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Say Hello To My Little Friend
by: Tech21 | December 30, 2000

-Eliminate the Drug Lord
-Blow up the Laboratory
-Use the airplane to escape
-Reward $30,000

Equipment Needed
(Carried over from last mission)

Before I begin, let me point out that the enemy AI really breaks down in this level. They are very unpredictable - oftentimes too smart and sometimes extremely dumb. Therefore, this mission will differ from the Hong Kong missions and involve a great deal of run-and-gun tactics, rather than a silent kill. Also, before you begin this level, make sure you have the M-16 machine gun that was located under a temple in "Jungle God". Refer to the "Jungle God" walkthrough if you are unsure of its location. This gun will be necessary in killing Pablo and entering the coke lab.

Ok, after climbing out of the secret passage, turn right and run along the the fence. Timing is very important at the beginning of this mission, so make sure you run. Continue following the fence around several corners until you finally come the camp entrance. For some reason, the guards don't care that you are carrying an M-16, while they all have AK-47s.

Enter the camp and head straight (and to the left) until you come to the "middle" guard tower. You will know if it is the correct one because it contains a sniper rifle. Ok, as you reach this tower, a three man patrol should be coming toward you, from the rear of the tower. Wait until they have passed the tower, then climb up, enter sneak mode, and wire the guard.

You now have a small window of time to do your sniping before the next three-man patrol nears. Drop the M-16, and pick up the sniper rifle and ammo. You have seven shots, and surprisingly, their are seven guards you need to take out (make sure you stay in sneak mode the whole time). So be quick, but DON'T miss.

After sniping these seven guards, there will be no one around to see you shooting your way into the crack lab. Begin with the tower guard located straight from the "ladder" side of tower you are in. Turn a little to the right, and their will be another tower guard. Turn a little more to the right, and their will be two more tower guards - one relatively close to you and one a little further in the distance.

You should now have three shots left. There are three guards stationed in the guard house at the entrance to the coke lab. Snipe each of them. They will probably see you and begin shooting, but don't worry - no one else will notice (if you messed up and don't have enough sniper ammo left, just drop out of the tower and rush them with the M-16).

Once they are dead, immediatley drop the sniper rifle, and pick up the M-16. Drop out of the tower, run to the second supply tent, and pick up the ballistic armor and the Beretta. Now keep running to the mansion.


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