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Temple City Ambush
by: Tech21 | March 3, 2003

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Sergei needs to put a cap on his guards' vodka consumption while on duty! After all that hard work in securing your client's cargo in Nuristan, it only took a couple of loons in fisherman hats to steal it from right under their noses. For shame. So now, with the nukes in the hands of the cult leader and his gang of henchmen, Agency wants 47 to retrieve them once again. It's off to sunny India, where the cult resides at an undisclosed location. 47 will be relying on the help of several insiders to tip him off on further mission details once he arrives there. But unfortunately, the cult leader has dispensed a welcoming committee of his own.


  • Fiber Wire
  • Anaesthetic
  • Knife
  • Ballers
  • 9mm Pistol SD
It's off to a new spot on the globe, and that can mean only one thing: a fresh weapon selection! Don't get too excited, though, because our inventory won't differ too much from previous missions. Bring along the fiber wire (standard) and chloroform, the knife because it's fun to use, the silenced 9mm for quiet kills, and the Ballers for... well... because he's the Hitman. For extra firepower, just scavenge on the level - you can pick up a Desert Eagle from your inebriated American contact, and an SMG from one of the assassins.


This is probably the most straightforward, simple mission in the game. It basically involves some map-following and sneaky navigation, but really that's about the extent of it. You start on the outskirts of town, having just arrived by taxi-cart. Check the map, and you'll see the red Agency symbol highlighting the location of the first contact point. Head into town, make a left at the first intersection, and you'll approach the "International Parcel Service." Your informant there will tell you (in some fashion or another) to visit "Carpets International."

Next stop: "Carpets International." (Duh.) The only catch here is that the location is randomly generated each time the mission is played. So simply check your map for the new red Agency symbol and head in that direction. Once you arrive, head inside talk to your next contact, a familiar friend from the past. He'll inform you of two assassins sent by the cult leader to rid the area of any uninvited Westerners, and offer you a deal: Take out both assassins and bring him photos of the bodies, and he'll show you a secret entrance to the cult headquarters. (Hmm... sounds vaguely familiar).

So now it's time to assassinate some assassins. If the yellow "enemy" icons on 47's map aren't enough to tip off their locations, just look for the most conspicuous, goofball-looking individuals in town. Yes, one's wearing sunglasses and a New York Yankee's cap for god's sake. But just like the Carpets International location, the assassins randomly appear at different location each time the mission is played. However, one is always perched in a window overlooking the market (sniper rifle in hand), while the other patrols on the ground, so together they make for easy targets.

After leaving the CIA agent, you'll be notified of a "suspicious person in the market area." This is the patrolling assassin. Leave him alone for now, and concentrate on the sniper first. Check the map, and find the location of the sniper - he could be in either of the two market squares, and in any one of the upstairs windows. The trick here is to use the narrow streets surrounding the market to approach the building he is in from behind, so that you won't be spotted first. DO NOT cross the market square.

Keeping an eye out for the patrolling assassin (it's best to wait for him to get out of sight), head into the shop below the location of the sniper. Go into sneak mode, and ascend the staircase. Look through the archway doors, and you should see your man squatted on a small stool facing out the window. Still in sneak mode, approach him from behind, pull the fiber wire or knife, and silently eliminate him. Now pull out the camera and snap a photo for Agent Smith.

[Save Game]

All right, here comes the fun part. Grab the dead assassin's R93 sniper rifle (something tells me he won't be needing it any longer), and crouch facing out the window. Check the map for the location of assassin number two, wait for him to enter your field of vision, and drop him with a headshot. It's best to make sure no police are directly below you when firing, or else they may run upstairs to investigate the shot. Now drop the sniper rifle and calmly make your exit into the market. Walk over to the body and snap the second photo. Just like a reporter!

With the photos, it's time to head back to Carpets International and show the evidence to Agent Smith. But, there's one more task at hand. If you've had a keen eye, you will have noticed a third suspicious looking character winding through the market, who isn't designated as an enemy on the map. He's an assassin, but he doesn't actively search you out - unless bullets start flying. His job is actually to follow you back to Agent Smith's hiding place and take out the agent (and you if he's lucky). So, the easiest way to dispense of the extra assassin is to find him on the map and get him to follow you back to Carpets International, or simply lead him into an empty alleyway and blast him.

With the coast clear, head in and show the photos to Agent Smith. Now he's going to show you the secret passage right? Wrong. He's going to pass out on the desk in a drunken haze. But fortunately, your exit point is now marked on the map, and that exit point also happens to be the location of the secret entrance. Tread carefully, though. Two more assassins have arrived in town, and are camping with a sniper rifle aimed at your exit point. Head to the southwest corner of the map, and find the ladder up to their hiding spot. Enter the door at the top and quickly drop both assassins with the silenced 9mm. Now hop down and head to the exit: Carpets International (branch location?). Once inside, you'll find the hidden exit in the lower left corner of the room.

Recommended Saves: 1
Rating: Professional
Time: 7:44

Items Available For Collection

  • SP12 Shotgun [In International Parcel Service and in Grain Storage Bay]
  • Revolver [On Police]
  • Desert Eagle [On Agent Smith's desk]
  • R93 Sniper Rifle [On Window Assassins]
  • 9mm Pistol SD [On Patrolling Assassin]
  • SMG [On Camping Assassin]
  • SMG-SD6 [On Back-Up Assassin]

Points Of Interest

Hey, taxi drivers are in a dangerous business.

Extra ammo is always nice...

No shopkeeper in sight - maybe this one is free for the taking.


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