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The Setup
by: The Button Man | January 20, 2001

-Eliminate Dr. Kovacs
-Reward $100,000

Equipment Needed
Kevlar Armor

If the briefing for this mission doesn't give anything away, then the name of it should. That's right, you're rapidly heading towards the climax of the game, and this mission certainly doesn't let up if you don't know how to proceed. Even if you thought the last mission involved a lot of shooting, one wrong step on this mission, and you'll probably be out gunned. Probably...

The Agency is now showing some concern for your safety, and with good reason. The written objective for this mission is to enter an Asylum, and assisinate the 'head' Doctor there. The unwritten objective is to walk out with full health and armor. Oh, and no weapons of any sort can be taken in (it just gets better, doesn't it).

The mission starts with a cutscene. Interesting, no? Head up the driveway, up the steps, and enter the Asylum. The orderly in the cage will automatically speak to you, and let you in, giving you directions to Dr. Kovacs' Office. These can be quite easy to muddle up, so here they are again. When the orderly opens the doors, the quickest way to Dr Kovacs' office is to go up the stairs in front of you, following them round to the left until you get to the first landing (with a door on your right). Go through the door, and into the 'operating theatre' (nasty, nasty place). Pass straight through this 'atrium' and through the doors opposite. Here you enter a hallway. The first door on your right is Dr Kovacs' Office.

You need to decide in advance how you are going to kill him, and the Asylum basically leaves two alternatives. There are absolutely loads of guns lying around the Asylum, but there is also a syringe which you can poison him with.

If you decide to go for the syringe, it is very near the Doctor's office. When you enter the hallway with the Doctor's Office, there are some doors on the opposite wall. The room with the double doors, on the left hand side, has a Medical Box in it (on the left wall). The Syringe is in here.

Guns leave you with a lot of choices, but since most of them are large weapons (Franchis, Single Shot Shoguns, a Sniper Rifle), they're pretty useless. However, there are a few Uzis lying around the place. There is one on the top floor and lots of ammo, but this is best left alone for the moment, particularly because they're locked up. The easiest to aquire is near the beginning of the level. When you leave the reception area, there is a door directly opposite. Enter, go up the stairs, and continue around until you reach a lab. Here you will find an Uzi.

Now we have a problem. As you will have noticed, the Professor has invited the local SWAT team down to the Asylum, and they are bent on tracking you down. It's hard to say when they actually turn up, and it is very much based on where you are in the building. For example, if you stay where the first Uzi is, the SWAT team doesn't turn up. So you have plenty of time to wander round the Asylum and get your bearings. The guaranteed way to have them turn up is to go for Dr. Kovacs.

Killing Dr. Kovacs: You can make this as safe, or as quick as you like. Remember, after you kill him, and you have maybe 20 seconds before the SWAT team arrives at his office (their first port of call). He does have something to say, and you may want to hear it, but if not, you can poke your head round the door, and shoot him in the head with the Uzi. Then, quickly, change into his clothes and get out.

This could cause you some trouble from the orderlies (who are all armed). A quieter way to do this is to get in there, get behind him and use the syringe on him. After he finishes talking, you have a few seconds to use it on him. It's silent, but a little tricky. Remember to change clothes quickly!

The safest, but most complex way is to disguise yourself before you kill him. Most of the Asylum is locked at the moment, so there aren't a lot of disguises. However, a good one, which will also arm you, is to kill one of the orderlies in the East Wing of the Operating Theatre. First, wait until one of the orderlies runs into the Operating Theatre to get one of the 'inmates'. Then use the syringe on the one left behind. Hide the body in one of the rooms, and change into his clothes. (I find the best room is this: When standing at the intersection, facing the Theatre, the middle room on the right hand side is only rarely used, and that will give you enough time). Leave the room, close the door, and wait for the other orderly. When he enters, put a bullet in his skull (remember, he'd do the same to you). Hide his body. You now have a gun and a disguise. Now kill Dr. Kovacs.

You now need to find the professor. Take the Sanitarium Key from the wall of Dr. Kovacs' Office. By this time, there should be SWAT members running around the house. There are about eight of them, and you don't want them to see you brandishing a weapon. If you want to tool yourself up at this point, you can either search the house yourself (try the top floor), or talk to the patients, perform a simple task (the items are littered everywhere), and be told where the weapons are.

When you have enough weapons, make your way to the TV Room. This is in an apparently blocked off portion of the West Wing, Middle Floor. To access it, go downstairs, through the statue room, then make your way west. In the corners of the west wing, there are spiral staircases which give you access to the middle floor. Go into the TV room, and note the guy on the chair. It's the American Agent from the Hong Lee mission. Talk to him, then go into the cage and get the antidote syringe from the table against the wall. Use it on him, and a cut scene follows. Afterwards, follow him to the secret basement entrance, and enter the last level.


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