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Basement Killing
by: The Button Man | January 1, 2003

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You'll be happy to know that, having made it through the snowy wasteland that was Japan, there's very little chance of you getting a nasty bout of pneumonia during your next assignment. You're off to Malaysia, and you're definitely going to be having some fun!

47's next assignment is to get rid of a mal-coordinated computer hacker, Charlie Sidjan, who has got his hands on a rather nifty piece of American missile defence software. He's trading under the name Carniwarez Inc., and his computer network is entirely sealed off from the outside world. Obviously, the client wants the software, and he doesn't want anyone to know any better, so it's curtains for Charlie, and a little bit of hacking for 47. Hmm. Carniwarez. Are IO-I trying to tell us something?


  • Fiber Wire
  • Anaesthetic
  • Knife
  • Ballers
  • SMG
Well, we're at the beginning of another set of missions, so it's time to arm ourselves again. The standard setup is recommended, with the addition of power-packing SMG. Now you have access to these, it's worth taking one along with you. They are fully concealable, and can really take down people quickly in an emergency. They aren't as accurate as the Ballers, but are definitely a worthwhile weapon. Finally, Agency has provided the trusty silenced 9mm in the weapons stash so there's no need to bring it along.


Right - first up is Charlie's demise. You start out in a small booth on the eastern side of the ground floor complex. Take a good look at your map. There are four restricted zones (Security Dept., Laundry Room, Food Dept., and Fire Dept.), one in each corner of this level, and an area separated off by security barriers - well, they look like lasers, but they're just metal detectors! Checking the rest of your map, you will find that the basement is fairly heavily guarded/patrolled, there is a sub-laundry room, and that access to the lowest basement, and the service elevator that you will be leaving in is also guarded. The lower basement looks fairly simple - it can't be that easy, surely?

For now, don't worry about hurrying; you have all the time in the world to prepare. Your first port of call should be your equipment, which is stashed in a locker in the Security Dept. (the area directly to the east of you when you start). Go and stand outside the door to this area, and take a look around. There is a guard patrolling in the Security Dept., who will walk between his room and the locker room (marked as POI). Note that there is also a guard in the Laundry Room to your north, who will patrol from the Laundry Room out into the main foyer. Finally, there is a guard who will patrol from the reception desk area, right up to the Laundry Room door, and also into the Security Dept. before returning to the front desk. If any of these guys see you, you will be politely escorted out of the area.

The easiest way to deal with this is to wait until the foyer patrolling guard leaves the Security Dept., and when he is out of site, just pop in through the door. Go right up to the opposite wall, and check you map. Ideally, you want to be heading into the POI room just when the door to the opposite room closes, giving you enough time to enter, go to the furthest locker on the left, and retrieve some goodies. Most important here is the smoke bomb. Get this, and you're halfway to winning!

Immediately leave this area, and head north to the Laundry Room. Taking the same precautions as before, enter the Laundry Room when the guard inside is idle in the main washroom, and the plaza guard is nowhere to be seen. Go into the small storage room and wait there until the guard exits back into the lobby. Now head to the main washroom, hide behind the door, on the left as you enter, get into sneak mode, and wait for the guard to return. Pop a bullet in his head when he is facing away from you, and prepare to do some fast moving! Walk up to the laundry chute, and arm the smoke bomb. Use the smoke bomb on the chute, and it will vanish down to the lower room.

[Save Game]

Immediately leave this area, and run over to the Fire Dept. entrance via the front desk (don't be going through those security barriers yet). Around now, the fire alarms will go off. The standard procedure in this situation is to evacuate some of the building, and for the firemen to investigate the problem. This is good news for you, since the guards on the lower area will be evacuating their current positions, giving you free reign downstairs. However, you still need to get down there without setting off the security alarms, and the foyer guards don't move an inch.

The firemen should be getting to work by now, and you should see them running out of their department, and heading through the security barrier, towards the fire stairwell. Wait until the last two have left (beware, these are two that are usually in the foyer, and they take longer to respond than the people inside the department), and run inside. On the northern wall you will find a full fire suit, with mask and helmet, and on the southern, there should be a fire axe. Change into the clothes, grab the axe, and head through the security barrier. Notice that, even though the alarms go off, you are not detected. Well, of course not! You're a fireman carrying a damn big metal axe! Nice.

Head down the fire stairwell, go through the doors, and head straight down the corridor in front of you. Turn left at the end, go through the doors, and you will see a small security desk. Head inside and, having selected your silenced Berretta, shoot the console furthest from the door (actually, shoot the monitor - apparently they're all Macs). This disables the security cameras in the lift. Head through the door and down the stairs until you come to a door that you cannot open.

Pick this lock. This is a long one, but it will eventually open. Go into sneak mode, and enter. Ah, a techie's wet dream: banks and banks of humming machines, and pizza boxes and stale chips strewn over the floor! At the far end, you can see Charlie typing furiously away at his console. Careful now, you may not be able to see it at this point, but he has a big alarm button on his desk, and is pretty worried about six-foot firemen carrying guns. To add to your problems, he's not exactly a tidy soul, and all of those spilled chips make plenty of noise when trampled on.

Carefully make your way toward your unsuspecting target, avoiding the noisiest potato chips ever - at all cost. There are a few places where the silent path is very narrow, especially as you get within swinging range of Charlie. So, two options here: get close enough to easily kill him with a silent headshot from the Berretta, or tip-toe right up behind him and finally put that fire axe to some worthwhile use. [I recommend the latter! - Ed.]

[Save Game]

You'll be treated to a nice little cutscene, and from that point, you can head on back the way you came. Now, the fire alarms will have been turned off long ago, and the guards will all be back in place. To make things worse, they really won't like a fireman turning up where he's not meant to be. You could stand and fight, but there really are a lot of guards, and if you alert one, they all come down (leads to some very funny battles on the stairs, but that's not why we're here)! Instead, run through the door, and turn right, immediately dashing into the service lift. Easy as, umm, pizza?

Recommended Saves: 2
Rating: Professional
Time: 8:24

Items Available For Collection

  • 9mm Pistol [On Guards and in Basement Lockbox]
  • 9mm Pistol SD [In Locker 137]
  • Smoke Bomb [In Locker 137]
  • Desert Eagle [In Security Dept.]
  • Fire Axe [In Fire Dept.]

Points Of Interest

Pizza. The sustenance of all computer phreaks out there.

Disguises can be tricky to come by - but everyone needs a break.

Not all weapons are created equal. Some even have miraculous properties... especially Japanese ones. "In The Line of Fire" anyone?


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