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Tracking Hayamoto
by: Tech21 | December 14, 2002

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They lied to us! Well, maybe IO-Interactive didn't blatantly ignore its own statements that Hitman 2 would feature no Colombia-style missions from the first game, but unfortunately it sure turned out that way. The time period between 47's exodus of Hayamoto Jr.'s estate and arrival Daddy Hayamoto's castle is a nasty, frustrating romp through wide open terrain and horrible artificial intelligence. It's Colombia - only with snow and ninjas.

But oddly enough, the opening mission in Japan is one of the finest in the game, and I think the most reminiscent of a good Hitman: Codename 47 level. Masahiro Hayamoto, a well-known arms dealer has his hands on a powerful missile guidance system and Agency's client wants him eliminated and the guidance system recovered. The only problem is, Hayamoto's whereabouts have been unknown for the past 15 years. So, rather ingeniously, 47 will assassinate the target's son, place a transmitter on the body, and follow it all the way to Pop's house. Piece of cake.


  • Fiber Wire
  • Anaesthetic
  • Ballers
  • 9mm Pistol SD
Make sure you turn off the coffee pot and close the garage door, because once 47 embarks for Japan, there will be no returning to the monastery for extra gear. Make sure you take the usual: standard fiber wire, anesthetic, silenced 9mm for quick kills and the Ballers should things get hairy. It's possible to bring along a sniper rifle or SMG and sneak it out the gate after offing Hayamoto Jr., but those items are readily available in the next mission: guards carry SMGs and the provided silent crossbow will cover all your long-range killing needs.


After a brief cut-scene showing 47's clever entrance, you begin the mission behind a large rock on the hideout grounds. You can't see them right away, but two guards are on the path ahead of you, just about to begin their route back to the gate entrance. They follow this point-A to point-B patrol route the entire mission. Hang around a bit, leaning out to check on their positions, and when they turn around and head toward the gate, make your way east along the fence.

As you approach the three-door garage, you'll see a single guard on patrol, currently walking away from you. Since he has his back turned, use this opportunity to cut across the driveway and enter the nearest of the three garage doors, shutting it behind you. Once in the garage, you are momentarily safe from danger. Checking the map, however, you'll see that a stationary guard is thwarting your safe entrance into to the house. Not a problem.

Notice the fine looking vintage muscle car parked in the middle bay? It's great for drag racing and makes a really tricky diversion for pesky guards. Walk up to the driver side door and you'll have an option to "Honk Horn." Go ahead and give'er a toot, and then quickly run over and crouch behind the metal trashcan next to the house entrance. A few seconds later, the door guard will come out to investigate. While the guard has his back turned, use sneak mode to easily prance right into Hayamoto Jr.'s hideout.

Once in the house, make an immediate right through the curtained doorway and then head through the next door on your left. You will now be in a small room, able to look through the slightly transparent sliding doors and see the guard patrolling the hallway. Don't worry though - he can't see you. When the guard passes you heading west, sneak out behind him, and enter the door on your right into the small sitting room. Continue into the book storage room.

[Save Game]

Ok, the next goal is to snatch up a cook's uniform. Looking at the map and you'll notice a Point of Interest highlight on a small room across the hall. There are two guards that occasionally enter this hallway - make sure they aren't around, and then hop across the hall into the room and get into the chef garb. Now exit and make a left and you'll soon enter the kitchen. Keep walking, staying as far from guards and the cook as possible, and enter the other Point of Interest room right beyond the kitchen on your left.

Inside is a tasty filet of fugu fish and a handy kitchen knife. Go ahead and select the option to cut the fish, and then head back into the kitchen. On the corner of the kitchen table, you'll notice a bowl of sushi. Walk up to it and use the menu options to place the transmitter and the poisoned fish in the bowl. The guard and cook won't mind at all you toying with the food, but keep away from the server-girl - she gets a little scared.

After the job is done, head out the back door of the kitchen, right beyond the room where you picked up the fish. Now head east and then south around the house and toward your starting point, keeping a distance from guards where possible. Meanwhile, our little waitress will be serving up Hayamoto Jr. his last meal. In a few minutes, two info alerts will flash: first, that the transmitter has been placed on Hayamoto, and second, that Hayamoto is dead. Walk up to the gate and off into the night. Let the tracking begin!

Recommended Saves: 1
Rating: Silent Assassin
Time: 6:57

Items Available For Collection

  • SMG [In Bedroom and on All Guards]
  • 9mm Pistol [On Hayamoto Jr. and Kusahana]
  • Kitchen Knife [In Fish Room]
  • Silenced Ballers [Bonus for Achieving Silent Assassin]

Points Of Interest

Smoking can be bad for one's health.

Napping in the guest house is a good way to lose your clothes.

Always good to have an SMG by the bedside...

... And pistol ammo on the back of the toilet.


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