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Traditions of the Trade
by: Tech21 | January 3, 2001

-Eliminate Franz Fuchs
-Secure Terrorist Bomb
-Escape to Rendezvous Point
-Reward $55,000

Equipment Needed
Fibre Wire

This mission begins outside the Thermal Bath Hotel in Budapest. Enter the hotel (don't worry about the metal detectors - the fibre wire won't set them off), walk to your right, and talk to the front desk attendent. As you sign the book to check in, you notice "Heinrich Wolff" has checked into room 202. This is the target. The attendent also tells you that if you want to check your mail, just hand over your room key.

Now walk up the main stairs, and turn right, continuing up the stairs and through the metal detector. Now turn right again. You will go through a set of double doors, pass the elevator on your left, and immediately go through another set of double doors. You will now see a bodyguard standing in front of room 202. Continue walking, and soon you will find a bell-boy with a vacuum cleaner. Either wait for him to insert a master key into one of the doorknobs, or, if the master key is already in one of the doorknobs, go ahead and grab it. For some reason, he doesn't care, and will simply walk back down to the front desk and get another one.

Now that you have a master key, enter into room 201, the room directly to your right of "Mr. Wolff's" room. Walk out onto the balcony, and you will have a clear view of room 202's balcony. There is one bodyguard inside room 202, and he will periodically walk out onto his balcony for a few seconds, then walk back in. Wait for him to come outside, and the moment he walks back in, walk up to the railing facing his balcony. A triggered animation will start showing the Hitman leaping from the 201 balcony over to the 202 balcony.

Once action resumes, you will be on the room 202 balcony. Enter sneak mode, open the door, and walk up behind the bodyguard. Pull the wire and strangle him, but be sure to drag the body into the corner and out of view of the main room door. Now pick up the "Do Not Disturb" sign from the table. While still in sneak mode, walk up to the main door an open it to see the other bodyguard still guarding the door (only this time he has his back to you:). Lean out into the hallway and check both directions for police and bell-boys (don't worry - as long as you are in sneak mode the bodyguad won't notice you). If the coast is clear, strangle the bodyguard, and drag the body into the room.

It's very important to now place the "Do Not Disturb" sign the keep bell-boys from entering and finding the bodies. Now go to the table and pick up the silenced Luger, room key, two letters, and the business card. Walk into the bathroom and you will find Frantz in the shower. Take him out with a few silenced head shots, and drop the gun on the floor. It will set off metal detectors and, besides that, you no longer need it.

Pick up the bomb case in the corner of the room, and exit out into the hallway. Walk back downstairs the same way you came up, and go talk to the man at the front desk. Since you now have Frantz's room key, you will recieve his mail. There will be a letter from his brother Fritz and a letter from the hotel florist. You can now go pick up a "package" from the florist which turns out to be a shotgun inside a rose box - but this is not really needed and will likely get you in trouble. (It can be rather fun to play with, however).

Now walk up the main stairs once more, but this time go up the left set of stairs. Once at the top, turn left and keep following the signs to the dentist's office. However, once you reach the third floor, look for a green exit sign and a set of double doors that lead out onto the roof. Once on the roof, climb over the small wall and go to the left side of the dome. You will find an open window which happens to lead into the rear of the dentist's office.

Make sure you are in sneak mode, and enter through the window. Walk up behind the bodyguard with his back to you and strangle him with the wire. Continue through the double doors, and strangle the other bodyguard who guards the entrance to the office. Don't worry about the secretary - she won't notice anything. To be safe, drag this body out of view of the open door. Now simply walk out and talk to the secretary. She will tell you the present location of Fritz Fuchs. He will be in one of three places: the restaurant, the casino, or the thermal bath.

If Fritz is in the restaurant, you will find him sitting at the far end of the room. Soon he will get up and walk to the restroom. Follow him into the restroom, enter sneak mode, and strangle him with the wire as he is urinating. If Fritz is in the casino, you will find him sitting at the bar. Wait for him to walk to the restroom, and strangle him with the wire as he urinates. If Fritz is in the thermal bath (labeled spa area on map), you will find him sitting in the sauna. Locate the temperature control (a small wheel on the wall outside the sauna) and turn up the heat. A movie will then show Fritz's death scene. After you kill Fritz, pick up the X-ray Room key from his body.

Now return to the dentist's office and locate the locked X-ray room. It is a metal door just to your left inside the office. You should still be carrying the bomb case, so enter the X-ray room, load up the bomb, and exit the dentist's office. Now that you are carrying the bomb, you can't go through any metal detectors. On the third floor, there is a door that leads down three flights of stairs and into the kitchen. Simply locate the wall of four laundry shoots, and the exit is a single door on this wall. Head down to the kitchen, turn right, and exit out the back door. The limo will honk and pick you up. Mission accomplished.

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