ignore them). When you reach the crash site, you will see it is a collapsed plane, surrounded by outwards facing guards (at about 30-40 metres from the site). There is a guard on top of one of the wings, and a guard by the open side door to the plane.

It is probably easier to tackle this after they have secured the crash site, since, as you approach, you will notice that numerous patrols are moving away from the site. This is a good thing! They don't appear to return, so it leaves you plenty of time to perform the task. You can ignore all the guards except the one by the plane door. Get up behind him, and Wire him. Then pick up the statue.

Your second long walk is now upon you. You have to find the Indian Village. This is easy. It's in the far NE of the map, past the rocks. This is a long walk, and you'll see quite a few two-guard sentry points on the way. You can ignore these. As you approach the village, conceal/drop weapons (not absolutely necessary, but these Indians are known to be a little bit 'touchy'!), and equip the Statue in your hands. You'll be told to go to the chief (if you come in the main, guarded enterance, follow the right hand path straight through the village, towards the group of people in front of a large hut).

The Chief is happy! But you need to rescue his brother. Directly South of the Crash site is a bridge (another long walk), with a Guard Tower on either side. There is one guard (facing away) in the guard tower, three on the front of the bridge, and three in the middle (surrounding the Indian). There is also a Helicopter that patrols up and down the the river.

There are multiple ways to do this part. I have found that this is a successful way: Take the guard tower guard out with the Hardballer from behind a tree. You can then take pot shots at a few of the forward guards on the bridge, and get rid of a few of them. Each time you remove one, a guard tends to come forward from the back, but this isn't a problem. When you feel the odds are on your side, walk up to them, and blow them away with an Assault Rifle.

There are two other reported methods to do this (with which I have had varying successes). You can use the Sniper Rifle found in the guard tower (pick the ammo up first, since they start shooting when you pick the gun up). You can also go to the back of the bridge, and shoot people from behind with an Assault Rifle. However, try to make sure the Helicopter is not above you when you kill the guards. It's not too much of a problem, but there is a heavy machine gunner riding in it. When they are all dead, the Indian will run for the village. Don't bother chasing him, just make your own way back there. The level will then end.

There are other points of interest in the level. There are numerous caches lying about, some of them unguarded (look for the Pistol Icons on the Map). Most just hold various ammo types (quite a lot for AK-xxx). The one in the far North East has Berettas and Ammunition. Also, perhaps of interest, is the cluster of icons in the far north. Rather obscurely, this is unguarded, and contains Machine Guns (BIG ones), and lots of Machine Gun Ammo. You might like to take a look!


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