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The Lee Hong Assassination
by: Tech21 | December 20, 2000

-Find Safe Combination
-Find Safe Location
-Deliver Jade Figure to Herbal Shop
-Eliminate Lee Hong
-Escape to Renezvous Point
-Reward $15,000

Equipment Needed
Fibre Wire

This mission begins outside the restaurant you visited earlier. Enter the restaurant, and you will see two bodyguards at the door to your right and one woman body guard on patrol. Walk toward the Bar entrance and their will be a bodyguard on your right, guarding a small room.

Wait for the patroling female to enter the Bar, then quickly get behind bodyguard to your right and strangle him. Immediatley drag his body into the small side room which he was guarding. No one is around to notice. Take his clothes (this gives you easy access to an important area later).

Now exit the room, and enter the bar. Talk to the bartender, who will give you an invitation to go upstairs. Walk across the Bar through the open archway, and into the restroom.

Walk up to the door to your immediate right, and the guard will greet you and let you enter. Follow the hallway into the next room, enter the double doors guarded by the fat bodyguard, and head upstairs.

Talk to Madame, who will tell you to follow her prostitute for some "action". Follow the prostitute into the bedroom, talk to her, and she will then ask you to follow her across the roof and help her escape. Since you are already dressed as a bodyguard, you won't have any trouble following her outside.

As she is escaping through the fence, she will give you the safe combination and tell you about a CIA guy trapped in the basement. Once you have kissed the girl goodbye, return to the back kitchen entrance, and enter through the middle door. Walk to your left and head downstairs to the basement.

The CIA agent is located in a small room, not far from where you enter the basement. Walk down the stairs, make two lefts and a right (you wont go through any doors), and you should come to a Red Dragon guarding a door. He will tell you to stay away if you try to enter. Now, there is another guard patroling on the other side of the steps. You need to follow him until the area is clear, and then strangle him. If you don't, he will become alerted when he sees the body of the door guard.

Once the patroling guard is dead, ease around behind the door guard (the first time you try he will stop you, but try again and he won't say anything), go into sneak mode, and strangle him. Don't worry about the body - there is no one to see it. Enter the room, and talk to the CIA agent. He will tell you where to find the safe. It could be one of four different locations, which change each time you play the level. After you free the CIA agent, follow the map to the safe location.

If the safe is in the Storeroom on the first floor, their will be one Red Dragon guarding it. Simply get to the side of him, wait for his back to turn, and strangle him.

If the safe is in the Guard Quarters, their will be one patroling Red Dragon and two stationaries. Wait for the patroler to walk back to the elevator, then strangle him. Get behind the Red Dragon under the TV, go into sneak mode and strangle him. The other guard won't notice. Walk over to the guard in front of the safe, and ease around beside him (the first time you try he will stop you, but try again and he won't say anything). Go into sneak mode, and when he turns his head away, pull the wire and stangle him.

If the safe is in the Meeting Room in the VIP Area, there will be one guard in front of the safe and one that walks back and forth above the safe. Wait for the patroling guard to go out of the sight of the other guard, and then strangle him. Now go down to the guard in front of the safe. He will occasionally turn his back for a few seconds - when he does, pull the wire and strangle him.

If the safe is in Madame's Place, their will be one guard in the small room. Get to his side, and when he turns his back, pull the wire and strangle him.


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