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St. Petersburg Stakeout
by: The Button Man | December 7, 2002

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Winter has, at least twice, saved Russia from almost certain destruction at the hands of Western invaders, and it is into this harsh environment that Agency is sending 47. Having fulfilled their half of the bargain in the attempt to free Father Vittorio, Agency is now keen for 47 to keep his side of the deal. The assignment itself is, on the face of it, fairly simple - assassinate an ex-KGB general in a meeting which has been organized purely to facilitate this act.

The only real problem is that this whole section of St. Petersburg has been put under close army guard, and no civilians are allowed into the area. That shouldn't be too much hassle for 47. This is a fairly tough mission, considering it is only the second real one in the game. Most of the problems are caused by the fact that you are on a fairly tight time scale to get to your target, but there are additional problems, especially if you don't like killing innocent people.


  • Fiber Wire
  • Anaesthetic
  • Ballers
  • 9mm Pistol SD
Your sniper rifle is supplied by Agency, so your only worry should be about what side-arms you want to bring with you. Since there are a fairly small range of weapons available at this point in the game, I would stick with taking everything. The 9mm Pistol SD is always good to have, since it is near-silent backup, and the Ballers are always useful for getting out of very sticky situations, which are certainly a possibility in this mission.


You start, after a short cut scene, in the St. Petersburg Metro Station, and your first task should be to quickly find you weapons, and head off towards your destination. This can be a bit of a pain, since there are two pesky civilians wondering round the station, and they are more than happy to oblige any weapon-toting Westerners by warning the guards.

From your starting point, walk forwards into the main station, then north (right) up to the locker area. You are looking for locker 137 (against the north wall). Check where the civilians are, pick the lock, and take the sniper rifle, 9mm, ammo and the night vision. To get out of the main station, you have three options, but your ultimate goal is to get to central stairs, then take the southern stairs toward ground level. You can dodge the civilians and make a dash for it, quietly gun one or both of them down, or use the western side of the level (the track) as an area to hide from them in order to time your escape. Which ever way you choose here, make your way to the stairs and head on up.

[Save Game]

When you round the corner, you will see a pair of escalators (not working). Head up towards the top of these, but stop just short of the top. Check your map at this point. There will be one guard patrolling the platform area to the southwest of you, and there may be another guard who, periodically, patrols from outside the Metro Station down to the first guard's position.

If you can only see one guard, move to the top of the escalator, drop your weapon, and walk down the stairs to the second platform area. You will see, to your right, some lockers that are not marked on the map, behind which the guard will regularly walk. Position yourself to the south of these, looking north, and when the guard walks behind the lockers, put a bullet in his head. Remove his clothes (leaving the body hidden here), go and pick up your rifle, and enter the smaller room off the platform area. Pick the lock of the western door, and enter the sewers.

Navigating the sewers is surprisingly easy, and you may freely run here. Go to the end of the initial corridor, turn left, cross the first bridge and turn left again. Keep running until you reach a corridor on your right, and at the end of this is a large ladder. When you exit from the sewers, you will find yourself facing a wall. About turn, and head down the short hill.

Turn right, go along the building, and after the steps, turn right again. You can now see Varosnlj Square, in the centre of which is the target building. Obviously, walking in here would be a bit silly, and you've been given a sniper rifle for a reason. The building to the north of you is marked as a Point of Interest (POI) on your map, and for good reason. Head for this building, and enter it by the southern-most door.

During this last section, you will have received your "five minute warning." You want to get to the POI building as quickly as possible. Running is fairly safe when you are in uniform, and the fact that you are carrying a sniper rifle does not overly bother anyone. Keep a fair distance from any patrolling troops, walking when near them, and get to the building quickly.

[Save Game]

The interior of the building is fairly complicated at first sight, but it's simple to navigate. If you have enough time when you enter (2-3 minutes will be ample), check the map. There is a single patrolling guard, and it is helpful to get rid of him. He patrols the northern staircase, going from the attic to the ground floor, but never leaving this area unless alarmed. If he is coming down the stairs (on any floor), you should have time to deal with him as soon as you enter the building (you only need about 30 seconds to get into position).

On the ground floor, when you enter, there is a door to your right. Open this door, and head down towards the door at the end. Check your map. If the guard is not already on the ground floor, open the door, and move to the left and slightly down the corridor. The guard will come down the stairs, and pause at the front door. You can put a single bullet in his head at this point. If he is already at the ground floor, wait behind the doors, in sneak mode, and when he turns, open the door, and follow him. When he is on the stairs, you will have a clean shot.

If you feel there is not enough time to deal with the guard now, don't worry, as there are ways of avoiding him. Whatever you have done, you want to head up the southern stairwell to the fourth floor (N.B. American numbering system - ground floor is the first floor). To get here, head down the corridor you saw when you entered the building, take the first right, and then follow it around to the left. This puts you on the stairwell.

When you reach the correct floor, take the first door you see, and make your way through the apartment until you come to an open window. Ready your sniper scope, look at the target window, and the timer will stop. You will be greeted with the site that there is not just one general in the room, but four. Come on, that would have been too easy! Listen to Diana, and when you have located the correct general, shoot him. Two points here. Standing well back from the window will make sure your shot does not alert external patrolling guards. Also, make sure that your target is the only person behind your crosshairs when you take the shot. High velocity bullets can go through people, you know!

If you have already dealt with the guard patrolling the northern stairwell, then your only concern is getting back to the Metro to complete the mission. If you haven't, you have a problem. It is most likely that he is, at this moment, heading for your exact position. However, you have one advantage. The doors to his (center) stairwell on the third and fourth floor are locked, so he can only come from a lower floor, giving you a short time to try and escape. If you make your shot when he is on the same floor as you, he will have to travel all the way down and back up again, so while he is doing this, drop the rifle and run back to the southern stairwell.

Instead of heading down, turn to your right, and you will see a ladder. Use the ladder to enter the loft, and stay there until the guard has lost interest in your original location, and has returned to patrolling. Go back down the ladder, down the stairs, and out of the front door. At this point, retrace your steps to the sewer manhole, descend and return to the Metro. You might want to check your map to avoid the patrolling guard, and civilians, but basically, you are home and dry.

Recommended Saves: 2
Rating: Professional (without killing civilians)
Time: 12:38

Items Available For Collection

  • AK-47 Assault Rifle [One Most Soldiers]
  • SVD Sniper Rile [In Locker 137]
  • 9mm Pistol [In Locker 137 and On FSB Guards]
  • .54 Pistol [On Checkpoint Guards]
  • Night Vision [In Locker 137]

Points Of Interest

There must be a naked man somewhere on the level, because he's left his clothes lying about.

Not all trucks are created equal.

The front door may be guarded, but they left the back door wide open.

Did you know, the FSB guards have lovely Eastern European style Polo-Necks? They actually really suit 47...

If you're really having trouble - this guy is your target.


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