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Kowloon Triads in Gang War
by: Tech21 | December 15, 2000

-Eliminate Red Dragon Negotiator
-Escape to Rendezvous Point
-Reward $13,000

Equipment Needed
Blaser Jagdwaffen R93 Sniper
(1) Sniper Round

This mission is fairly simple and straightforward. You begin on a curving road on the outskirts of the park.

Follow this road until you come to the roadblock, which consists of a wooden white/red striped barricade. To your right, there is a narrow alleyway. Enter it, and you should come out on the street surrounding the park.

Continue walking straight until you approach the service elevator in the alley to your left. Take the elevator to the roof.

Once on the roof, unload the sniper rifle, and position yourself at the edge facing the large statue in the park. Once the Red Dragon Negotiator comes to his final stopping position, you should have a clear shot at his head. Zoom to full scope zoom and take out the Negotiator.

Now, immediately pick up your sniper case and run to the elevator. Once you are on the ground, turn left to exit the alley onto the street (the same way you came in).

Run toward the narrow alley from which you first came, and onto the curving outer road. By this time, the helicopter cut-scene will show, but they are too late.

Continue running along the road until you reach your car.


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