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Plutonium Runs Loose
by: Tech21 | January 14, 2001

-Eliminate Boris
-Nuke Must Be Disarmed
-Take Ship to International Waters
-Reward $75,000

Equipment Needed
Fibre Wire

This mission begins on a small loading pier a distance from Boris' ship. Climb the ladder to ground level, and get into sneak mode. You cannot see him right away, but there is a guard standing with his back to you at the corner of the nearest warehouse. Make a wide circle (run) in order to stay out of his view, come up behind him, and strangle him with the wire. Now drag the body around the corner (be quick because there is another guard that patrols). Take his clothes and be sure to pick up the MP5.

Walk straight ahead, toward where the tracks end at the water (there is one of those lighted barricades). Soon one of the two patroling guards will approach, turn around at the barricade and start back toward the first gate. You must follow directly behind him (as close as possible), and when you near the gate, instead of the guards asking "What are you doing here?", you will here the guard you are following speak a password. The gates will then open and both of you are free to walk on through. If the guards DO tell you to get lost, then you didn't follow close enough. Don't walk through yet - you will be shot. Wait for the next patroller.

There are a total of four more gates you must pass through in order to reach the ammo truck (marked with a pistol icon on the map). Once you are through the first gate head slightly to your right, toward the distant water towers (or simply follow the railroad tracks). Soon the next gate will come into view. There are two patrollers here as well. Follow one in the same fashion as before, and you can easily pass through with no confrontation. To reach reach the next gate head left, passing between several small buildings, and the gate will be to your right. Once through this one, walk forward, and when you reach the railroad tracks, turn left. Follow the tracks through two more consecutive gates.

Once past the final gate, make your way toward the ammo truck (refer to map). Have your MP5 ready because there are four guard dogs to kill on the way. Enter the truck, and pick up the Silenced MP5, the carbomb, and the Sniper Rifle (as well as the pistols if you like). Now, obviously you need to go back through the two gates to reach Boris' ship from your current location. But if you go back, you will find the the patrollers have stopped patrolling, so you have no one to follow through the gates. I guess a little fire-power is in need.

There are eight guards you need to kill to gain access through the two gates undetected. This may sound difficult, but really it is quite easy. Walk about ten paces away from the truck, toward the far-off warehouse (where two of the dogs were). Looking through the highest zoom scope, you should see the first target running to each of the dog carcasses to investigate. Wait for him to stand still and blast him (always use a head shot).

Now run up to the corner of the second warehouse (farthest from ammo truck). Look through the scope toward the gate and you will see the two gate guards - don't shoot them just yet. Pan the scope to your right, and soon you should see a lone guard standing by one of the several small buildings - shoot him. Now pan back and shoot the first two gate guards (be quick to shoot both before one has time to run off and alert Boris). Now drop the rifle, and pull the Silenced MP5. Run the the small building closest the the dead gate guards, and there will be another guard on the edge of the roof - kill him with the Silenced MP5.

Go back and pick up the Sniper Rifle, go into sneak mode, and enter the first gate so that there is just enough room for it to close behind you (don't want the second set of gate guards to see you). Go ahead and sniper off these next two gate guards. Finally, from your current position, look up on the roof of the warehouse - this guard is the final target. Blast him, and you are free to walk through the next gate undetected, and head toward the ship.

The next objective is to place the car bomb in Boris' limo. You will find the limo parked behind one of the warehouses next to the ship. There is one guard watching the limo, while two more circle around the warehouse. You need to kill all three of these guards. To eliminate the patrollers, go to the side of the warehouse with the metal staircase. You should see a barrel of water and a small shed. Put your back to this and face the stairs. When the first guard rounds the corner, wait for him to walk past, and shoot him the the Silenced MP5. Stay still, and when the next patroller rounds the corner, he will run to the body to investigate. Kill him in the same way.

Now walk over to the limo guard. Be cautious because there are two guards patrolling the other warehouse as well, and they can see what is happening at the limo. So wait until the coast is clear, and gun down the limo guard with the Silenced MP5 (or Beretta if out of ammo). Quickly drag his body around to where the other two dead guards are. Once again, make sure no one is looking, and place the car bomb just like in the earlier Hong Kong mission.

Now walk over to the ship, and if you try to enter, the sailors will turn you away. Find the sailor standing off by himself (gotta love these guys), sneak up behind him, and when there are no patrolling guards in sight, strangle him with the wire. Drag his body around the corner, take his clothes, pick up his Beretta is you like. Now, dressed as a sailor, you are free to enter the ship.

Once on the ship, make a right, and enter the last door on the left. Make your way up several flights of stairs, exit, and climb the ladder to the control room. The captain will be standing inside, but won't care that you are there. As soon as you enter the control room, a movie will show Boris arming the nuke, everyone will run off the ship, then a movie will show Boris' car blowing up. You now have three minutes to disarm the nuke.

Exit the control room, head back down the way you came, and make your way to the engine room - Get to the cargo hold, and then a red lighted staircase leads down to the engine room. (It is best to familiarize yourself with the ship layout before the nuke is armed). Before entering the engine room, pull a weapon of choice because you need to kill all four mechanics - they don't seem to like sailors invading their turf. After the mechanics are dead, head to the far end of the room, and disarm the nuke. Now go back up to the control room, gun down the captain, and start the engines (Note: If you didn't kill all the mechanics, they will stop the engines. So make sure all those wrench-heads are dead.) The ship is now on its way to international waters. Mission Accomplished.

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