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Gunrunner's Paradise
by: Tech21 | January 10, 2001

-Place GPS Tracker in the Gang Car
-Move GPS Tracker to the Money Suitcase
-Give the Suitcase to Ivan
-Reward $50,000

Equipment Needed
Fibre Wire
(120) H&K MP5 SD Rounds
GPS Transmitter
GPS Reciever

This mission begins on a dark night in friendly Rotterdam Harbor. First walk forward and to the right, and soon you will see a track-switcher. Go ahead and switch it over, since the train needs to turn here no matter which warehouse you are led to. This also kills some time while you wait for the passing gang member to get out of sight of his buddies.

Now follow down the above-mentioned gang member, and wait for him to turn right in between two buildings. Go into sneak mode and srangle him with the wire. Now take his clothes - you will need these to enter the Kinky Cola bar.

Return to the tracks and follow them back the way you came until you see the open gate leading to the Kinky Cola. The red gang car will be parked out front and the driver is standing by the front door. Since you are dressed as a fellow gang member he will let you enter.

Talk to the bartender and he will let you meet the stripper in her dressing room for a "private" show. Go into the dressing room and talk to the stripper. She agrees to distract the gang car driver out front by showing him a good time on your account. Follow her outside, and when she leads the gang member away, place the GPS transmitter on the gang car.

Eventually the driver will return, and he and another thug drive off in the car. There are two different warehouses that they could go to, and you must direct the train accordingly to smash through the appropriate fences, giving you access to the warehouse. Facing the Kinky Cola, head to the left and slightly behind the bar - there will be two consecutive track switchers. If the warehouse is located to your right, switch the first one over. If the warehouse is located to your left, switch the second one over.

Once you arrive at the correct warehouse, pull out the MP5 and slaughter all the guard dogs. (Note: At the warehouse behind and left of the Kinky Cola, two of the dogs can be shot through the fence before you even enter the premises). Once the dogs are dead, go over to the car and pick up the GPS transmitter - you need it to put in the briefcase. Now find the back set of stairs, head up and enter this door. Make sure you are in sneak mode and out of sight of gang members (stay behind the boxes).

This is one of the few points in the game where killing everyone is actually encouraged. Ivan won't arrive until you have killed every gang member in the warehouse, but there is a very easy way to accomplish this. When you enter upstairs, you should be behind a stack of boxes. Sidestep to your right until you can lean out from behind and have a clear shot at the Black gang member (with the afro). When you shoot him, another ganger member will come to investigate - shoot him and another will come, and well you get the point. All eight gangsters can usually be shot down in this manner. And if not, just go find the stragglers.

Once everyone is dead, a message will say that Ivan will be arriving in three minutes. Head downstairs and pick up the briefcase, then select the GPS transmitter from your inventory. A movie will show you placing it in the briefcase. Once Ivan arrives, he will walk up to you and take the money (but for some reason he doesn't mind that there are eight dead bodies lying around). Mission accomplished.

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