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Do you have a juicy bit of Hitman info? If so, send an e-mail to HitmanHQ at [email].

Sunday, June 3

Hitman MP3 Tracks!

Finally, the wait is over. Every music track from Hitman: Codename 47 is available for download in MP3 format. Special thanks to Michael Huang, an interactive entertainment music composer, for converting the Hitman tracks into MP3. Head on over to the files section and enjoy!

New Fan Site
A new Hitman: Codename 47 fan site is up. Here is the notification e-mail I received:

Hallo 3dactionplanet.com ich habe eine Seite von Hitman Codename 47 und wollte fragen ob ihr meine Seite veröffentlichen könnt meine Seite heiß: http://members.tripod.de/Hitman73.
If you speak the language, be sure to check it out.

Wednesday, May 30

Review Time

For those of you anxiously awaiting the review of Hitman: Codename 47, you'll want to check out TheInterrogator.com, which has posted a nice one-page critique. Here's a sample:

The overall experience of playing Hitman is a very enjoyable one. If you are able to overlook some realism issues, and are willing to think and spend a lot of time with this game, then this is a definite must-buy. But if you are a realism freak or just want some good Gun ‘N’ Go action, look elsewhere.
Realism in Hitman? Nah...

Saturday, May 26

Io-Interactive's Taste In Music

An anonymous reader has discovered a very interesting easter egg in the Sanitarium level. Let's just say that we now know what sort of music the designers of this level are fans of. Read all about it under 'easter eggs' on the cheats/bugs page.

Hitman 2 First Look
HitmanHQ's mother site, 3DActionPlanet, is running a first-look preview of Hitman 2. You aren't going to find any new information that wasn't covered in the interview, but it should still be a good read. (After all, it was written by yours truely).

Sunday, May 17

The Biggest Hitman Fan... Ever

Several months ago I received an e-mail from liran katz, a Hitman fan who wanted to know more about the meaning of the peculiar Hitman: Codename 47 symbol (on the front gate of the Sanitarium). Of course, I didn't know the actual inspiration for the symbol - it seems to be just a cool, recognizable logo that Io-Interactive designed for the game.

Our friend liran, however, must have become even more intrigued, because yesterday he sent me this picture. Yes, securing a position as the ultimate Hitman fan, he had the infamous symbol tatooed on his back. Liran, the Hitman community salutes you.

Wednesday, May 16

New Wallpaper

The Button Man has created a must-see Hitman wallpaper. Check it out under wallpaper in the files section, (available in three resolutions).

Another Flash Movie
The newest Hitman flash movie, this time created by Tobias Reiper, is available in the files section. Click here to view now in a new browser window.

Monday, May 14

By Popular Demand

After receiving several nicely worded e-mails and a few personal threats, all the screenshots in every section of the site have been thumbnailed. The Piece of the Action archive, screenshot section, and the walkthroughs will now load the images much faster, especially for slower connections.

Saturday, May 12

Hitman Does Half-Life

Matt Swartz and his team of modders are hard at work on a Hitman: Codename 47 conversion of Half-Life. Implementing both single player and multiplayer capabilities, the mod will feature much of the same gameplay elements as Hitman (corpse dragging and disguising), along with several added features. Visit the official website here.

Music Player Update
Version 1.5 of the Software 1990 Hitman Music Player is available. Download it from the official site here, or find it on the files page.

Thursday, May 10

Flash Movie: New Version

A new version of the Flash movie is available, including some new AK-47 and MP5 action - plus a very cool bullet-chase scene. Click here to view the movie in a new window, or head to the files section to download it in a .zip. (Movie created by Sexrex).

Wednesday, May 9

Hitman Flash Movie!

Feast your eyes on the coolest Flash movie ever created. This little gem of amateur animation features the Hitman blowing away a few Red Dragon guards. There's also some throat slicing, sniper action, and various other scenes of gratuitous cartoon violence. Click here to view the movie in a new window, or head to the files section to download it in a .zip. (Movie created by Sexrex).

The link to the ioigoof.wav file in the
easter eggs section has been down for several months now. Apparently the file never got uploaded to FilePlanet (oops). The link is working now though, so give it a try if you haven't heard the WAV. (Thanks to Mr. Bluurko for the tip).

Sunday, May 6

Weird Happenings...

We've got a pair of weird bugs (if you want to call them that). Instead of trying to explain both in a paraphrased form, here are the e-mails straight from the sources:

If you use the binoculars and look at yourself in the mirror, you won't find yourself... this was done on purpose because they didn't make any unneeded binocular animations for hitman. -Nemesis
Well, I was just messing around with the IP_MULTIPLIER thing. First, I held a shotgun in slomo mode (0.1). I shot. Then I changed to the MP5. Well, first my character dropped the shotgun, then, suddenly, he had no weapon in his hands. I looked around, and there it was. It was floating through the air. Well, I shot, and it shot in the same direction, but I saw the weapon shooting... like a turret or something. (Click here to see the screenshot). -GFree
The above Weird Happenings™ brought to you by HitmanHQ.

Thursday, May 3

New Sniper Bug Found

Get unlimited rounds for the Blaser sniper rifle! Although this bug is rather useless (you could just use the ammo cheat), it's still a bug, and therefore you'll find it on the HitmanHQ cheats/bugs page. Thanks to MrX_TLO for discovering this.

Sunday, Apr. 29


Check out this extremely painful animated .gif created by know your enemy. The image is over 300KB, so allow some load time in the new window. Click here.

Cheat/Bug Update
Using the magic of the IP_TIMEMULTIPLIER command, it's possible to shoot all the bullets from the Hitman's gun simultaneously. For details, check under miscellaneous on the cheats/bugs page. Thanks to -[_DarX_]- for the info.

New Version of Music Player
Version 1.4 of Software 1990's Hitman Music Player is available, featuring some new off-the-wall graphics. Download it from the official site here, or find it on the files page. The program will play the segment files in the Hitman game music directory.

Friday, Apr. 27

New Messageboard!

The 'HitmanHQ ASP board of slowness' has been vanquished! Check out the slick new CGI forums - they a loaded with awesome features, a nice new look, and are incredibly fast. Of course, all the old posts couldn't be transferred, but the old board will still be available here if you would like to check out any of the old topics.

So what are you waiting for? Have a look at the new boards, and start posting! Let's try to get the new and/or popular topics from the old board onto the new one. Use the links on the left or click here.

Wednesday, Apr. 25

Music Player Version 1.3

Software 1990 has released a new version 1.3 of the Hitman music player, which can be found on the site here. The program will play the segment files in the Hitman game music directory.

Level Overlap
It seems the Sanitarium in which the Hitman awakes at the start of the training mission is indeed the same Sanitarium he finds himself in for "Meet Your Brother." OK, we already knew that, but I bet you didn't know it's all part of the same level.

In "Meet Your Brother," find the other orderly at the desk (not the one where you fist enter). You'll notice he is guarding a gate which you cannot open. Bring up the console, type IP_DEBUG 1, press k to enable the flying camera, and bingo - float on through and into the training level. Thanks to Eltham154 for discovering this.

Sunday, Apr. 22

Hitman Music Player

Software 1990 has created a program that will play the segment files in the Hitman game music directory. You can find a download link at the bottom of the files section.

Update: If you downloaded this program prior to 5:00 p.m. (EST) today, then you have an outdated version. The new version is now available, which includes a nicer looking graphical interface. Download it the same way as mentioned above.

Saturday, Apr. 21

Bet You Didn't Know...

When the Hitman slices a victim's throat with the meat cleaver, he uses the dull end! Thanks to Nemesis for discovering this little bug/mistake.

Thursday, Apr. 19

SWAT 3 Hitman Skin

For owner's of Sierra's tactical shooter SWAT 3 and fans of Hitman, check out this Hitman skin created Jaromir Krol, and available at the SWAT 3 resource site, 10-David. Here is the official description:

A treat for anyone who ever played the excellent "Hitman - Codename 47" and wanted to meet the charismatic, elegant, bald-headed assassin once again. Now The Hitman makes a little cameo in SWAT, and he's available both as an officer (Codename 2001) and a terrorist (Codename 2001).
Get the skin here. Thanks to killakale for the information.

Wednesday, Apr. 18

Big Apology...

It's been brought to my attention through a well versed e-mail that the new mailbag feature may have caused problems for some of you. Somehow a huge (I mean, huge) spoiler made it into one of the letters. The sad part is I never even caught it, and even made a reply, giving away even more information! The spoiler, of course, was none other than the outcome of the end of the game.

If this terrible mistake ruined the Hitman experience for anyone still playing through the game, believe me, I sincerely apologize. The letter in question has been removed from the mailbag, so it's safe for further viewing. And if it's any consolation, I stubbed my toe really bad on my computer desk this morning, and it hurt. A lot.

Tuesday, Apr. 17

New Hitman Fansite

Attention all Polish speaking Hitman fans. Be sure to check out Budzik's Hitman Site. There's daily news, strategy, screens, a nice looking forum, and bunch of of other stuff I can't read or I would tell you about. The design is also a very cool adaption of the Hitman's laptop interface. Have a look!

Wednesday, Apr. 11

Bug Found in Cheat?

The invisibility cheat may have one minor flaw. In "Ambush at the Wang Fou Restaurant," if you apply invisibility outside of the restaurant and then enter the restaurant, the Hitman suddenly becomes visible again (thus being shot at). But, when he exits back onto the streets, he is once again invisible. Weird huh? Thanks to Scott for discovering this.

Friday, Apr. 7

Suspend Bodies

Ever wanted to try out some Matrix-style 3D rotation? Jerry Riess has found a way to suspend flying bodies in mid-air using a few tricks with the ip_timemultipier command. For a full explanation, check the cheats/bugs section under miscellaneous.

Wednesday, Apr. 5

Turn Off Fog

Iljanosj has discovered the console command responsible for toggling the ingame fog effect. Turning off the fog can be especially useful in large view distances of the Colombia and Rotterdam levels. Check the cheats/bugs section under miscellaneous for details.

Tuesday, Apr. 3

Screenshot Gallery

Be sure to check out Social Drone's Shitman Screens, located here. The gallery features 54 Hitman screenshots showcasing some amazing in-game feats and Picasso-like psychedelia.

Friday, Mar. 30


Ah, the power of stop-animation... Check out this nice looking .gif created by tarhe. It's a little hefty at 1.4MB, but it shows off the power of a Persuader shotgun. Click here and don't forget that it may take some time to load on a 56K.

Thursday, Mar. 29

Hitman Featured on GameStory

3DActionPlanet's newest hosted site, GameStory, is featuring a work based on Hitman: Codename 47 in its initial release of gaming literature. GameStory, which opened today, showcases game-related fiction and art. The Hitman offering chronicles three chapters which follow the Hitman as he ambushes a motorcade of Japanese businessmen and, once aboard his departure flight, must assassinate a fellow passenger. It's well worth the read!

Wednesday, Mar. 28

German Fansite Opens

A German-language only fansite is up at www.The-Satan.de. If you speak the language, be sure to check it out. (By the way, if you run your own Hitman site or have come across any others on the web, feel free to drop a line).

Sunday, Mar. 25

Win a SBLive! and a Copy of Hitman

Creative.com and Io-Interactive have teamed up to promote the Sound Blaster Live! X-Gamer digital audio card and Hitman: Codename 47 by giving you the chance to win one of each and a limited edition EAX t-shirt. Just head over to the contest site and fill out the form to enter. The deadline is April 1. (Thanks to James Bond for the scoop).

Thursday, Mar. 22

Visit the Budapest Hotel

The Thermal Bath Hotel in Hitman is actually modeled after the real-life Danubius Hotel Gellert in Budapest, Hungary. Masavan Orlitz has found an official website for the hotel, complete with all the information you could ever want and, more importantly, loads of pictures. Go have a look, and notice how closely the level designers modeled Traditions of the Trade on this hotel.

WinAmp Plug-in for Hitman Music
The music files in the Hitman game directory are DirectMusic segment files (.sgt). Heavyarms has found a plug-in for WinAmp that will allow you to play .sgt files. The plug-in was originally created for FFVII, but works just fine the Hitman music. The original web site is here, or you can download the plug-in from the files page.

DivX Movies
Cobain is at it again. This time he's created a pair of .AVI movies (DivX). Download them from the files page.

Monday, Mar. 19

Hitman Music in MP3

Jesper Kyd, the composer behind Hitman's musical score, has made three of the game's music files available to download in MP3 format. The available tracks include the the main Hong Kong music, and two tracks from the Colombia levels. Find the music at Jesper's personal web site, www.jesperkyd.com These downloads have been available for some time now - I apologize for the delayed info.

Friday, Mar. 16

New Review

There is a new review of Hitman available at GameRaiders. Here is how the author summed up the game:

"Overall, the idea of the game is a good one, but the execution falls terribly short. The facts that you can not save, you can not run if you are not running forward, you can not jump and you have a giant, bald head in front of you blocking your view leave this game aspiring to be better."
Unfortunately, these were just a few of the complaints. The game recieved an overall score of 70.

Saturday, Mar. 10

Bug Update

GrEyFoX has found an interesting bug in the Budapest hotel elevators. Check it out on the cheats/bugs page.

Friday, Mar. 9

Confirmed Editor Release?

Hitman-Codename47.com has posted a news item stating that Io-Interactive has confirmed the release of a level editor. The news post reads as follows:

March 5, Monday
Level-editor is coming! IOI is building a level-editor and it will be out in 2 months. More details will be available soon. Thanks to Haest Alfons for the news.
I have emailed Io-Interactive for a confirmation, but they have yet to reply.

New Review
It may be five months late, but MPOG has finally published a review of Hitman. Click here to check it out.

Hitman Gallery
Be sure to have a look at Gecko's Hitman Gallery The gallery contains 50 or so ultra-cool screenshots from Hitman.

Thursday, Mar. 8

Holster Rifles!

Ever wanted tuck that AK-47 into your jacket pocket? Well, r/\fel has found a bug that not only let's you carry two rifles in your inventory, but also allows you to holster one of them and drop the one in your hands, completely concealing yourself. Find instructions for the bug in the cheats/bugs section.

Tuesday, Mar. 6

Update to "Not Valid Win32"

The patch fix outlined below has been discovered not to work for certain people. Boxer2600 has found another solution:

"Make a backup copy of the original 'SYSTEM.DLL' and 'HITMAN.EXE' . Install the patch - corrupting the original SYSTEM.DLL and HITMAN.EXE. Copy the backup SYSTEM.DLL and HITMAN.EXE over the corrupted ones. Problem solved!"
Hope his one works...

Wednesday, Feb. 28

Fix for Patch Crashes

A large number of people, after installing the v1.92 patch, receive the error message, "Hitman.exe is not a valid Win32 program," when attempting to load the game. I was browsing the Eidos Support page and found the solution to this problem (it was posted on January 31, so some of you may have already found this). Here is what Eidos says to do:

  • Uninstall Hitman
  • Delete the game directory
  • Reinstall the game (Note: Do NOT launch the game yet)
  • Apply the patch
I know the messageboard is filled with unanswered questions concerning this problem, so hopefully this will work for you. The rest of the Eidos FAQ can be found here.

Friday, Feb. 23

Daily History Lesson

'Patrick in Toronto' has sent very interesting e-mail to the site revealing a little piece of history that may have been used as an inspiration in Hitman. Here's the real event:

"1949 - The FBI receives a tip that the Soviets had stolen the secrets of the American atom bomb. As a result of the preliminary investigation, the British arrest Emil Julius Klaus Fuchs, a German-born atomic scientist. Fuchs admits his involvement in Soviet atomic espionage."
Here's what Patrick had to say:
"Is it a coincidence that Fuchs is also the name of the terrorist plannning to blow up the hotel? Maybe the people at I-O have been reading up on their history."
Interesting conclusion. I can personally think of several scenes in Hitman that were pretty much pulled directly from movies (anyone seen Scarface?). But was IOI using actual historic events as inspiration as well?

Hitman Animation: Part 5
This is the fifth (and final) Hitman action animation. This one shows the Hitman getting down and dirty with the Rotterdam stripper. I didn't know clones could move like that! Click here.

Thursday, Feb. 22


These things get fancier by the day! Check out another ultra cool ".gif movie" created by cobain. Camera angles, zooms, and plenty of gore - it's got it all. Click here.

Wednesday, Feb. 21

The Word from IO-Interactive

I suppose community article hit home, or they just felt sorry for us. Either way, I have finally gotten some word from IOI. It's true, the boys from Denmark have been taking it easy since the release of Hitman. And who can blame them? Creating a game is by no means an easy task, and I can imagine it must be very exhausting. Here is a little of what Jens Peter Kurup, lead animator at IOI, had to say:

"When I get through my email and get up into speed with the new tasks I'll be happy to spend some time interacting with the community. Releasing any kind of information on future products are - however - a super dangereous thing in such a predatorian business as games and will mainly be done through official channels."
Horray! They are still alive after all. But I guess this means we will just have to keep waiting.

Sunday, Feb. 18

More Animations

Check out two new animated Hitman sequences created by Cobain. The first animation is called Room Service, and the second is titled Wrong Time.

Saturday, Feb. 17

Hitman Animation

Cobain has created a cool looking Hitman animated GIF. To view it click here.

Cheats/Bugs Updates
There have been several additions to the cheats/bugs section over the past week. I haven't bothered to do a seperate news post for each addition, so if you haven't checked it in a while, you may find some new info.

Friday, Feb. 9

Huge Cheats/Bugs Update

The cheats/bugs section now has a complete table of every IP_DEBUG function and its corresponding effect (of note is the 'teleport' function and instructions on using the overhead camera view). Also added to the easter eggs is a hidden .wav file contained in the Hitman game voices.

New Review
Looks like reviews are still appearing after all. The new one is at Games Domain. Here is a small excerpt:

"While it did have its good qualities, the lack of any real replay value makes Hitman one of those games that just isn't quite worth the price tag. It's a real shame too, because it endeavors for so much more than it achieves. If it hadn't been plagued by a few fundamental problems, it could have been phenomenal. As it stands, though, it only manages to stand out as slightly above average."
Ahh... that's too bad.

Thursday, Feb. 8

Two New Bugs

Two new bugs have been added to the cheats/bugs section. Oddly enough, both involve the sniper rifle...

Wednesday, Feb. 7

New Hitman Guide

There is a new Hitman guide available at GameFAQs. Click here to check it out.

New Site Design
Yes, it's HitmanHQ, the website with more makeovers than Michael Jackson. This is the third redesign since mid-December, but I think this one may be here to stay. You may have noticed that the daily screenshots have been removed from the news. This is to help out the page load time for modem users. Previous day's screenshots are now available in the "Piece of the Action Archives," which you can link to under the features menu. Like the new design? Hate it? Feel free to send feedback here.

Monday, Feb. 5

New Easter Eggs Added

Two new easter eggs have been added to the cheats/bugs page. Check it out - I think you'll find them very interesting. Click here.

Saturday, Feb. 3

Hitman Action Gaming Test

3DActionPlanet is featuring Hitman: Codename 47 as the topic of its weekly Action Gaming Test. The multiple choice quiz will features 15 questions to test your general knowledge of the game. Link to 3DActionPlanet here, or go to directly the Action Gaming Test.

Tuesday, Jan. 30

Review at Gone Gold

Gone Gold has published a nice Hitman review, giving an overall score of 85%. Here is a sample:

"Hitman is a fun, even outstanding action game that can also be extremely frustrating. The game has some excellent moments where everything comes together and it really delivers an amazingly immersive experience."

New Wallpaper Added
Mike Pearce has created a great looking Hitman wallpaper. Follow the files link on the left or click here.

Sunday, Jan. 28

New Review

A new review is up at Armchair Empire. The game recieved score of 7/10, but this is the worst written Hitman review yet (maybe worth reading just for a laugh). Here is an excerpt:

"The story behind this game is that you are being hired out to eliminate the people and evidence of this experiment and you discover that you are the NEXT TARGET. Wow, they must have spent like the time up to when their potato skin appetizers came to develop this revolutionary new plot - maybe if we're lucky he could like save a princess from a large lizard/turtle guy (uh-oh, here comes Nintendo 15 years ago to franchise my new idea)."
Umm. Right.

Cheats/Bugs Update
Check out some new bugs, debug functions, and (gasp) learn how to jump! Click here.

Friday, Jan. 26

Cheats/Bugs Update

Check out the updates to the cheats and bugs section. You'll find some extra John Woo tips, a new easter egg, an even more wierd things to do with the IP_DEBUG command. Click here.

Wednesday, Jan. 24

New Reviews

New Hitman reviews are up at Gamezilla and Gameaddicts. Both reviews were very positive with overall scores of 80% and 84%, respectively.

Tuesday, Jan. 23

New Wallpaper Added

Rene J. Berkhout a.k.a. Mer1in77 has created a great looking Hitman wallpaper. You can find it in the files section or click here.

Monday, Jan. 22

New Reviews

New Hitman reviews are out at Guru 3D and PCGameWorld. Departing from the recent trend in Hitman reviews, both authors loved the game. PCGameWorld's final verdict was a 94%. Here is an excerpt from that review:

"Yet another groundbreaking game in the 3D action genre, Hitman perfectly combines the elements of the shooter with a great concept. I mean, who wouldn't want to play the role of a hitman? If not for the lack of a save game feature and the incredibly high difficulty factor, this game might be the best shooter ever made. Even despite these defects, it comes damn close."
And while the 3D Guru author described a completely inaccurate gameplay sequence of The Lee Hong Assassination, the review itself was nicely written, with an overall score of 89%.

New Hitman Strategy Guide
PC Strategy Games has published a new Hitman strategy guide, covering everything from smart play techniques, to weapons and killing tips. You can find it here.

Thursday, Jan. 18

New Hitman Guide on Gamespot UK

Gamespot UK has published the PC Powerplay Hitman Game Guide. The guide features a comprehensive hint/tips section and a walkthrough for each mission. Each walkthrough includes a location map, which is a very nice feature, but the explanations are somewhat vague and the authors missed some very important points. It is a very nice guide overall, however. Click here to check it out.

New Review
PlayNOW! has posted a new Hitman review. Overall score: 6/10. Here is a sample:

"In summary, it’s fair to say that Hitman Codename 47 is a fun game that hits the right mark in some areas, although it is weighed down by a collection of frustrating flaws that are likely to annoy most hardened gamers. Even those of us who can look beyond minor quibbles and really enjoy the action it provides will be disappointed by the lack of re-playability. Hitman Codename 47 kind of gets close, but certainly no cigar."

Sunday, Jan. 14

Gamespot Reader's Choice Awards

Gamespot is hosting their "Best and Worst of 2000" Reader's Choice Awards. Hitman: Codename 47 is nominated in two categories: Action Game of the Year and Game of the Year. Click here to vote.

What's Up with the Board?
The messageboard has been experiencing a lot of downtime lately, as I have been able to deduce from the lack of posts in the last few days. I have also recieved a "page not available" screen myself several times. I notified Gamespy, and tech support wrote back they have been experiencing problems with their boards, and that they are in the middle of a transition to a new messageboard system. Sorry for the inconvenience - sometimes the board may be working, while other times it may not. But, the problem will be resolved shortly, so hang in there.

Saturday, Jan. 13

New Review

The Game Den has published a Hitman review. The author voices the same cheap complaints, that oddly, most gamers don't even notice, while others believe render the game unplayable. Click here. Here is an excerpt:
"Hitman: Codename 47 is a mixed bag in terms of overall quality. With challenging gameplay and impressive looking graphics, the whole package looks to have a quality feel, but the lackluster controls prevents any freedom of movement within the virtual world. Plus the minimal save options frustrates things even further, especially when forced to start a mission all over again."

Friday, Jan. 12

Award Nomination

Gamers.com is holding there Best of 2000 Reader's Choice Awards. Sadly, Hitman: Codename 47 holds only one nomination: "Most Innovative." But never mind this - get over there and vote, and Hitman may be able to bring the trophy home. Click here.

New Review
PCGamer U.K. has published the Hitman: Codename 47 review from its December issue. The reviewer spoke very positive of the game throughout the review, but seemed to suddenly change his mind in the final paragraph and gave the game a total score of 54%. The paragraph reads as follows:

"What Hitman lacks is something to tie this brilliant mess of ideas together into something resembling a coherent PC game. Something like a vision rather than a wish list of cool things. Something that is even a fraction as enjoyable as the original concept. Something - anything - else but this."

You may have tried to download the U.S. Hitman patch and found that it was actually the U.K. patch. This was a mistake with the links and has been corrected. Sorry for any inconvenience. Thanks to BBSHIN1 for for the tip.

Thursday, Jan. 11

New Patch Added

The U.S. version of the Hitman Service Pack 1 has been added to the patches section. The U.S. patch was actually released at Christmas, but I just recieved word of it. Many fans had previously installed the U.K. Service Pack on the U.S. game version, only to find that it corrupted the game. The U.S. patch addresses the same issues that the U.K. patch, and seems to be identical except that it is named "HitmanSp1a.exe." Go here to download or use the link on the left.

Wednesday, Jan. 10

In the Spotlight

Hitman HQ will be featured tomorrow (Thursday, the 11th) as the spotlight site on Gamespy.com There will be an interview and some general information about the site. Don't forget to check it out!

Sunday, Jan. 7

Messageboard Problems?

I have recieved several e-mails notifying me of the board being down. However, each time I checked it, everything was working properly. Then today, I was doing a routine check-up on the board, and found that the page could not be displayed. Not to place blame, but I cannot take fault for messageboard downtime - this is controlled entirely by the Gamespy Network. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

New Review
A new Hitman review is up at PC Strategy Games.

Friday, Jan. 5

New Game Guide and Review

GameFAQ has a new comprehensive game guide and walkthrough for Hitman. Also, check out the new review at Happy Puppy. While the reviewer didn't seem to care much for the game (score 6/10), this is one of the most well-written Hitman reviews I have seen of yet.

Wednesday, Jan. 3

Messageboard Is Up!

The Hitman HQ messageboard has arrived! Now Hitman fans will have a place to share their thoughts, get help, give out help, and talk about how terrible the voice acting is (sorry, it is). You can find a link to the board on the left, or click here.

New Review and Walkthrough
A new Hitman review is up at Reviewboard Also, Hitman47.org has a new walkthrough up.

Friday, Dec. 29

More Reviews

You guessed it - new reviews. Check out the fresh Hitman comentary at Computer Games Online and Gamers Uplink.

Sunday, Dec. 24

Two New Reviews

Adrenaline Vault has posted an in-depth Hitman review. Also check out the review at XGR.

Friday, Dec. 22

Editor Conflict?

You may recall, from Hitman HQ's interview with Jens Peter Kurup, a statement he made about the release of a level editor for Hitman: "I don't think we'll be delivering an SDK." Well, this statement seems to conflict with an answer given by another IO-Interactive employee, Ulf Magaard, after being asked by a curious fan if the company would be releasing an editor for the game. Magaard answered as follows: "We are well aware that an editor will benefit a lot of people. However the editor is not yet ready for release, but we are working on it, so please be patient."

So will we be seeing an editor or not? Ulf Magaard was contacted again in hopes of straightening out the situation. He gave the following explanation:

"Originally there were no plans for an editor release, but it seems that many of you people out there are very interested. We've gotten tons of mail regarding Editor SDK, so we had to think it over once more. The editor is at present in no shape for release, so we just got started at the improvements. Jens Peter Kurup was not misinformed, he just stated the policy at the time."
Obviously, a definate answer has yet to be given, but MOD makers (and players) can still keep their fingers crossed.

Slew of Reviews
New Hitman reviews are up at Tech Extreme, PC Arena, Gameplay, and PC Powerplay.

Patch Update
A minor update has been made to the Service Pack 1. Now called Service Pack 1a, the updated patch fixes "Language install and generic uninstall problem." This patch is only needed for the UK version. Go here to download.

Thursday, Dec. 21

New Reviews

-A brief review has been posted at Electric Playground. The author loved the title, giving the title a strong 9.5/10.
-The Danish gaming site, Politikin, has posted a review (in Danish).
-OnlineGameReview.com has a Hitman review, as well as a nice interview with Janos Flosser of IO-Interactive.
-ReviewScan.org has added a resource page for Hitman: Codename 47.


A new Hitman walkthrough is up at OnlineWalkthrough.com. The walkthrough at GameFAQ has been updated.

Wednesday, Dec. 20

New Reviews

New reviews have been posted at Gamecenter and Gamers Depot. Neither reviewer seemed to give the game very much credit. Scores were a meager 6/10 and 3/6, respectively.

Saturday, Dec. 16

Second Demo Released

For those of you who still haven't purchased a copy Hitman, IO-Interactive has released a new Hitman demo. Apparently some folks need a bit more convincing before they shell out the precious holiday money. The new demo includes the third Hong Kong level, Massacre at the Cheung Chau Fish Restaurant. This demo will definately challenge downloaders a little more than the first, and hopefully win over some new fans. Click Here to download, or go to the files section for more info.

Two New Reviews

New reviews have been posted at Gamepower and Gamezone. The Gamezone review is definately worth a look - it makes the claim the graphics in Hitman don't compare with those of Deus Ex.

Thursday, Dec. 14

New Reviews

Three new Hitman reviews have popped up. Check out the following links: EuroGamer, Gaming Orgy, and 3DActionPlanet.

Hitman HQ is Moving!

Hitman HQ is packing up shop and moving to a new URL at 3DActionPlanet.com. Look for the same continuing content, plus a few site redesigns. The exact URL will be announced soon, as we are currently in the process of tranferring all the files.

Wednesday, Dec. 13

Patch Released!

The first patch for Hitman has been released by Eidos. Issues addressed include some tweaking of character interaction and AI, as well as a "slow motion" function. Find more info and a download link in the files section.

Tuesday, Dec. 12

Two New Reviews

Firing Squad has posted a nice Hitman review - final verdict 84%. The author voices the same likes and dislikes as every other review, but it is still worth a look. Another brief review has been posted at Gamepro.

Friday, Dec. 8

Quicktips at Daily Radar

Daily Radar has posted a strategy guide for Hitman. This is not a detailed guide, but just some general tips for success. Click here. Look for part one of Hitman HQ's walkthrough in the next few days.

Wednesday, Dec. 6

New Demo Strategies

Click here to check out two new player strategies for the demo mission. I'm ashamed to say that I still haven't had a chance to pick up my copy of Hitman. I have been very busy the past week, so hopefully I can start playing in the next day or two. Expect updates to the characters and weapons sections, as well as a (hopefully) strategy guide/walkthrough.

Tuesday, Dec. 5

More Press

Hitman has recieved new coverage several web sites. Read the review at Gamespot UK, in which the editors boldly defy their U.S. counterparts buy giving Hitman a score nearly double that of what Gamespot U.S. handed the game (see "Hitman Getting Mixed Reviews" above).

Also check out what the readers of Gamepen think about Hitman in
"Ed Sherman's Action Therapy"

Tuesday, Nov. 28

New Site Design

Welcome to the new and improved Hitman Source. As you can probably tell, the site has become the Hitman Headquarters, and, hopefully, I will be able to snatch up the domain name soon (if not, the top logo will definately need a bit of tweeking). Visitors to pcdemoreview.com will still be arriving here as well. Look for the reopening of that site in the near future.

Monday, Nov. 20

U.S. Release

Millions of anxious American fans will be flocking to local game retailers today to claim there copy of Hitman. Hopefully the gamers that camped out the night before will leave a few copies for the stragglers. Ok, maybe I'm exagerating a bit, but don't forget to grab your copy as soon as possibe.

Get Your Copy For Free!
Adrenaline Vault and Eidos have teamed up to give away 10 copies of Hitman: Codename 47. Do you live in the U.S.? Are you at least 18 years of age? Are you willing to bequeath personal information in form e-mail? If you anwered yes to these questions, then what are you waiting for? Click here to win your free copy.

Thursday, Nov. 11

Topic of Daily Radar Letter

Hitman's release date was the topic of a Daily Radar letter today. The letter read as follows:

"Hey I was wondering what the hell happened to Hitman:Codename 47? I play the Demo and its realy fun and then it gets pushed back or my friend lied and I will have to punch him. What going on with that? Hum, I'll punch either way though, its to late for him, but what about the game?"

Daily Radar's Response was this:

The current ETA on Hitman has it sliding into stores in late November. It's a really cool game, but they still have a lot fo bugs to fix, as well as the whole control scheme to tighten up. We're hoping that IO Interactive, the developers, are able to pull it together, 'cause it looks damn cool.

Monday, Oct. 23

Release Delay

The Eidos Interactive web site states that Hitman "blasts onto retail shelves this December." This is obviously their way of saying the game has been delayed at least 2-3 weeks from the original slating of November 15.

Eidos tried to calm fans by releasing a new (3rd) trailer, but after a 10MB download, it turns out that trailer 3 is the exact same movie as trailer 1. What a scam...

Thursday, Oct. 19

New Media at Gamers.com

Gamers.com has made available an image gallery of 244 screen shots and a new movie. Nearly all the screenshots are from the Hong Kong level. There are shots of the Hitman jumping from a helicopter, and of him making it with a hot brunette...just to name a few. It's definately worth a look. [Click Here]

Monday, Oct. 16

Release Date

According to the PCG Release Meter in the November issue of
PC Gamer, the release date for Hitman is set at 11/15/00. Prognosis is "Sneaks in", whatever that means.


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